When I think about you,
I can't help but smile.
When we talk
I get extremely giddy.
I'm waiting for that day
When I see you again.
Just to hug you
To keep you close.
I miss you during the day
But even more at night
I talk to you
And get so sad, and yet happy
At the same time.
Its great talking to you
But not being able to see you
Kills me.
So now I just wait
Till ten, so we can talk
I imagine I'm in your arms
My head on your shoulder
I close my eyes
Trying to find your face in my memory
But now all I see
Is the love I have for you.
I miss you and am waiting
For us to finally hug
After these days that turn into weeks
That seems like an eternity
For now I'll just have to imagine.
Imagine what it will
Be like when we're together
But at least we can talk
And I get to wait with you.
And by the way you talk with me,
I know that's how you feel.