Bad luck
it follows you everywhere

Night and day
Day and night
it really bites

It could happen everyday
it finds a way

It bothers you so
you want it to go

Like a whiny little pest
Well, you know the rest

Trust me; I know
it happens to lots of people
follows you everywhere you go
You hate it
I hate it
It leaves you in woe

How can a thing so inhuman bother you so much
in so many ways
throughout your nights and days
just go away!

Leave me alone!
What did I do to you?
For you to follow me as you do

I can't take it n e more
I want out
what are you doing this for?

Why are you doing this to me?
Can't you c
I dun like you
you dun like me
just stop following me!
Go to someone else
just leave me with my self
and let me b!