Yeah...don't know wut to say but be nice and enjoy. I will try to update often. These babies have been wondering about my head for a while so I figured I'd try to put them on paper. The main story is bout Galileo and this is one of my first POV. I'm debating whether to give Mikhail a chapter or two.

Anyway, this is a slash and there will be cursing, rape and angst...I think angst deserves a warning. On to the story.


Chapter One

The hall is almost completely empty. Good. I like it that way, less people to deal with.

It's funny, the hall's empty yet the noise is deafening. It's like their voices, their laughter, their gossip had soaked into the walls of this place. It was nice actually, surrounding you but at the same time isolating you.

I relished in the isolation, the exclusion. Is relish really the right word? I wasn't the "loner" type, wasn't being the operative word. I liked having friends, being connected to people but I have long since grown accustomed to the need for separation. In my life it definitely was a necessity.

My life. The idea of it made me laugh. I wasn't sure what to think of it. Maybe you can help me?

I'm a bastard, and a crime boss in training.

I mean a bastard in the literal sense, a child born out of wedlock, though I could fulfill every role the word depicted.

What images does this information bring to mind? Do you see me subjected to a cold, callus father who saw me as a threat to his empire and refused to acknowledge me? Do you see his cool, calm, sophisticated wife dressed only in designer dresses? Do you imagine a woman who refused to acknowledge my existence, whose purpose was to completely separate me from her life and her child? Her child, my older brother…do you think he envisions me as a rival trying to steal his birthright?

And what of my mother and me? Do you see her as an over-protective compassionate woman and me as the scorned, disowned son who wanted nothing more than daddy's approval? Who, when denied that, turned to the idea of revenge, relished the thought of bringing the old man to his knees?

It's an interesting picture ain't it? Your typical crime family, something right out of the movies, lacking originality in its own special way. But that's not my life. No, it's nothing like that.

My mother, my father's mistress, his first and only slip, was one hell of a bitch. I got the blonde hair from her. She was really proud of it. That and the fact that I had my father's eyes. 'Drops of pure chocolate' she called them, they're just brown to me. She loved the combination, it made me an Adonis in her eyes, and that was a necessity. How else was I supposed to earn her the "prize" she valued so much.

What "prize"? Status, that's what she wanted. That's why she went after my dad in the first place, that and his money. She hunted him; after all he was the ultimate prey. And after she caught him, she used him and then me. We were her keys. We opened the doors. He with his power, me with my looks and the promise of future power.

So as you can tell there was no love lost between me and the shrew. Yeah, I'll say it, I resented the bitch. She was a whore and tried to use me in very much the same way. She tried to pass me around to all the influential families, you know, get in via the kids. Let's just say that her reaction to my coming out was not favorable, but not for the typical reasons of, say, religion or prejudice. No, she was pissed because it limited her options.

Like I said there was no love lost between us.

Anyone notice I've been referring to her in the past tense? Yeah, she's 'no longer with us.' That's what my dad told me when it happened. 'It' was a bullet meant for my dad. Don't get me wrong, of course I was sad. I cried. I was depressed. But it wasn't as if I was alone.

It makes sense that since the supposedly kind mother turned out to be a money-hungry ice-queen, that everyone else possessed personalities that differed from the predicted.

My dad was a kind, doting father who had men killed on a weekly basis. He gave me the best of everything. He wanted to fulfill his responsibilities, another way my mother used me against him. He showed interest in every part of my life, every part. It's kinda suffocating.

I laugh at a memory. The sound echoing down the hall, drawing my attention and making me aware of the fact that I had stopped walking and was staring out of a window, lost in my memory. Why had I laughed again? The memory. I chuckled and continued to walk. My father had set me up on my first date after I had come out. I had expected the most awkward evening of my life. It wasn't but that was thanks to Sophia, his wife. I must say she has good taste in men.

I love that woman. She never treated me any different from Michael, her son, my brother. Of course there was tension at first, but she kept that between her and my dad. She didn't want to make me a victim or for me to blame myself in anyway. Hell, she was even nice to my mother, though she could plainly see what she was and what she was doing to me and her husband. Still she never said anything bad about her in my presence and, after my mother's death, she officially adopted me. In my mind, she is a saint, even if she directs hostile takeovers daily. She takes care of the legit side dad's business. Not your typical socialite.

