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Chapter 1
Where it all Started

"Jereyna? Does the blue or green look better?" I asked one night as we were preparing for a dinner with the Prime Minister of Hoblin. "Frena, really, why do you bother asking? You know as well as I that you look like an angel in anything you wear! Not that I really care what you look like," Jereyna snapped at me. I just rolled my eyes seeing what she was wearing.
Her under gown was light brown and a bit short at the ankle and her over gown looked for all the world like she had taken a farmer's wife's dress, cut off the sleeves and put it over her under gown! It would not surprise me if that were exactly what she had done. Jereyna and I may be twins, but we are nothing alike. She hates being one of the heirs to the throne of Dinnire; she wants to be a commoner.
I don't think in any of the many millions, and I'm not kidding, of books I have read, I have ever heard of a princess wanting to be a commoner. There are always the odd balls in the species as someone one said. And Jereyna Hertya Jyshore is one of them.
I ended up wearing a blue-green under gown with a jade over gown with flakes of jade at the collar, cuffs and hemline. Jereyna said I was fit to be a court lady, especially when I finally let my hair out of curlers! We had a lot of fun piling it up on my head and fastening them with jade incrusted pins.
When Mother finally came up to inspect us, she nearly feinted when she saw Jereyna. "Jereyna Hertya Jyshore of Dinnire and Grema! Get into something more reasonable this minute!" Mother ordered.
"Mother!" Jereyna cried, "I haven't anything else that I like to wear that would be proper!" Mother tutted and walked to Jereyna's wardrobe and pulled out a purple-pink under gown and an amethyst coloured over gown ant thrust them into Jereyna's arms. "You shall wear that, Jereyna! And do something with that hair of yours! And put some colour to your lips and eyes!" Mother ranted and raved until the clock in the city churches chimed 6 o'clock. Then she cried, "6 already! Girls, hurry!" With that she rushed out of out room.
Jereyna sighed as she undressed and redressed. She sat on the stool by the mirror and applied the colouring as I braided her hair in an intricate braid I had learned the year before. Into the braid I wove sting- of-amethyst and pearl and soon her hair looked better that mine!

