"You know, Christmas Eve, it's not all it's cracked up to be. Seriously, ladies, I mean, it's kind of just an excuse for the stores to look pretty and get money. Christmas used to be celebrated by just going to church, and us cute little Jewish girls wouldn't feel bad. But then you see all the fucking trees in the windows and everybody's so fucking happy and you're just like," Emily stopped, noticing that some girls were looking down, ashamed. "Fuck that," she continued, smiling, "what I mean is; Christmas fucking sucks ass when you just broke up with the guy you thought was the love of your life at fourteen. But, I mean, I guess I only thought he was." Then, she began to describe her relationship, the one so many of us had experienced.

Emily huddled against a Christmas shop window, one of those larger windows where you can see practically the entire store. She shook out her long brown hair in front of her face to block her red, puffy eyes. Not that anyone would notice. It was too wonderful of an evening, and too beautiful of a night for the world to notice a pitiful teenager on a random street. Emily sank lower, to her knees, and thought about Kenneth. He had been her first boyfriend, the first guy who had ever loved her. They'd had a picture- perfect relationship; she couldn't remember a thing that had gone wrong. And that was the problem. Nothing much ever really HAPPENED. Emily always felt that she needed some kind of excitement in her life. Couples strolled by, hand in hand, laughing, the perfect Christmas scene.

Emily wrapped her arms around herself to keep warm, needing someone with her so badly she could taste it. She saw a group of guys walking by, out of the corner of her eye. They were all cute, one even looked like Kenneth. Emily sighed. She wouldn't get another guy. Kenneth was a one time, lucky situation. And look how that had turned out. She wasn't even looking at the guys anymore, but she heard one of them mumble, "hey."

He had broken away from the group, and the first thing she noticed was his slick way of dressing, to be honest. He wore a sharp leather jacket and black button up shirt. His pants were shiny, that was all she remembered. He was so beautiful. Emily stepped back momentarily.

"Hello," she said softly. He reached for her chin, lifting it up so that his eyes bore in hers.

"Why is a girl so pretty as you crying?" He asked, gently. And then Emily felt stupid, but her eyes welled up and she started sobbing all over again. He pulled her close to him, wrapping his arms around. She recalled his exact words, just over a whisper. "I'll take care of you."

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