Verse 1

She's a loner,

a mystery I can't explain.

She's an angel

With a guarded smile and debts to pay.

She never forgets to remember

All the lessons she meant to learn.

And all of the bridges she's crossed

Have left her scarred and burned.



Is her name.

A blue jeaned vagabond

Who can't seem to find home.


Has lost her way,

And those deep brown eyes

Say she's so alone.

In a world who's left her behind

Maybe one day she'll find

A place she can call her own.


Verse 2

She's a runner,

Fleeing from all that has past.

She's a dreamer

Always hoping that her sleep will last.

Her only friend is her sadness,

And her confidant is her pain.

As she walks the road less traveled,

Her only comfort is the rain.

[Repeat Chorus]


Dancing in the dark,

Searching for a light.

Reaching for a star

In her coldest night.

[Repeat Chorus.]