Chapter Two

Just like what David said yesterday, she got her new passport. It was by her apartment front door, it looked as if someone slid it under the door. The name written in the passport was Julia Carter. Yesterday night, she quickly packed all of her belongings in which she would need for her stay in Russia.

She drove to the Washington Dulles Intl. She met Jones, Lee, Foreman, and Sherman at the terminal. They got onto the plane and into their seats- first class. "I get window seat," said Mandy to Brad. The plane took off at eight in the morning.

"Were we supposed to meet the ambassador at the airport?, asked Mandy, finally looking away from the window.

"No," said Brad. "Didn't you read the mission report?"

"Of course," said Mandy as if it were obvious.

"It said that we were to meet him at Radisson SAS Slavjanskaya Hotel in Russia."

"I might have not read that part."

"Really," said Brad sarcastically, rolling his eyes.

"Should we start calling each other by our codenames?," asked Mandy, ignoring Brad's last comment.

"Yeah," replied Brad. "I'm Jeffery Redford."

"Julia Carter," said Mandy, holding out her hand.

Brad raised his eyebrow, but shook her hand anyways. "Nice to meet you," she said.

*Authors note-I will be calling the characters by their codenames from now on.

"Where are we supposed to stop?," asked Julia.

"First we stop at Milan Airport in Italy and then at the Sheremetyevo Airport in Moscow," said Jeffery.

"So, it will take eight hours and about 20 minutes to get to Milan, and from there, about three hours and 30 minutes to Moscow."

"Yep," said Jeffery. "So shut up and sleep."

For the rest of that flight Julia slept a little, watch two movies on the seat that was in front of her, listened to music, and played video games. Twice she had to run to the bathroom and throw up.

Finally they landed in what seemed days (to Julia) at Milan Airport. They had to wait for two hours before getting on the next plane. During the wait, they ate at McDonalds and looked around at the little shops in side the airport.

It was time to go on the plane. They again had first class seating. Julia fell asleep with her head on Jeffery's shoulder. She was awoken when she felt someone lightly shaking her. It was Jeffery.

"What's wrong?," asked Julia sleepily.

"Five minutes till we land," whispered Jeffery.

Julia gotten all her stuff together by the time they landed at Moscow.

"Remember our goal is to only find out what the mob is up to," whispered Jeffery seriously, blocking her from exited the airplane.

"I know that," said Julia. "Why are you telling me this?"

"David told me to remind you," he said and started walking off.

Why did David tell Brad that, she thought. Then shock filled her eyes. Is it because I said that one guy was attractive? Does he think I will fall for him? That would NEVER happen! If I did, that would be so soap opera.

"Jeffery," she yelled, running towards him. "Wait for me."

All five agents went to get their luggage. Because David got his bags first, he went to call some taxis to take them to the Radisson SAS Slavjanskaya Hotel.

FYI (For your information) : Names-Codenames Mandy Wilson-Julia Carter Brad Jones-Jeffery Redford Grace Lee-Catherine Saito Michael Foreman-David O'Connell Jared Sherman-Garrett Johnson