Coarse when grazed
Raw and unyielding
You were unnervingly exciting.
Frigidly stoic until pressed for exploration
I saw...
Now you're stained with red passion.

Exuding tantalizing warmth
Within an impervious chill
You were a desparate fallacy.
Struggling for release from the comfort
I shied...
Now you're lying in squalid shreds.

Pragmatic and plain
Fiercely unassuming
You were wrapped in a single thread.
Careless inevitable unwinding began
I scoffed...
Now you're tossed in a dusty corner.

Mellifluous rippling
A palpable undercurrent
You are ornate imperfection.
And wrapping you around the vestige that is me
I sigh...
Now you're all i need to adorn.