"Jackie and Jesse"

Jesse tried to walk into the gym, working hard to push the heavy doors. Not a good way to begin a new exercise regimen, to have difficulty opening the damn door. After a great deal of effort, Jesse managed to get the door open and walked to the front desk.
Jackie, the owner of the gym, was the only person in the gym at the time and was currently busy doing bench pressing. Jesse patiently waited, nervously glancing around the room.
"Is anyone there?" Jackie put down the barbells and walked up to the desk.
"How are you, sir?" Jackie glanced at the thin young man, while he fumbled for his wallet. His nervous composure and his soulful eyes drew her to him.
"I.I'm ok. I wanted to sign up for a membership here." Jesse looked at the owner of the gym, and felt scared and excited. Her slightly sweating, muscular form was intimidating to the insecure man, but .
"Ok, the first day is a free trial, after that, you can sign up for a 6 month or 1 year package." Jackie was out of breath from her physical exertion, much to Jesse's enjoyment
" good." Jesse's body nervously swayed back and forth, his slim hips catching her eye. Could she actually see his hip bone on those tight fitting pants?
No! Jackie mentally chided herself. She shouldn't be so shallow like that. What mattered was what was inside.
Jesse focused his eyes down, trying to blot out the strong, confident energy he felt from Jackie. I can't ask her out, he thought to himself. I'm too nervous, and besides she probably wants a super buff guy. Or she's a lesbian.
That latter option seemed to be quite likely to Jesse as Jackie showed him some of the exercises. She performed the exercises so effectively, so perfectly. Her short dark hair was cut like a man's, like her clothes. Jesse hadn't met a girl that masculine who was straight. Or bi, for that matter.
"Alright, now you try it." Jackie's dark skin helped her blend in with the black exercise mat; Jesse's pale thin did the opposite.
God, she must think I'm a bumbling fool, Jesse thought as he made another mistake. This can't be that hard to do.
In fact, Jackie wasn't thinking anything like that at all. She was actually glad he needed so much instruction because it meant she could spend more time with him.
"No, no, put your hand here." She grabbed Jesse's hand and put it in the correct position. For a brief moment, their hands remained touching. Then, Jackie pulled her hand back.
"Do you think you have it now?" Jesse nodded.
"Yeah, thanks for all your help." Jackie just smiled.

Over and over, Jesse tried to think of a way to ask Jackie out. "Hey, I was wondering, would you like to go out to dinner sometime?" was too forward, he thought. Maybe the movies? No, that would not allow them to learn more about each other.
Deep down, Jesse would have wanted Jackie to ask him out. But, he knew that if he didn't do anything, she wouldn't just go up to him and ask.
Jackie, meanwhile, was trying to think of a way to do just that. Without seeming too forward, that is. Guys didn't like masculine women. Especially not women who are more muscular than they are. Being forward on top of that would totally jinx it.
As Jesse prepared to leave, he remembered his earlier conclusion that she was probably a lesbian or interested in a tough guy. He hung his head, deciding to do nothing.
He certainly looks nervous, though Jackie. He might not get many might say yes.
"Um, Jesse?"
"Yeah?" Jesse replied far too quickly to even pretend he wasn't hoping for her to take the initiative. Jackie, however, was too deep in thought to notice.
"Would you like to go out to dinner with me sometime?"
"Yes!" Jesse's voice jumped up a few octaves, causing it to sound girly and flustered. "Um, I mean," Jesse cleared his throat, "Yes."
Jackie giggled, and wrapped her arm around Jesse's shoulder. "Is tonight good?" Jesse nodded, and blushed.

Jackie sat in her room, debating about what to wear. That wasn't like her; fashion was of little concern to her. But she liked Jesse a lot, and this was important.
Obviously he was ok with her being a little masculine and dominant. But was that him just tolerating her and being glad any girl liked him? Or did he actually like Jackie that way? Would any straight guy?
A dress just wouldn't work. Not that Jackie even owned any dresses. It was either tight fitting exercise clothes, or suits, or jackets and long pants and stuff for cold days.
A suit would send the message that she's professional. You don't wear a suit to show someone you're a party person.
Ok, the exercise clothing. He went for you in that before, Jackie thought to herself.

Meanwhile, James was patiently drumming his hands on his apartment window, staring into the street. Finally, Jackie showed up, her charming smile in full view.
"Ready to go for a ride?"