Michael was another story. The friction between me and him lasted throughout our childhood, but somehow, sometime during our relationship, he came to accept me. Heh, accept is an understatement, Mike rivals dad in his over-protectiveness. That's why I'm here right now, with minimal contact with any relatives, or anyone who could in anyway lead someone to me.

Where is here? Here is John Fillmore's School for Boys. It's a well-respected private school but not very well known. And it has no religious affiliation whatsoever. There was no way I was going to have some religious crap crammed down my throat while I had to be completely separated from all that I knew. So it was the perfect place for me to slip into with relative anonymity. Though things could change soon with all the speculation.

It seems that the same people who basically sent me here were not deterred by my disappearance and sent someone after me again, only this time all the way out here. Yep, the reason I'm here is because there was an attempt on my life.

So why me? I mean Michael would be a more logical choice; after all he is the first born son. Well, I am my father's heir; I will be the one to run the brunt of his business when he is 'no longer with us,' which can be at any moment in our business. Michael didn't want the job. He found more….interesting things to do with his life. Translated that means he found a girl who didn't like the idea of being involved.

To tell the truth I look forward to the job. I wasn't forced to take the job because Mike turned it down. No. I was quite taken with the idea from the beginning. I've seen dad work, seen the power and it fascinated me. I wanted it.

The fact that I was my father's heir was well-known in all the right, or wrong, circles depending on how you looked at it. The attempt was a year or so ago. It seems that I did something to really piss someone off and prove to everyone else that I posed more of a threat than my father did. I honestly have no idea what it was I did. Like I could ever do anything in the least bit menacing.

Okay so I can't pull off innocent and naïve.

Anyway as soon as that bullet was fired, I was shipped off here 'for my own protection.' It didn't bother me much. Initially it was hard to be stripped of all familiarity, but like I said, I got used to being alone, a lot quicker than I expected. Now I try my best to avoid people, to avoid forming any new relationships. You know the old cliché: I'm doing it to protect them. Corny but true.

This lil system was working well too, until that day. I groaned. I was basically ambushed after that day.

I share a room here like everyone else. My roommate is Ein, a sweet lil kid. Your typical brunette with those big doe brown eyes. Now there's a kid who can pull off the innocent look, but trust me he knows a few things, and I don't mean mundane things. Anyway he has this group of friends, really it's a group of couples, three couples to be exact.

Just a random thought, you ever wonder how the gay kids usually end up in a group together at these places. Must be an instinct.

Back to the topic, well memory. Ein is my roommate and usually we didn't say two words to each other, me with my whole system, but one day I come into the room and it all changed.

I walk into my room ready to finally settle down and attack some paper I had due and there on Ein's bed I find him and this kid. No they're not doing what you're thinking, I wish. Ein was trying to comfort the new kid who just seemed plain frustrated and on the verge of tears. He was a cute kid actually, the same type that Ein seemed to be, innocent. He has short red hair, that deep red that seemed almost brown, golden eyes that were slightly red and paint smudges all over his face.

I was going to make some excuse to leave but even Ein was looking upset and that says a lot seeing as Ein rarely takes anything to heart. So in a moment of weakness I asked what was wrong. The kid, James, was reluctant to talk but Ein quickly split the beans.

Seems this James kid had transferred here recently and had developed a crush on his roommate, Tye who he had known of before this. Something about their fathers being in the military together. It made sense seeing as there was a base less than two hours away from here. He had been dealing with these feeling for a while now and a guy can only bottle things up for so long, but the main problem came with the fact that this kid had a serious fear of rejections and just couldn't bring himself to tell him. Given the kid's background , when I found it out, that also made sense.

Me, being the sensitive guy I am, told him to just jump the guy. Of course he did take well to that idea so I gave him a better way. I assumed correctly that he was in art so I told him to have Tyler model for one of his paintings. To express himself, to free himself. Then at the end of the session, when he felt the most confident, to simply go up to the boy and kiss him. Well James looked at me as if I was crazy and left with Ein soon afterwards. A little while later, 'bout a week or so, Tye comes to my door and basically assaults me with what he still considers a hug. The kid took my advice and now they are one of the happiest couples I know. And for some reason they think they owe it all to me, so to thank me they all basically adopted me into their group.

