Slayr could do nothing but glare at the offending wall that held his weapons as his hands were chained to the opposite wall. He scowled as he heard the door open and looked up to see who it was. To his surprise it was the girl they called Jo, the dark look in her eyes told him something was troubling her.

"Something you wanna talk about?" Slayr didn't really expect and answer, but he forced himself not to look surprised when she did.

"Have you ever had a time in your life that was so…so happy for you that you wanted to forget it?"

"Umm…I think you're thinking a time in your life that was so bad for you, right?"

"No, I know what I mean…you don't understand," Jo had no idea why she was putting this much trust in Slayr to be telling him, but it felt right, as if she could tell him all the world problems that troubled her, "You know when a person has had a bad life and they are given the chance to start over, new name, new identity, new life, right?"

Slayr nodded, he was slightly confused at why she would be sharing this with him, but he decided against shattering the new found trust she was giving him.

"So say I have an 'ability' to keep creating myself a new life."

"Anybody could do that; actually people do that all the time."

"Yea, but they will always remember the life of their past, they keep looking back over their shoulder to make sure no one is going to drag them back again. I, on the other hand apparently forget any of the encounters I have with people, places, and other things."

"Umm…then how do you know you are doing this if you just keep forgetting the pasts?"

"This." Slayr's eyes widened as Jo pulled her shirt up to reveal her stomach, 'Whoa! I thought she was gonna strip or something, heh…' Seeing his confusion, Jo explained, "This is Mara Jo, a tattoo I got as a reminder. Mara saved my life when I was little, she was the one who taught and raised me to what I am today."

"Is she one of the girls in your group?"

"No…s-she died in a race accident several years ago." Jo whispered quietly, it still hurt to talk or even think about it.

"Oh, I'm sorry to hear tha-"

"It's really all right, plus it wasn't really an accident, someone sabotaged her racer, someone I should've taken revenge on a long time ago." Jo interrupted Slayr because she didn't need his pity. She had had enough pity in her life from others and she was tired of it. All she wanted, Jo realized now, was revenge for having someone important in her life taken from her. This was the emptiness Jo couldn't fill in her heart since Mara died. Umi was going to get it.

"Umi, she's returned to the Ravens, although she may not go along with their plans."

"It doesn't matter Kell, she's going to come back and she's going to fight us." Umi turned to Kell with a smile, playing with a black strand of her otherwise light blue hair. "It's her destiny, she knows it, I know it, and everyone knows it. Jo can't escape this path, because it's what she's needed to complete her life. I took Mara and she's going to try and take me…too bad she can't."

Kell glanced at Umi, she knew something was bound to happen, the girl was too confident that she would get out of this alive. Jo was no push over, she was known for her skills, Mara hadn't made her the next leader for nothing.