Chapter Four

"Will you just shut up already," yelled Julia. Jeffery has been in her hotel room every since eight in the morning, yelling at her because she was dancing with Konstantin Vladislav. It is down eleven. "It's not like we did anything."

"Mand-Julia, I am worried about you. If you get to close, you might get hurt. I don't want to see anything terrible happen to you," said a worried Jeffery.

"Can't we use that do our advantage," said David. He came over at about an hour after Jeffery did. He said that their yelling woke him up, and that he couldn't go back to sleep. "I mean, if she gets closer he may trust her even more and he might let anything useful to us slip."

"That's what I was planning on doing," said an exhausted Julia.

"No you weren't. I saw they way you two love sick puppies were looking at each other last night," said Jeffery, trying not to yell.

"We are not love sick puppies, we just met," said Julia defensively.

"If you know what is good for you, don't ever go near him again," said Jeffery.

"Yes father," Julia said sarcastically.

"I'm being serious."

"Jeffery, I'm just going to have lunch with him," said Julia tiredly. Jeffery was about to speak, but Julia cut in. "It is our mission to find out what the Russian mob is up to now. I will get close to Kostja. Don't give me that look! It's business, not personal."

Getting off the couch and walking to the door, Jeffery said, "I hope you know what you are doing." Before walking out the door he whispered, "Don't mix business with pleasure."

Julia was about to say something buy David interrupted her. "I'll make Jeffery see things are way." Then he too left.

"Great," sighed Julia, walking into the bathroom to get ready for her "lunch date".


Looking out the window of the restaurant, Kostja's cell phone began to ring. Looking down at the caller number he bitterly thought, I should have known I couldn't do anything without being watched.

It was Pavel. He is Kostja's best friend, but he could also be a big pain in the ass.

"What do you want Pavel," he answered the phone bitterly. Causing a few heads to turn at him.

"Grouchy today," said Pavel calmly.

"Why are you calling?"

"Are you doing anything today?"

"You know damn well what I am doing today," he whispered angrily into the cell phone. "Now good-bye," he said before hanging up on Pavel.

Father is trying to see what I am up too. Probably thinking I am going to say something to Julia. He should know better.

"Kostja," said a soft voice, interrupting his thoughts. He turned from the window and saw that it was Julia sitting across from him.

"I didn't hear you coming," he said with a smile spreading on his face.

"I can be very quiet," she said with a mischievous smile. "But seriously," she said, her voice becoming serious. "Is there some reason you are staring out the window like you want to jump out of it."

Kostja laughed, "No everything is fine."

By the way she was looking at him, Kostja knew that she didn't believe him one bit.

"Whatever," she finally said and started looking nervously around the restaurant.

"You could look through the menu," said Kostja.

She teasingly glared at him and said, "I know." She then opened the menu and skimmed through it.

They got their food from a waiter that wasn't tending to them earlier. No no no..this was someone that Kostja knew very well. It was Pavel pretending to be the waiter. Kostja glared at him, but didn't say anything because Julia was there. Fuck, I am not in the mood for this, he thought.

He got out of his chair and sadly said, "I am truly sorry, Julia. However I must go."

After he said that, he quickly left and left a shock and disappointed Julia sitting alone at the table.

Authors Note: I am so so so so so sorry for not updating sooner. It just that I have been too busy lately and feeling, yes I will admit it, lazy. Again, I am very sorry. Thank you to all those who read and review my story.