This is it
No more mistakes
I'm at a dead end
The stop sign is vermillion
My blunders are shoved in my face
Reminding me of my idiocy
I hate this situation
I wish I could run away
It's time to change
I've really fucked up this time
I have to change
It's my only survival
I'm bruised on the inside
Nothing can heal this
I will never overlook this
This will haunt me
The consequences are worse than ever
This is the big one
I won't recuperate
I'm down and out for the count
Lay me down in the ground
I'd rather be 6 feet under
Death seems to be the only way out
How else do I get out of this?
Prayers; wish I had faith
Just let me go
Don't let me suffer
Help me
Seems like I ask for that often
But I won't rest till I get it
Help me and then let me be
Lay in peace
Let me sleep forever
Never dwell on this again