Come to think of it, they are also the reason my lil cover got blown. A week ago I found the lot of them in my room waiting for me. I became the problem-solver after that situation. James was practically in tears and clinging to Tye while the others looked expectantly to me. As mentioned James' and Tye's fathers are in the army and are a lot alike. They're the idiotic types with those preconceived ideas on what a man should be, so you can imagine how they reacted when they found out their sons were not only gay but together. Tye's father really couldn't do anything since his mother has already divorced him and happened to be a very understanding woman. James' father on the other hand, more or less threw him out with no money, or anything which meant he could not continue to go to school here.

Now most of the members in their lil group were from pretty well-off families but they couldn't ask they're families to help. So they had to figure out something. I know they never really expected me to come up with a solution, just to, in someway, comfort them for the time being, so that's what I did. After I went and immediately contacted Michael and told him what I needed. I hated to admit it but these guys were important to me and I would help as long as I could. Michael may have turned down the chance to run the 'family business' but that did mean he was completely out with no power or control. I had Michael set up a full 'scholarship' which I told James I had signed him up for and that he won. Sufficed to say that that sealed the friendship. Also sufficed to say that that's what led the hit man to this area. They still weren't sure exactly where I was or what I looked like since dad had floated rumors that I had had a complete make-over.

I smiled at the idea of a make-over, remembering Kane's attempts to try one on me. I think he was considering pink.

I stopped when I realized I had reached my destination and would have to stop my musings. My already present smile grew as I heard the first few notes of the song they were working on. The guitar needed tuning.

I pushed open the plain grey door and made my way through the maze of props and costumes to the stage. The band stood on stage. Garry and Matt were arguing, probably about the new lyrics, while Keith sat behind his precious drum set looking bored as he twirled the stick and glared at the arguing pair. Off to the corner was Quentin plucking away at the strings of his electric guitar with Dirk watching him, his own precious bass at his side. Now there's a couple in denial, but it's not my place to say.

Like I said I wasn't close to anyone unless forced to be and these guys did not force me. We had a very casual acquaintances, except for Keith who was with Ein and so was apart of that…our little group. I only came here to listen, maybe help Quinn with a few chords but I never played. My playing I kept to myself as much as possible, sometimes it just slips.

"So what's the cataclysmic issue this time?" I walk forward having all eyes suddenly trained on me. Garry and Matt nod their acknowledgement not willing to break one of their frequent cosmic battles of wills. Keith looks at me pleadingly before getting up to try and pry them apart.

"Hey Leo." Dirk signaled me over to him. Quinn looked up and smiled, then steals a look at Dirk out of the corner of his eye. A longing look. I laughed drawing all eyes to me once more but waved my hand to dismiss any questions.

"That thing needs some tuning." I walk over to Quinn still chuckling as both he and Dirk watch me warily.

"Then why don't you tune it?" Quinn stands and hands me the instrument. I smiled. I loved this thing. Occupying his now empty seat, I begin my task, savoring the sound even if it was not really music. I'm not sure how long it was before it actually became music. A sweet sound that reminded me of Sophia and my dad together, dancing.

"Why the hell don't you just join us?!" The outburst came from Garry, who was now glaring at me. I blinked and looked around. I had started to play and it seems that Dirk and Keith had joined, picking up the harmony.

"Not interested." I smile at him, then sighed seeing that this was going to be a repeat of a familiar argument. I am not joining. That implied playing in front of people, playing a whole song and that I didn't look forward to.

"Don't give me that crap." Garry again, this was going to be a while.

"Yeah. You're a great musician and don't give us any shit about stage fright." Great, now Dirk was joining in. As Matt joined in, Quinn tried to defend me and Keith just sat back with a sigh.

I sighed also, letting the voices die down into a low buzzing and looked out across the auditorium, scanning the rows of empty seats. I wonder how it would feel to be up here with this place completely packed, how it would feel to see people moving in a slow stream through those big double doors.

My eyes caught something near the doors before they slammed shut. Someone was there. Probably one of the theater kids. How could those kids be so obsessive? Okay, maybe its devotion and maybe I'm a little jealous of the fact that they have a connection to something.

I sighed and turned my eyes back to the group bickering about me. I was jealous of them too. They also had a connection to something. I mean my life isn't bad, I've always had people who loved me but I always kept my distance from them in a way. I guess mom screwed me up more than I'd ever admit.

"Can we just drop the subject and practice!" Keith wasn't looking very happy. "We have had this conversation about a thousand times in the last month and every month before that and it has done NOTHING to change his mind. SO DROP IT!"

