Chapter 2

Caught in the Act!

"Jerey?" I asked softly, shaking her shoulders softly. "Lady Jereyna, wake up, please!" Drago cried. There was pounding of Father's steel-studded leather boots. "Quick! Get Jerey into her lounge!" I whispered urgently to Drago. He nodded and scooped my rail-thin twin up into his muscular arms and hurried up three flights of spiral stairs to Jereyna's library/lounge. I unlocked the door with a murmured, "'Tis I, Protector of the Wildlife of Dinnire."

The door opened with a soft, "Welcome, Lady Sun, welcome to the domain of Lady Ice!" I smiled at the shocked look on Drago's face, "Jerey has the Mage Light. When she got this library she alarmed the door. It's voice sensitive, you try it, Drago, say ''Tis I, Swords Master, Drago Swordhand,' and see what happens." He nodded, but placed Jereyna in a chair and jogged outside and closed the door, very softly.

I heard the footsteps run up the stairs and Father say, "Good evening, Master Swordhand, are my daughters in there?" I could tell Drago nodded because Father turned to the door and yelled, "Jereyna! Open this door right now! I command it, and as my power as Emperor of Dinnire, I may enter!"

Jereyna's magical voice sounded softly in the room, "Shall I let him in or spray in the face with horse urine?" "Let him in, please!" I ordered hastily. The door clicked open. Father looked around, saw Jereyna unconscious in a chair and rushed over to her.

"Frena, what happened?" he asked urgently, face pale. "We were talking, Father, and she passed out!" I muttered. "Where were you when this happened?" Father asked grimly. "Right here," I lied face straight.

Father bit his lip, and checked Jereyna's pulse. "Her pulse is fine," he muttered, "she's a bit warm though!" I rolled my eyes, Father really loved Jereyna, but she didn't feel the same about him. In fact Jerey wished Father would drop dead!

"Jerey would really wish you let me take care of this, Grinirin," I said in Royal Tongue of Old, a lost, almost dead language, 'Grinirin' ment Father, or Father Emperor/King. Father nodded, sadly yet understandingly, and stood back.

"Arise, Jereyna, future queen of Dinnire!" I chanted, "Rise and face the world! Arise, Jereyna, future queen of Dinnire! Rise and face the world! Arise, Jereyna, Future Queen of Dinnire! Rise and Face the World! ARISE, JEREYNA, FUTURE QUEEN OF DINNIRE! RISE AND FACE THE WORLD!"

As I yelled the last bit, I through some of my Light into Jereyna's still form. Her eyes popped open. They were blue-green and glowing. Father screamed, but I was used to it, it was only a mix of my green Light, and Jerey's blue Light.

As I expected, her eyes changed back to ice blue within seconds. "Welcome back to the realms of the living, Sister," I said calmly. "F-Frena? What happened?" Jereyna asked weakly, "and what is Grinirin going in here?"

"You passed out, Sister, I'm afraid you passed out of this realm, and into the realm of the un-dead. Grinirin was worried about you and came to make sure you were all right," I replied.

"Father, would you please leave! Anyway, who let you in here?" Jereyna snapped. "Jerey!" I hissed, "be nice!"

Father looked hurt but did as I asked. He stood, sighed and walked to the door. The moment he approached it, the door sprung open, it seemed to be quivering as if wanting to slam into his back. When her finally did leave the room, the door closed with a snap.

"Jerey, you really should be nicer!" I snapped at my twin.

Jereyna raised her eyebrows at me. "And why should I be nicer, my perfect twin? To keep our meddling father happy?"

"No, Jerey, not for Father. For everyone you will one day rule!" I was trying not to yell at my twin, no one would thank me for that.

"Frena, I'm never going to rule Dinnire. Once you inherit the throne, I'll be leaving Deami forever. You can have Dinnire, I don't want it!" Jereyna's face was twisted in determination to drill her harsh words into my brain. I will never forget that look; I've only seen it on my sister's face a few times.

"Jerey, what will you do? If you don't want Dinnire, will you leave it? If so where will you go?" My eyes were burning with unshed tears. I knew my sister better than anyone in the world.

Jerey smiled slyly. "You know how Mother's parents in Grema objected her marriage to our father?" She waited for me to nod before continuing. "Well, I am going to move to Grema, for a short while at least."

"But Jerey, technically you are heir to the Greman throne also. Mother is the eldest living child in line to the Greman throne. If you run away from Dinnire and go to Grema, you will have the same future. But, you don't know anything about the Greman government!"

Jereyna glared at me. "I had hoped you bad forgotten that I skipped all the 'Local and Foreign Government' classes Father made us take."

"Ladies Sun and Ice?" Drago called from the hall. "Mistress Kire Darmongold and Master Feroce Steelhand are here to see you both."

Jereyna squeaked and stood so quickly she knocked an intricately carved stool over. I ducked down to right it and Kire and Feroce Steelhand walked in. I looked up, through a mass of golden hair.

Kire looked down at me and asked Jereyna, "When did you get a pet, Lady Ice?" I coughed loudly and stood up, brushing my hair out of my face with my fingers. Kire gasped and said hastily, "I'm so sorry Lady Sun! I didn't realize you were the golden haired thing on the floor!"

Feroce put a large calloused hand on Kire's arm. "Kire," he murmured, "stop talking before you embarrass yourself and out future queen…." He paused here then added, "And may I remind you Lady Sun is your best customer."

Jerey clapped her hands sharply and everyone in the room turned to her. "You all know why you are here," she stated quietly. "As a protest to my parents' treatment of all those who don't support this family, or those with out the money to be any help to the general populace, I have be 'plotting' with Master Drago Swordhand about this for the past three months, and if no one finds out, we can successfully fun to the country and perhaps make a difference there."

"Erm, Lady Ice, that may not be such a good idea," Kire said quietly.

Jereyna rounded on her. "And why not? Why is my plan not ideal?"

Feroce glared at his sister, there was no mercy in his eyes. "Kire! Stop this; it's insanity. Just because Queen Fraya's paranoid doesn't mean she's planted spies here, it's just absurd!"

"Or is it?" Drago, Kire, Feroce, Jerey and I jumped and turned toward the door, which as we talked had been pushed ajar. A petite, slender woman with dark red hair braided into tight rows stood behind the door, watching us.

Jerey and I stood up as one. As Jerey's face darkened with anger, I fought with my instincts and schooled my face to calmness. "Hermidia," Kire hissed behind me.

Greanne Hermidia stepped into Jereyna's library, one of her many thin braids twined through her fingers. "Well, well, well, what's this? Kire Darmongold, Feroce Steelhand, Drago Swordhand sitting in Princess Jereyna Jyshore's library with both Princesses Jereyna and Frena? And they're talking about leaving the palace, and by the sound of it, within the hour… now, the queen would not be happy about this, would she?"

I watched Kire's face go from a bright red to a deep purple. "You wouldn't," Jerey hissed. I noticed too late that the blue surrounding Jerey was not natural; she was filling herself with Light.

"Jerey, no!" I cried, but Greanne Hermidia was already handing in the air, supposedly from her ankles. "Jereyna, you promised! The Light isn't to be used against anyone!"

Jereyna only glared at me and turned to Drago. "Drago, will you get Frena and my horses ready? Make sure a basket for Shadows is attached to my saddle. Kire, Feroce, you know what to do, do you not?" The pair nodded and rushed out. I buried my head in my arms and thought bitterly, My sister is out to kill us!