As Dakota drove down the gravel road to her new life, her Red 61' International C110 kicked up dust on wither side of her. Dakota pulled her truck to a stop in a parking space close to the entrance. The huge two- story warehouse was made entirely of red brick with two large sliding glass doors and a sparse number of windows congregating on either side of the doors. Dakota didn't know how long her luck would last, but at least for now she has escaped the hellhole she had lived in for the past two years.

Dakota jumped down from her truck and made her way to the entrance of Gray's Building Supply Co. After walking through the doors Dakota scanned her surroundings for all available exits, just as she finished, Dakota felt a hand on her shoulder. She turned ready to run, but when she saw the culprit her fears were immediately quelled. "Oh, Mr. Gray"

"Sorry if I scared you Dakota. Please follow me and we'll get you set up and ready for work" said Mr. Gray.

Dakota followed Mr. Gray to the back of the building and through a Red Oak door. Behind the door was no ordinary office expected of a man in a business that dealt with construction. Towards the back of the room stood a huge mahogany desk with a large leather chair behind it, on the right side, in the corner stood two large black fling cabinets, in front of the desk were two chairs, that at first glance the person would know they could sink into them. To complete the office the walls were painted a deep green, with painting on all the walls, at a closer inspection one would notice that the painting were all created by the same person, "J.D." You have a very nice office here Mr. Gray" stated Dakota.

" Stop with this Mr. Gray business and get over here and hug your great uncle." said Mr. Gray as he opened his arms for a hug.

"Oh Uncle Andy, I have missed you so much. It's been way too long." Dakota whispered as she held onto her uncle.

"Yes it has been and my walls at home are getting jealous because I have more paintings here, any idea when I might expect another one Miss Jordan Dakota?" Andy asked after he released her.

"I don't know Uncle Andy, I haven't painted in a year, but I would love to start up again I am starting to miss it."

"As you should and now that you are here you can do whatever you want as long as you are happy," Andy stated with a father like tone.

"Thank you so much for the job, I don't know what I would do with out you and Grandpa." Dakota said as she moved to hug Andy again. As Andy wrapped his arms around her, his hands hit the small of her back, which caused Dakota to yelp in pain and jump back. With a concerned look, Andy asked, "What happened?"

"No-Nothing," Dakota stammered.

"Dakota don't lie to me, I know that bastard did something, now let me see how bad it is."

Dakota turned around and slowly lifted her shirt revealing a large purple, black and blue bruise and a few slightly smaller ones concentrated all in the same area. "When did he do this to you and have you seen a doctor?" Andy asked.

"Calvin did it 3 days ago because I tripped over the rug and spilled wine all over the floor and while I was still down on the floor, he kicked me a couple times and no I haven't seen a doctor and no, I don't plan to either, there is no point, they normally heal within a few days anyways. Don't get mad Uncle Andy, I am done being his doormat, I left him and that life behind two days ago. He will never hurt me again," Dakota stated as she pulled her shirt down and turned towards her uncle.

"I know and I am glad that you got out, but it still pisses me off that he did this to you. Dakota you are going to the doctor, if I have to drag you there myself. These bruises look really bad and I want Doctor Jones to check you out, I won't let you start working until you do. In fact we are going right now."

"Fine, I will go, but don't you think you should stay here since you are the boss?" asked Dakota.

"No, since I am the boss, I can come and go when I want and plus since we moved you to my insurance I need to go with you to set everything up at the doctor's for you.

"Alright, you win. Let's go. Your car or mine?"

"We are going in mine. I don't trust that bucket of bolts you call a truck."

"Hey, come on now Uncle Andy, don't insult Rusty, he's reliable," stated Dakota.

"He may be reliable, but I still don't trust it," Andy said as he grabbed his keys and handed Dakota her purse. When they walked through the door, Andy yelled, "Tom I'm going out, don't know when I will be back, Take over for me." With that, they walked out the back door and headed towards Andy's vehicle.

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