Sweet Regret

Will you miss me? You will, you see
You'll feel the loneliness I felt in your presence
It's a life long sentence
So I ended it with one swallow
It was you not caring, which made me hollow
Tears I've cried, day and night
The saltiness has a piercing bite
I can't stand the judgment, and the look
Many pills is what I took
Do you even care?
That each moment I couldn't bare
The pain was screaming in my ear
Do it now, do you hear?
I didn't mean to hurt you if I did
It was stress I was trying to rid
You were the first to start the pain
The words that made me go insane
So what now, what makes of our friendship?
My soul is shattered in pieces can you feel my grip?
That's me haunting your daydreams
Nothing is ever what it seems
You will miss me; you will see
You won't ever forget
The pain and the taste of sweet regret.