Another Day of Infamy

Everything was going great
But no one knew not even fate
I walked in and saw the news
Man, I was so confused
Hearing all those cries
I couldn't believe my eyes
Someone did this on purpose
Why would someone want to hurt us?
Another day of Infamy, they say
The people who did this will pay
I can't believe it; I don't want to believe it
We might be going to war; I don't want to go to war
I wish this were a movie, or dream
We will at once unite and become a team
But with the hijacked planes crashing into the world trade center,
The pentagon and one other
This world will never be the same
It was fine until those losers came
It was September 11, 2001
I feel like I'm the only one
God Bless America, please
Another day of Infamy has come.

12, 2001
My friend and I both wrote poems the day after. This was published in our
schools' literary magazine the Later Lotus. I wanted to share it.