There is nothing more powerful than a perfect assassin or a perfect enemy. There is no such thing; there is no such perfect person. They have come close but every time there is one mistake that was made. And now since the protector agency has been in place the criminal organization has gone downhill. In fact former criminals seem to join because they are scared of getting caught. There was talk of a perfect evil man but there is no such thing, until now.

In the shadows with a scarred face with horns peeling out of his skin sat a man. Not an incredibly young man, but not one of an older order. He couldn't remember his age anymore all that he knew is that he was probably older than twenty-four. The rain in the sky crashed onto Brae's black cloak that covers him from it. Lightning passed through the sky as the thunder followed. The future wasn't that great in the past year for the planet earth. The sun had exploded launching the planet further out in space at an incredible speed. All that is left on the world is darkness, which Brae liked. He'd travel here and there killing a few people that he didn't like their faces. The cops on the earth were a lot tougher now that the sun wasn't there anymore. Crimes took place more often and so they were trained more like military, but Brae seemed to find ways past the police.

The harsh storm in the sky started to become worse and clouds filled the sky. The thunder roared so loud that it wasn't easy to tell if there was anything worth noticing near you. The lightning crashed in the sky and a bird crashed towards the ground. Nothing more painful for a bird than being killed by lightning Brae thought. It does not matter; he had other things to move his mind towards. Future steps.