Author's Note

Okay, just in response to the reviews I've gotten on finally-defeated's page, I'm adding an extra chapter. To all the people who reviewed, thank you. To all the people who reviewed and criticized me, allowing me to go back and make changes, thank you. To all the people who reviewed and just said they hated my story, go to hell. Life isn't always sweet and simple. Grow up.

Landon and Michelle's story is a typical one. There are people in this world as naive and innocent as Michelle and that was what I was trying to get at. I was trying to show people that guys like Landon find girls like Michelle easy prey because she's so willing and obedient. Michelle loved Landon, she really did. Landon was a totally sweet guy, just always caring and always there for her. That is, until he began drinking. Throughout the story, there are little bits of foreshadowing that lead to the climax at the end that show that he's been drinking the entire time that he abused, and later on killed, Michelle. In the beginning, I didn't have a reason as to why he would suddenly turn horrible on the girl he loved, so then I thought that if he was high on something, or drunk, that could explain his out-of-line behavior. So, to cap it all off, Landon was drinking heavily, Michelle was too loving for words, and you know, you can't exactly do well in school while nursing a hangover so that explains why Landon was getting kicked off school teams and doing poorly in school. The main storyline I was trying to follow was an abusive relationship. I wanted to show how guys can be loving in the beginning of a relationship and then for some strange reason, drugs or drinking, can turn horribly mean on their girlfriends. Everyone's heard of abusive relationships...and everyone knows that some people just can't get out of them for some reason. Sometimes, the girls believe it's their fault that their boyfriends are abusing them. That's what I'm trying to get at. Michelle just couldn't believe Landon would hit her, so she blamed it on herself. That's what got her killed. So, I hope that this last chapter explaining everything will clear up some things in your minds.

And just again, thanks to everyone who reviewed and thanks to finally- defeated for letting me post my story. =)