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Religion... Why such a hard subject to talk about or to even bring up? Well, I think it's because we all have so many beliefs and different ways of worship that we just clash with eachother. Not saying anything bad about that. I know it happens.

I also think that it has to deal with the fact that we all think we're so right on the subject and that we don't ever want to be proven wrong in our beliefs. I mean we all get so defensive on it when one person says something that we don't all believe or when they tell us we're wrong. I know I do. I mean I have so many people come up to me with things that they tell me what I believe in when I do not. ( I'm a Latter Day Saint by the way, A mormon.) It's a struggle out there when you put your religious beliefs on the line.

Another thing is that people like to judge us because of our beliefs. They think if we're one religion then we do it this way, and if we're not they just think we do it anohter way. It's like they just assume what we all believe in by just what religion we are. I know many that don't agree with all they are told.

I guess what this all boils down to is just don't judge others for what they believe. I mean when you do that your not getting all of that person. You just think or assume that's how they are, and don't you think that if the world would just stop fighting over religion it would be better off. Gosh. I think it would.

Now some time when someone tells you what religion they are I do hope that you don't judge them before you get to know them. I mean it may change what you understand about that person just that much!

A/N: I know a little deep. I Like it. Wow I like something I wrote. LOL Well, hmm thanks for taking the time to read this. If you haven't noticed yet I'm tired of being told what I believe and people just judging me.