You are all alone
Cooped up in a room
There's nothing 2 do
But to grab a dustpan n a broom
You want to go out
You want to go play
You don't feel like using the comp
Or watching TV all day
But where is there to go?
What is there to do?
Even though it's a beautiful day
With the sky so clear and blue
You can ride your bike
Naw, how original
Especially how
Your bike is so old and dull
Why not go out?
Like to marine world to play
Well that's not an option
When your parents are busy all day
You have plenty of siblings
Why not play with one?
Well two are busy, one's a baby
And 1 is just too young
So you don't want to watch TV or use the comp
Can't go out, don't want to do any type of cleaning
No way of playing with a sister
So what is there to do?
This all concludes to nothing unless
You watch TV or use the comp
Go out, clean
Or hang with a sister
Never mind
You'll just stay here
Just lay down
And try not to tear
Take a nap
Clean your room
Just go ahead
And grab that broom
At least it'll give you something to do