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The next morning, Mom woke us early so we could get the last few things together before the movers arrived. Because our refrigerator had already been emptied and cleaned, Mom gave us each a few dollars and sent us out to pick up something. I drove my sisters to McDonalds then to the grocery store to pick up some snacks for our drive, fruit and such.

By the time we returned to the house, the movers had shown up with their truck and Mom was orchestrating a symphony of box movement. My sisters and I sat on the front lawn, watching all our belongings fit neatly into the truck.

When everything was all packed away securely, Mom made us walk around the house one last time to make sure we'd forgotten nothing. Daisy found a light switch plate she'd left and made Mom get a screwdriver so she could take it. Rose had neglected to repack the nail polish she'd used last night. I'd left my bag of essentials in my closet.

When Mom was satisfied that we hadn't forgotten anything else, we all squished in the car, waved goodbye to the house, and followed the mover's truck down the street.

It would take a little under four hours to reach the border of Tiano Pines, and then we'd still have to drive halfway through it to reach our new house, where we were supposed to be met by a greeting committee. Mom had finalized all the details by phone last night. We would meet the people, get all the boxes into the house, then straight to the operations. The jealousy operation we knew was required, but Mom left it up to us if we wanted the sterility operation.

I still hadn't decided if I'd get the second one yet. I didn't quite agree with the lack of monogamy motto. I, personally, think each child is special and should be raised by two loving, married parents. Why put yourself through an operation when abstinence works just as well. Still, the allure of not having to deal with my monthly friend was almost too much.

Sometime on our way through Spiran, I decided to go through with the operation. I did not intend to use it as a way to be as promiscuous as possible, but as a way to avoid that annoying time of the month. Besides, I could still take a pill to get my body back to normal when I got married, whenever that would be. I still have several years of singleness left before that happens.

We arrived in Tiano Pines a mere three and a quarter hours later: the movers sped. As we drove through the main entrance, I hadn't realized that this was a gated community. A wall, a dull brown color, about eight feet high, was encircling the border of the city.

"Mom, were you aware of this?" I asked with slight apprehension.

"It was hinted at in my pamphlet but never directly addressed." She said vaguely, "It mostly pertained to keeping the bots in, not people." Mom pulled up to a little tollbooth structure and rolled down her window to speak with the man inside.

"I'm sorry, did she say bots?" I turned to look at my sister for confirmation.

"We didn't really want to tell you about it, knowing how you have problems with them and all." Rose offered a nervous little smile.

"Why wasn't any of this in my pamphlet?" I pulled it out of my bag and flipped through it hurriedly.

"We sort of ripped those pages out before you could see it." Rose produced said pages from her bag and handed them over guiltily.

I rifled through them quickly, looking at all the pictures of Bot-Nannies, and Bot-Mailers, and even the Bot-Police Force.

"Why do they need a fence to keep the bots in? Are they all crazy?" I shuddered inwardly.

"It's just to keep the design from being stolen." Mom answered.

I hadn't even noticed that we'd passed the tollbooth and were driving through town. Luckily, it did not appear to be overrun by bots as I thought it would be. We turned off the main street and continued down a quiet side street. The movers slowed to a stop in front of the new house.