Moving On

A/n: Don't you hate it when a guy gets in between two best friends?

Do you remember me,

How we were friends?

You said you'd always be,

There till the end.

I said no boy would come,

Between us two.

It was said but not done,

Now where are you?

When you left, I moved on.

I've gone back,

To my friend's, I was found

Moving on.

I still miss you dearly,

But we can't be.

You chose a guy, but not me,

Now you can't see,

That I hurt, that I cry,

That I slowly,

Break up and die inside.

You just can't see,

What you're doing to me.

Now I say we are through.

I won't hurt now.

"Good riddance!" I will yell,

"No more from you!"

I'll be on my own.

I will survive.

I won't depend on you.

Without you, I will live,

I'll be on my own,

Never again with you.