The action, the excitement Knowing it was you that were chosen Not your sister or your best friend Or anyone just posing h It's a special feeling Makes you feel needed The thing that you always wished The feeling that you succeeded i You feel like a star Like everyone knows your name Like everything just came together And you finally get your fame ' You have waited a long time for this Sometimes can't sleep at night But now that this has happened You can sleep cozy and tight '; So what comes next? Well only the best Now that you passes all your quizzes And aced all your tests '' The lights hovering above your head The camera right in front of you And don't forget the action That is floating all around the room '' So now its time to do your thing The thing no one else has So then the director screams action And all that excitement is put in the past '' You freeze right there and then on the set Because that's when you started to think "What if I make a fool of myself?" Then your heart began to sink '' The director screams cut And asks what the matter is You start tremble but then you tell Whatever your thinking did '' Well he tells you think again But this time not the bad, but the good So you think of how you were like before And tell the director that you would '' So you try again and turn out being great It was all in your head And that next time remember What that nice director said