As usual, the talk at dinner was a boring affaire. Prime Minister Jankis was chattering, as always, about the politics of Hoblin. For the first time ever he brought his wife and five children to Dinnire.
I remember when a maid showed Jankis into the grate-dining hall she announced, "Your Empyreal Highnesses? I would like to announce Prime Minister Jankis of Hoblin and his wife the good Lady Beatrice of Yanash and their children Jinna, Kelsworth, Yanatta, Geren, and Lottina of Hoblin."
Jankis led Lady Beatrice and the children to the dais and they all bowed or curtsied, quite elegantly, I might add. "I heard Lady Beatrice is not much older than us!" Jereyna muttered in my ear. "Hush, Jerey! And she can't be, Jinna was born two days after us!" I whispered. Jereyna rolled her eyes and mumbled something about me knowing too much about royal families.
"Your Empyreal Highnesses!" Lady Beatrice said in a voice that sounded like wind chimes. "Lady Beatrice, have you met my daughters, Princesses Frena and Jereyna?" Mother asked with the air of someone asking about the weather over tea. She often talks about us in that manor.
"I think not, Fraya. Jankis talks about them constantly at home," Beatrice said. Jereyna couldn't help herself, she blurted out, "Really? That's odd, he never speaks of your children. Well except the first time he came here he told us that he had four children and one on the way." "Jereyna!" I hissed, "No!"
"Lady Jereyna!" Father snapped, "Go to your room!" "Father!" Jereyna yelped, "You were the one who told me not to skip meals!" Father nodded, "Go to the kitchens and get food! Then go to your room!" Jereyna looked to me for back up but I refused to give it.
I also failed to tell Father that Jereyna had short daggers and a few knives in her rooms; she was convinced that even a princess should know how to defend herself. She had made me take knife classes, and I can't say I regretted them.
Jereyna stood up sharply and stomped to the door turning only to shout at Mother, "You see? I should have worn what I was going to! It wouldn't have made this go any better!" and with that she turned and stormed out of the hall.
Mother had her face in one hand, elbow on the table. "Lady Ice strikes again," I murmured. Father sighed and Jinna spoke for the first time, "Is she always like that?" "Jinna!" Beatrice snapped, "Don't speak like that about any royalty! Highnesses, I am sorry; Jinna is a little free with her tongue."
Father nodded, "Jereyna is freer with hers than Jinna, she's talked down the guards!" I snorted, "And that's no easy matter!" "Frena!" Mother exclaimed appalled, "It's not polite to snort!"
"I'm sorry, Mother, I was just agreeing with Father," I said softly. Jinna rolled her eyes at the ceiling and muttered, "She's a princess and she gets called on her manners! I'm just a Lord's daughter and I never get called on mine!"
I heard this and said, "Lady Jinna, did you just mutter something? You should know that is not polite to mutter!" Jinna went crimson and glared daggers at me. Sadly for her, Lady Beatrice saw this, "Jinna! Princess Frena was right to call you on that! My Lady, what did Jinna say?" Lady Beatrice asked me.
I looked at Jinna and then to Lady Beatrice and said, expressionless, "'She's a princess and she gets called on her manners! I'm just a Lord's daughter and I never get called on mine!'" Lady Beatrice looked about to explode. "Jinna!" she yelped, "How could you say such a thing?"
Jinna glared at me and said, "She wasn't supposed to hear!"
Father smiled and chuckled, "Our Frena has the best hearing in Dinnire if I do say so myself!"
I blushed; I could feel it creeping up my cheeks, "Father, don't brag! It's not nice to flaunt your, or your daughter's, perfections above others. Epically when you are politically above those to whom you are flaunting!"
Mother smiled, "That's our Frena! Always diplomatic!"
Dinner itself was deadly dull. Now that Jereyna had been banished to her room, there was no one to spice up the affair. When the 9th bell sounded, I stood up, my crystal goblet still clutched in my hand. "Your Empyreal Highness," I said bowing slightly to Father, "Your Royal Highness, I think I am going to retire for the night. I can hardly keep my eyes open! Good night Prime Minister, Lady Beatrice, Ladies Jinna, Yanatta and Lottina, Lords Kelsworth and Geren, farewell, good luck on your journey home."
Kelsworth and Jankis bowed respectfully as I walked from the hall and Beatrice and Jinna curtsied. Yanatta, Lottina and Geren nodded, as they were too young in Hoblin to stand in the presence of their betters. I glided to the entrance hall where a maid, Larina, was standing waiting for Father's cue to enter with the whipped cocoa glasses for dessert. "Your Highness! You are leaving before the whips?" Larina asked, eyes very wide.
"Yes," I replied, "I'm tired. I will take my whip, however." Larina nodded, "Yes, Highness, I also have you sister's whip here." I thanked her took the two cocoa whips and walked up the grand jade staircase to the third tower, also known to the public as Marble Tower, where Jereyna and I had our quarters.
I opened the mahogany door that led to Jereyna's practice rooms, on the third floor of the tower, where she always hid when Father sent her to her room. "Jerey? Are you in here?" I called. "Yes, Fren, I'm in the knife room of weaponry number two," She called back. I sighed, weaponry number 2- fondly known as We Know Too by weapons master Drago Swordhand-was where Jereyna kept her most dangerous, and simple, weapons.
I picked up my skirts and walk in to We Know Too. Jereyna was clad in breeches and a tunic, a two handed sword across her crossed knees and a sharpening stone in her left hand. She looked up, saw me and said, "I'm leaving, are you coming with me?" I sat slowly down beside her, "Jerey, do you really want to do this? Think of Mother and Father! Think of your future as possibly the greatest and fairest queen Dinnire has ever had! Think-think of Drago!" At that Jereyna stiffened, but I wasn't done, "Think of Shadows!"
Jereyna laughed then and very hard, "Well that's already taken care of, Shadows is coming with me. And so are you." My eyes popped, I was going with her? "Jerey, who says I am coming with you?" "I do," a deep voice said behind me.
I spun around and saw Drago Swordhand with two daggers and his usual sword sheathed in his belt. A quiver bristling with arrows was strapped to his back with a bow attached to the quiver. I could he two long dagger hilts over his very broad shoulders.
"Master Swordhand has graciously offered to come with me and help choose who else it coming. He chose Mistress Darmongold to come as well as Master Steelhand," Jereyna told me smugly.
Kire Darmongold and Feroce Steelhand? Is Jereyna crazy? If they leave, Deami will fall into ruins! The sanity of this city depends on Feroce keeping the dagger, knife and sword store in the armouries high! I thought desperately. "Jereyna, if you take Kera and Master Steelhand away, the city will crumble!" I yelped.
Jereyna grinned smugly, "I know, and the populace needs to realise how much comfort people like Kire and Feroce give us. And, Frena, you need a break from the palace, I'm taking us to the country to live as commoners. It'll be a good learning experience for the future queens."
I just stared at her. She's crazy! I thought, absolutely insane! "Jerey, I'll come, But you realise that we will all need aliases," I whispered. Jereyna nodded, "Alright, I'm glad you are coming. I'll be Hertya-" "Jereyna! Queen Hertya? That is the most obvious name in Dinnire!" Jereyna glared at me, "Frena, do you know how many people have the name Hertya? She was the greatest queen Dinnire ever had! Everyone loved her! I'll be perfectly safe with the name Hertya!"
I sighed, "Okay, Jerey-Hertya, you win. I'll be Ellianya, it's a common name and I like it." "Ellianya, Elli for short?" Jereyna asked. "Elli is fine, Hertya. Now, you-" I turned to Drago "what will your name be?"
Drago smiled and said, "I will be Dragon. Kire will keep her name, and Feroce will be Geran."
Jereyna and I stared at him realization dawning upon us. Dragon, Kire, Geran and Ellianya where Queen Hertya's legendary supporters, one a swords master, one a goldsmith, one a blacksmith and the other was Hertya's own sister.
Jereyna exhaled slowly through her nose and her eyes glazed over she said three legendary words, "A legend begins." And then she fainted.

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