A/N: of course I am serious! This is taken from my diary. Pure thoughts and whatnot. I will give my crushes initials, and if you guess his name in a review, I will reward you somehow.


I went to see JC on the walk today. He wasn't there, though *sigh*. He is vair vair hot. Yes hotter than Orlando Bloom! He sent me a Valentines Day card. Well, I think it was him. I hope it was.


Bored beyond the Valley of the Dull, and into the universe of Death By Boredom.

14th May. Friday. Bloody freezing.

Bored as hell. Absolutely -nothing- happened today. But that is my life (the boring parts, anyway). I've been told heaps of times that only boring people get bored. But only boring people say that. Same with its what's on the inside thing. Only ugly people say that. Unless they are movie stars and therefore lying. G'night.

16th may. Sunday

I know I haven't written for ages, but I just haven't felt like it. I went shopping this weekend and got boots 9JC liked them *giggle*) 2 pair of pants, a skirt, and a vair vair cool hat. I have worn every single one of these thing at least once (A/N: and the diary cares. why?!)! I also bought the new Nickleback CD and Blink 182's new single. But I spent most of today doing h/work.


sorry I stopped writing there for a bit because my father came in (A/N: El Beardo in 'It's not my Fault' is based on my dad). I lost my train of thought *choo-choo* and I can't be #$%&ed to find it again. Nighty-night!

May 18th Tuesday

Maths and science in one day. No part of today is worth living for.

May 19th Wednesday So cold that if I don't move soon I with be frozen to the bed

I cannot get out of bed: it is to 1234ing cold! And I still haven't done my Froggie (A/N: froggie = French and/or France) h/work. Madame slack will have a nervy b. oh god!

9:50am Mme Slack has just had her predicted nervy b when I didn't hand in my froggie homework.

9:30pm In Bed

all rugged up in my snuggly bed of pain. Ho hum pigs bum. I could be doimng h/work, but that is even -more- boring.

Friday May 21st

7:00pm in bed vair vair depressed. I have 10 double-sided sheets of math's h/work. HELP!

Saturday 22nd of may 12:00pm I have to get up at 3 am tomorrow to pick up my uncle John (A/N: another fake name). And because of that, I have to go to bed at 8 o'clock tonight! God save me.