A/N: This actually happened. Four years ago now, I was twelve. Best thing ever. And Alex and Keegan thought I was like 16, and it was funny when they found out I was twelve, but that happened During the ride, so you missed that part. This was for a thing in I got full marks. So read on!


"We've waited so long and we have to wait again?" asked Chris angrily.

"How long do you think it will take from here?" Alex asked the ticket lady, as he grabbed his ticket and shoved his hand back in his pocket.

"About an hour, but it will be much warmer." She answered seriously.

"Hurry up," I shouted impatiently, "I've waited three hours, it's midnight, I'm tired, frustrated, freezing, and my hands, ear, and feet are numb!"

I'm waiting to go on a Haunted Hayride at Colosantis with my twenty year- old sister and her friends. You're probably thinking we were pretty bored, since we've been waiting for three hours, but we had a really fun time waiting. Keegan kept yelling things out like, "Where's my barito!" and "Tragically Hip, here we come!" Once there was what looked like a headless person sitting on the rocks, and Kerry went and sat down beside it to see if it was alive or not. Alex and Keegan kept yelling at her to touch it, and finally a girls' head popped out from the top of the coat. We were doubled over laughing!

We weren't the only ones who wanted everyone to have a good time waiting. This guy with a VERY weird mask on kept weaving in and out of the line, trying to scare people. It was a mask that was bold and the skin looked kinda like cottage cheese, and there was a huge scar thing running from the middle of his cheek to the back of his head. It didn't work on many people, but it sure did work on my sister's best friend Shelly! She was so scared of the mask that she hid in between the two people who were already in the blanket. When the masked guy came near though, her friend Mike yelled out, "Hey buddy, my friend wants your number!" and pointed to Shelly at the same time. The masked guy pulled her out from hiding and tried to get her to look at him

Shelly was terrified and kept her hands over her face reciting, "I'm not going to look. I'm not going to look. I'm not going to look!" over and over and over. It was hilarious for everyone except Shelly.

"Okay, time for the next group to get ready to have the most spine- chilling, mind-thrilling time of your lives!" the ticked lady announced, as she gave us the most incredibly freaky smile on the face of the earth.

"Hey, Trish, you can go first." My cousin Cindy said nervously as she nudged me to take first place.

"I will as long as you come with me," I said as I started to pull her.

"No you don't." she said as she ripped out of my grasp. Then she spotted Alex and Keegan, the 'brave' ones of the group. "Why don't you take the lead?" she said hastily, as she took a step behind them.

Keegan's eyes widened. "No way!" He answered abruptly, "I'm not going in there first, I've heard lots of screams from waiting in line here thanks very much."

"Alright, alright," Cindy said, as she took the lead, "Well, come on Trish."

"Do you think there'll be hay on the ride? Because it's called a hayride, so there should be hay. Do you think I should bring my own hay?" Janina asked no one in particular, as she stared at the handful of hay in her hand with a puzzled expression on her face.

"Mike patted her back and stifled a laugh; "You really want hay on the ride don't you?"

"Well it won't be a hayride without hay!" Janina answered seriously.

"Stop the music!" Shelly grumbled angrily, as she covered her ears, "I'm going to find you, you can't escape!" she recited along with the tape. It was one of those tapes that had continues screams and scary music and a low scary voice saying things like 'You can run, but you can't hide.'

"Aren't they ever going to stop the music? I've probably heard this ten times already! I practically know this off by heart!" Sarah and Rob, her boyfriend, nodded in agreement.

"Almost in," I told Sarah excitedly, "we've been waiting three hours, this better be worth it. If it's not, then we should get double our money back!"

I leaned over the rope, trying to see what scary creature was waiting for us in the gloomy darkness of the corridor ahead of us. 'Hopefully it won't be THAT scary,' I thought, 'Since I'm the first person to go in, and I know that Cindy's going to bail on me.'

"AHHHHHH!" I heard people all around me scream, and I covered my ears as I noticed that a vampire just leapt out of a coffin set up in the middle of the room, and was sluggishly moving towards us. My heart started to beat faster as it came clower. Then it reached for the chain and unlocked it, making room for us to pass by.

I knew that even if I had half as much fun on the ride as I did during the wait, I would be getting my money's worth.


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