Living Two Lives

Blah blah blah blah

The same old rambling.

Closing the door,

Shutting my eyes,

I sighed.

Can¡¯t she ever shut up?

Looked at my watch.

10 o¡¯ clock already.

Dad¡¯s late¡

As usual

As always.

I threw myself onto the bed.

¡°I hate this country!¡±

That¡¯s my mum again.

I turn on the radio,

Drowning her speech.

Drone¡ drone¡

Not loud enough.

Stupid thin walls!

A door slammed downstairs

Dad¡¯s home!

I lowered the volume,

Waiting¡ waiting¡


Then the microwave starts.

A tear dropped

I listened.

Mum muttering rubbish;

Dad reheating the dishes.

I laughed

I cried.

They¡¯re so miserably funny!

Love, they said.


I can really feel it!

The tension,

The ignorance,

That¡¯s love alright!

One household,

Two separate lives.

Huh?! Who?


The only one who cares¡