One day a window in heaven opened
And a precious Baby Angel came to stay with us for a while
Capturing hearts with her great courage and her bright smile
So tiny so beautiful, Bridget a very special little girl
Mummy's precious little darling and Daddy's shining pearl
Every day a paradise having her to hold and love
More precious than diamonds a little turtle dove
Bridget our little angel from heaven, but only here on loan
Gods Angel has taken her by the hand and gently led her home
Now Bridget has her angel wings and a brand new golden halo,
Her eyes are shining brightly, her lovely face all a-glow
For she is safe forever in the care of the Angels above
To grow big and strong and happy in Jesus' eternal love
If you look to the night sky just there!, see! a new bright star,
From there Bridget will send her Sweet love to all from afar
So we will weep sorrowful tears for our darling baby Angel
But then to dream happy dreams of love for her as well,
For peace and serenity and soft sleep is her just reward
Bridget our darling precious baby Angel of the Lord.