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The Boy Around the Corner

He's crying

A fifteen year old boy on the street

Curled up on his side

And he's sobbing

And the tears leave marks on his cheeks

He's crying for his family

Who threw him out onto the street

Because they were ashamed

Of his love for the boy

That lived around the corner.

He's crying for the loneliness

That surrounds him

And suffocates him

He's crying because he's tired

Of hate

And hurt

And he wants comfort

And love

But nobody's there

Not his family

Or the boy

That lived around the corner.

He's stopped crying

And he's sleeping

But he's been sleeping for too long

And it's too late now

He's not breathing

But the tear marks are still on his cheeks

And wherever he is, he's dreaming

Of the boy that lived around the corner.

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