Chapter One

"Chris, I think assigning you a partner will make it easier for you to become...grounded." Charles Maxwell, the director of the CIA said to one of his top agents as they headed down a hallway.

"Grounded? What do you mean by that?" Chris Palmer replied.

"You know exactly what I mean." Charles said stopping in the middle of the hallway and looking at him.

"What? Hey that time is Paraguay wasnt my fault, he jumped out of the plane before I landed it." Chris said pointing a finger at him.

"Landed it? You ran into a tree! And besides this is not up for debate, nor is it a request, its an order. An order from people higher ranking than myself." Charles said and continued walking.

Chris rolled his eyes and crosed his arms over his chest, "Well, I hope whoever you choose can put up with me then. I dont want him to get all pissy with me."

"Oh, she will not have any problems with you. I just worry about what she will do to you if you do flip her switch." Charles said with a grin.

"She? Excuse me, you paried me with a woman?" Chris replied, his eeys wide with confusion.

"Yes a woman, I hope you dont have aproblem with that." a female voice said from a doorway besdie him.

Chris turned and looked at the woman leaning against her doorframe. She was beautiful, maybe this wouldnt be so bad after all. She looked at him and raised an eyebrow.

"Dont even think about it." she said and walked towards him. She extended a hand, "Joey Morris."

"Chris Palmer." he replied shakeing her hand.

"Joey is another one of my top agents, she is a graduate from Brown University with a master in nuclear physics." Charles said.

"Nice to meet you Miss Morris." Chris said with a smile.

"Joey." she corrected. Chris was still smiling at her. "Your smile must get you everything you want."

"Not everything, you havent smiled for me yet." Chris replied.

Joey rolled her eyes and walked back into her office. Charles laughed and shook his head. "Looks like you two are getting off on the right foot. Ill leave you two at the."

Chirs followed Joey into her office and looked around. Their were all sorts of books and pictures hanging up, including one of her and a little girl.

"You married?" he asked looking at the picture.

"No," she replied not looking up.

"Is this your daughter then?" he asked again.

"No, its my neice." she answered.

Chirs looked at Joey and sat down in a chair in front of her desk and studied her. She had rich auburn hair and bright green eyes. He remebered her leaning against the doorframe, she was tall and had long legs. What could he say? He was very attracted to her.

Joey raised an eyebrow, "Stop staring please."

He laughed, "Im not staring, Im analyzing."

She looked up at him. 'What an idiot,' she thought to herself. But, a very cute idiot she added. He had dark brown hair that was geled up in the front, bright blue eyes that looked like an ocean, and that smile.

"I know what you're thinking right now." he said.

"Oh yea?" Joey replied and set down her pen. "What?"

"You think Im an idiot." he smiled.

"Yea, I am actually." She said and looked down at her watch.

"Do you want me to go or something?" he asked.

Joey stood and walked out, "You can stay, but Im going."

Chris watched her go out of the office. He smiled and leaned back into the chair. This was going to be intresting. But he couldnt believe that she just blew him off. He couldnt accept that.

"Hey wait!" Chris saiod jumping up out of the chair and chasing after her.