My cousin Abby is the sweetest little girl you could ever hope to meet. It may take you a while to earn her trust, but once you do, it feels great to have her love you. Abby, this is for you! -kisses-

Abby Smiles

Under the stars at night
Around the fire with family
When the sun rises in the morning
Abby smiles

When we splash in the water
On a blueberry hunt
Playing with the puppy
Abby smiles

Saying goodnight
Giving kisses and hugs
Telling bedtime stories
Abby smiles

Roasting marshmallows
Taking pictures
Capturing memories
Abby smiles

With every breath
Every moment in time
The world is beautiful
And Abby smiles

Her toothless grin
And bright blue eyes
Make my heart sing
Abby's smile

A child's innocence
Learning new things
Make life worth living
And Abby's smile

I look in her face
As I tell her a secret
And to know I love her
Abby smiles