Overseer of Time

To some or more this may be seen
As some stupid poem written by a teen
But I by far know more than you
For I've seen wars and violence too
And through and through I watch all of time
Humans and evil go like partners in a crime
Silent as a shadow hidden in the dark
Though right now you're giving me a question mark
I watch over time and hear all
Watching nature toss you like a rag doll
To me time had no meaning
For I never change always seething
Destroying Earth the way you do
So it can strike back and make you all look like the fool
So to you this is a message I give
Though I may never forgive
The more you keep hurting the more it will come back
Hit you fast and give you a heart attack
The Earth is strong and it won't be denied
And it has its pride
So please pull back and stop
Before Earth comes forward and hits you with a tear drop.
By: Lisa Wood ^^u ((face with sweatdrop)