"I'll Be With You 'Til The Very End"

I love the way you look at your feet when you walk
And how you place your hands in your pockets just so
The way the corners of your eyes wrinkle when you laugh
And how you get your hair to fall perfectly on your face I'll never know.

It's adorable the way you scratch your head in confusion
And when your forehead creases when you think hard about something
Your beautiful when you just smile for no reason
Sometimes I just sit and wonder how you could love me.

When I see you I see more than just a gorgeous smile
I see everything you are and everything we could be
But we only friends and you want to keep it that way
I'm just nothing but a helping hand, that's what you see

I wish you could see the person I really am inside
And not the hologram who want nothing but to be your friend
You know I love you and our timing is all off
But you also know I'll be with you 'til the very end