You tainted every thought of mine
With your laugh & opinions, gathered over time
Every moment, what I see or do
Happily and sadly I'm reminded of you

You were the light at the tunnels end
You promised to always be my friend
You helped me, said everything's fine
We have nothing but time
We can be kids forever
Nothing mattered as long as we're together

We said this time wouldn't be the same
We wouldn't play their game
No matter what, we'd stick around
We had common ground
We wouldn't give up on each other
Have we betrayed one another?
Can we pass this test?
I know I'm trying my best

Your words hurt, you're actions were even worse
I was to weak and over sensitive, of coarse
You don't realize the pain I go through
I have many excuses but you believe to few
You heard what you wanted to hear
Reality is what we fear
There is so much I want to say
To really describe how I feel, there's no way

My teardrops have turned to sand
Dried up and gathered in my hand
I have filled my ocean view
The sand, ground for my feet anew
My setting is complete, now you see
Content is what I should be
But from my eyes things continue to stream
And screw up my peaceful & sweet dreams

Never ending pain and sorrow
Your hollow soul is what I'll barrow
To make this setting complete
A compromise, half way is were we'll meet