Chapter 25

The incident in the canteen was still the highlight of the conversation for the student body at the end of the day. I was standing by the lockers waiting for Beth and Conner when all I kept hearing was Lucy Anderson's name being mentioned. And for the first time it wasn't something positive, it was all negative. As I was waiting I heard some stories that people had completely exaggerated.

What was also different was the way I felt. I expected to feel happy and vengeful for all the abuse she's put me through. But all I felt was guilt and pity. Guilt because I had a hand in the plan and pity because of what everyone was saying. Even people she considered "friends" were openly mocking her and some were even imitating the way she behaved.

I pushed myself of the locker as I saw Beth and Conner walk down the corridor; they both just had woodwork, so they were both dusting themselves of wood shavings.

'Hey girl' said Beth, as she reached me.

'Hey' I replied.

Conner greeted me by pulling me into a hug and whispered 'I missed you'.

I laughed as I punched his shoulder lightly, 'I saw you an hour ago'.

'I know, I know, but what can I say' he said, shrugging his shoulders whilst looking childishly lost.

I pulled my tongue at him and pushed him to start walking. Beth and Conner were also talking about Lucy Anderson and when Damon joined them they all had a laugh together. I, on the other hand, said nothing. I couldn't, I felt too guilty.

Beth was talking about her as if she'd lost her mind and went completely over the edge. Damon was more then keen to agree with her and ad his own remarks. Conner must have realised that I hadn't said anything, he slide his towards me, (which left Beth with Damon) and asked if I was alright.

'I'm fine' I replied, smiling as if to prove it.

'You sure, you've been pretty quite about the whole thing.'

'I'm fine, Conner, honestly' Conner looking reluctant left it at that.

When I got home my mind was still on the incident, I couldn't help but feel terrible. I made a sandwich and went to my room, my thoughts still plagued with Lucy Anderson.

It was half an hour later that I was laying on my bed when I decided that my mind couldn't stand another thought of Lucy Anderson, after all it was most likely that I want the only one thinking about her, though I might be the only one thinking about her and feeling guilty.

I switched my thoughts to Tommy and his "existence". I began to question why he was still here. In that book I read from the library it said that spirits stay here if there is some kind of unfinished business to be taken care of, I wonder what Tommy's unfinished business was.

As if Tommy was psychic he appeared by my desk grinning.

'That went well, don't you think?' he said, referring to Lucy Anderson.

'Hmm' I sighed indifferently.

'What's the matter?



'No, not really. The thing is I kind of feel guilty about doing what we did'.

'But the plans working and…'

'I know, but I still don't like it'

'Oh, well what do you want to do instead?'

'Nothing, well actually I want to ask you a question if you don't mind'

'Of course'

'Umm… I don't mean to sound rude, but why are you still here?'

The only movement Tommy made was a lift of an eyebrow.

'I mean how come you haven't… you know…gone to the other side?'

Again he lifted his eye brow.

'What I mean is, what is your unfinished business?'

Tommy didn't answer immediately and after staying quiet from a while I began to believe he wouldn't answer. I was just about to apologise for what seemed like an intrusion when he began to talk.

'It happened a few years ago before I died.' Tommy suddenly got a distant look in his eyes and I knew immediately that his mind wasn't in the room.

'I didn't have a normal life like many other kids my age at the time, my parent were rich, really rich. A couple of months before it all happened they started getting threatening calls and mail. We contacted the police but they couldn't do much, all they did was put men around the perimeter of our house and tapped all the phones. But still the threatening calls and letters flowed in. It was winter at the time and it was recorded to be one of the coldest winters yet. My parents were coming back from a conference meeting when it happened. Apparently their car had an accident, and when my parents got out the car they were kidnapped. The kidnappers wanted five and a half million pounds, or my parents would be brutally murdered. They received the money in three days, but by then it was too late they had murdered my parents and sent a video of it to my house. The police managed to catch most of the suspects, except for the leader. He ran away and nobody could find him. But I knew, I knew alright. He was hiding right under everyone's nose in a secret underground hideout, but the police wouldn't believe me. I begged them to follow it up. But they put my screaming and ranting down to grief and shock. You see I know where he was because he sent me a disk that had a message on it. On the disk he was taunting me by describing how he slowly murdered my parents and how they begged for their lives. When I told the police they asked me to show them the disk. When I went to retrieve it from my room I found that it was gone. Somebody had taken it. The police thought I'd lost the plot at that point. Then later that day we found out that prior before their murder we were being watched and that was how they knew where my parents had gone, it was also then that we found out that it wasn't a car accident that they were in, but they had been run of the road. So I decide to find him myself. Using the clues from the disk I managed to track him down. I died on my way to avenge my parents. My car skidded on a patch of wet ice, and that was that.'

I sat there on my bed and for the first time in my life I was completely stumped on what to say. How does one react or respond to their friend telling them that their parents were murdered? I felt horrendous, what kind of friend was I? Since I had met Tommy he knew my difficulties concerning school life and peer pressure, but I couldn't even say until now how he had even died let alone what his life was like. I'm the most selfish, self observed human being on the planet. Man I'm an idiot even now I'm thinking about myself.

I stood up and walked towards Tommy. I stood in front of him and for the first time I voluntarily touched him. I placed my hands on his cheek and felt my hands sink into thin air. Immediately my hands froze, but I didn't pull back. I wanted him to know that I was there for him.

I looked into his eyes and saw the pain that had never left him, which I had been too busy seen. It was at that moment that I decided to help Tommy. I took a deep breath and stood back.

'Do you still know where he is?' I asked quietly.

I nodded looking at the ground. For some reason he looked angry at him self.

'Oh yes I know where he is, and because I'm dead I can't do anything about it!'

I mentally prepared my self for what I was about to do.

'What would you say if I helped you?'

Frowning he asked 'help me, how? Why?'

'Well, since I've met you you've helped me a lot and as your friend I want to return the favour. What I'm thinking is that you might not be able to catch this man, but I can. So what if we work together to get this man and get him locked up for good.' I finished my speech thinking Tommy would be happy. But in fact Tommy looked anything buy happy.

'Are you mad!? Have you not listened to what I said? Did you not hear me tell you how dangerous he is or how he tortured my parents…?'

'I know', I cut Tommy off 'and that's precisely why we should go after him, I mean your parents deserve justice for what happened to them, you deserve to rest in peace. I know its going to be dangerous but I'm sure we can do it' I said my voice getting louder and louder as I was more then convinced that we could.

'Look Tanya, I appreciate what you're trying to do, but I won't let you risk your life for me, especially as my life is already over, yours doesn't need to be. Besides it won't work.' He said shrugging his shoulders.

'Why not?' I demanded, angry that he wouldn't agree with me.

'Because there is no way on earth that we would be able to get him by our self, it'd be too difficult.'

I thought about that. It would be difficult because in a way I'd be by myself since no one can hear or see Tommy. What I need is some help, someone who'd be willing to give me a hand. I need someone who I can tell my secret to. Someone who doesn't think I'm a freak, someone who's a friend.

'I know just the person who'd help,' I said proudly. 'Beth'

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