Yep, Keith was pissed and when he gets that way it's best to do what he says. I turn around to see the ice blue glare that was trained on Garry and Dirk, who were suddenly quiet. Quinn was trying his best to hide behind me, actually it was in front of me since Keith sat behind me. And Matt just seemed to sink into the background out of sight.

"Okay," Keith voice was back down to its normal level. "Let's get started. Leo, give Quinn back the guitar, sit down and wait."

"Yes, milord." I stood, turned and did a low bow, only to have Keith's death stare focused on me.

"Sit." His voice deadly low. I couldn't help but grin. Keith was possibly the only person I knew who could make me fell the tiniest bit threatened. As I walked down from the stage into the auditorium I slowly ran my mind over what I knew of Keith.

Earlier, before I really knew him, I had the same image of him as most of the school. He was your classic blonde hair, blue eyed playboy who left a trail of broken hearts in his wake. After getting to know him, you see it's just a kind of defense mechanism. When you get to know him you find he's a really devoted person and protective of all who are close to him. Great, another over-protective person in my life.

Keith had started dating Ein much to the chagrin of the rest of the group. Everybody seems to see Ein as the baby, the one who needs to be taken care of, but like I said Ein only looks innocent. He knew what he was getting into. He said he wasn't looking for anything serious, just for a two week fling. They've been going out for at least three months now, though both of them refuse to admit it's anything deeper than the fling they started. Ah, young love.

I chuckled as climbed the stairs to the door and flopped down into the back row. I leaned back, propping my feet up on the back of the seat in front of me, closed my eyes and let the music wash over me.

I smiled as I heard the music die down and a new melody start up. I opened my eyes to look over at the stage. They were good.

"Last song people." Dirk shout as he began to pluck at the chords.

"Should change that bass intro." The voice was quiet, barely above a whisper. I'm surprised I even heard it. Turning and looking around I saw the figure near the door, across the isle from me.

He stood behind the last row, facing the wall. He leaned back against the seat using his hands to brace him against the seat. His head leaning forward as he listened to the music. He was a cute kid, very attractive. I couldn't see much of him since it was hidden under the baggy-ness of his uniform. God I hate these things. Originally for the same reasons as every other kid, now because it denied me the chance to admire an undoubtedly gorgeous body. He was small, that was obvious, and maybe five foot six. His hair was a deep ebony tied back at the base of his neck and braided with the shorter lengths and his bangs falling forward to obscure his face. I couldn't tell the length of his hair because the braid seemed to be looped multiple times and still fell between his shoulder blades.

"How?" I watched as the body stiffened and the head turned towards me still tilted down. Two pearls stared at me surprised and a little afraid. Those eyes took me off guard. How could those be real? They look so unreal.

"Sorry." He stood up straight, a blush creeping over his cheeks. I took this opportunity to pull my gaze away from his eyes and survey the rest of his face. Nice. He had high cheekbones and a small nose complimented by full pink lips. His skin was lightly tanned, still making every color shift obvious. My eyes move back to meet his. They remind me of a cat. All in all he had a kind of darkness about him. Very nice.

He broke our gaze as he turned and moved to the door.

"Hey. Wait." I say as I try to get up and move towards him, but he was out the door before I could even get up.

"Hey Leo! You ready?" I turned to see the boys packing up and Keith heading down the stage and up the stairs towards me.

I sighed, turned around and leaned back against the seat next to me.

"Ready?" Keith stood beside me now. I looked up at him then looked over at the stage to wave good bye to the others.

"Let's go." I say pushing off of the seat and we exit the room to find Ein outside waiting.

"So what's up with you guys?" He said as he crossed over to Keith for a short kiss.

" Same old, same old." Keith smiled slipping a hand around Ein's waist as we started down the again empty hall. He turned to me. "So who was the guy you were talking to Leo?"

I looked at him surprised. "You saw us? From the stage?"

He smiled. " Very good eyesight." He said with a shrug. "So?"

"Some kid. Very cute. Said you need to change the intro on that last song."

"Did he say why?"

"Nope. Bolted the moment I asked him."

Ein giggled. "My dear Galileo, you are so intimidating."

I scowled at him. I hated that name. Another thing my mom gave me. I think she was going for the whole Italian mafia image. Do I look Italian to you? I'm a BLONDE for god sake. I sigh. But he was such a cutie. Not that I would have done anything anyway. Same old cliché., I can't get too close.

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