Pack of Wolves

Chapter One: The Wolf School.

Summary: Elle transfers to a formally all-boy school and finds she is the only female student there! All the guys want her apart from two. One is gay and the other hates her… or so she thinks. The boys are referred to as the 'wolves'. R&R or I will see to it that you pay. Mwahahahahaha. I will do cameos and ideas are welcome. Flames are accepted. But stuff I can build on is preferred.

Fluff-o-Meter: not much fluff till later chapters.

A/n: this is my first non-humor story. Tell me what you think. This has nothing much explicit. If that happens I'll cut down on the details. I promise.

Elle P.O.V.

"Okay Miss, this is your classroom,"


-New school means new people… why did I have to get expelled…? -

"Don't worry miss Elle, I'm sure everyone will want to meet you…"


"Well, you are the first female to come to this school…"

-Holy shit! Why \….. How… SHIT! –

"How come?"

"This was an all boy school until recently."

As I entered the classroom it was suddenly quiet.

" A girl a girl!"

I swear they were all foaming at the mouth. They swarmed me, saying things like 'let me hold you' and 'be my girlfriend forever'. Jesus Christ!

Suddenly I felt someone push them all away.

"What are you doing, you freaks!" said someone. " Acting like you've never seen a girl before!"

He… saved me… who am this guy…?

After class, the same guy cornered me and said:

"Don't think I like you just because I saved you I just don't like these guys and can't stand the thought of them getting what they want."

"Thanks anyway…" god, I was shattered… I thought a guy might actually like me… what an embarrassment… I was blushing and I knew it…

"Don't worry about it."

"So \, I saw you talking to Jamie after class. You must know him. I wonder how he'd react if something happened to you…?" (A/N: god could I have made that anymore obvious… *sigh*)

Oh god! I ran as fast as I could!

I heard him shout, "Stop her! Don't let her get away!" and then more footsteps. Someone grabbed me by the hair and pulled me into an empty classroom. I started to scream but his hand covered my mouth.

"Don't worry," said the mysterious person. "I won't hurt you. I'm not interested in girls, if you know what I mean (A/N: she has to have –one- friend apart from Jamie, don't she. And I see it fit that he's gay. There has to be at least one, doesn't there?)…"

*Phew* "thank god… thank you for helping me…"

"That's ok. Anything I can do for a fellow girlfriend."

"I better be going home now… thanks again!"

I can't believe how animal like those boys are… well, it is an all boys school and we're all in our last year…

A/N: well, what do you think? This is my first non-insane fic and criticism is welcome. Give me ideas and I will reward you. If you want a cameo as one of Elle's friends all you have to do is ask! Remember: R&R!