The restaurant had decent food and allowed couples to dance, but Jesse and Jackie didn't get on the dance floor. They simply talked about life.
"What do you do for a living, Jesse?" He cleared his throat.
"I'm actually an interior decorator." Jackie laughed involuntarily.
"I bet people must have given you a hard time in college about that." He shook his head.
"Actually, a lot of the girls thought I was pretty cool, but in a 'friend' way." Jackie nodded.
"You know, that's pretty cool because I could use you to help my gym look more appealing to customers and everything." Jackie immediately regretted it. It initially seemed like a way for them to talk more often, but the idea of him working for her suddenly seemed like a mistake.
"Sure, ok." She gulped, hoping things would go smoothly.

After dinner, Jesse and Jackie went back to Jesse's well decorated apartment.
"So, Jesse, why did you want to start working out?" Jesse giggled, and then answered.
"Oh, um, to attract girls." Jesse put his hand over his mouth, realizing that perhaps the margaritas with dinner had betrayed his better judgment.
"Not all girls think guys look the best all muscle bound."
"Yeah, I think you look great the way you are." Jesse smiled.
"You look pretty good did you start exercising?"
"It makes me feel so good!" Jackie exclaimed. "Plus, my muscles just make me feel more comfortable in my own skin. It's hard to explain." Jesse nodded.
"I understand what you mean. I thought if I could be attractive I could feel that way."
"Ah, don't be so hard on yourself. A lot of girls are bound to like you. If you were me it would be much worse." Jesse playfully rumpled her hair.
"You're cute! You are! It's more than that, though. I mean, you have such a nice aura." Jackie smiled.
"Yeah, you seem like you are such a strong person inside." Jackie turned and faced him. They stared at each other for a few moments, trying to decide what do to and what to feel.
God, I want her to kiss me, Jesse thought. I want her to lean in and kiss me! Soon, though, fear engulfed him. He couldn't have a .it was frightening.
Jackie hesitated, and then decided to just grab Jesse's hand.
"It's getting kind of late.I think I should go." Jesse's face darkened. "But I really wanna see you tomorrow," she saddened before he could reply.
Jesse nodded. "I'll be at your gym tomorrow.

He was there on business the next morning. His professional business, not the business that he was on the day before. The business of changing his body to look how people told him was behind him now.
His laid out a plan to renovate and to decorate. Jackie though it was artistic, but not being much of an art buff she also thought she was ill- suited to judge.
" we should have music! That will add good atmosphere." Jackie smiled.
"I've got a boom box in my car, let me go get it." She returned and played some loud, angry music.
"Do you really listen to that?" Jackie nodded.
"Yeah, isn't it great?" Jesse shook his head.
"Well, I'm into quieter stuff like classical."
"We'll change it then!" Jackie moved to take out the CD.
"No! It's your place; you should listen to what you like."
"Ok." Jesse was very kind. It wasn't just the music; he always was so polite and respectful. Not like many men Jackie had met before.
Time passed quickly, and it was already closing hour. Jackie was busy closing the gym up while Jesse was still moving little things around.
"Let's bring this machine to the far wall." He pulled it up and walked backwards, but he miscalculated how hard to lift it. As he reached the wall, his coordination error caught up with him. The machine fell back against the wall, pinning him there.
"Jackie!" She turned around and ran towards the imperiled Jesse. With relative ease, she lifted the exercise equipment off of Jesse and involuntary hugged him.
"Are you ok? Do you have any injuries?"
"I'm ok. You saved me." The both giggled. Jackie suddenly felt very protective and important.
"Jesse, I." They both stopped talking when they realized Jackie's muscular body was pressing against Jesse's thin form.
Jackie felt something within her click. She leaned forward and gave Jesse a kiss on the cheek. He made a tiny squeal and then quickly returned the favor.
Jesse and Jackie stared at each other, wondering what to do. Eventually, Jesse said "Do you want to go out with me again? See a movie or something?" Jackie nodded.

Over the next few weeks, Jackie and Jesse grew quite close, although there were no more physical interactions other than hand holding. Occasionally Jackie would try to initiate something, but Jesse would politely refuse.
Is he losing interest? Is he just too scared? Jackie wondered to herself. He was so wonderful. So kind and sensitive and warm. She couldn't bear the thought of having him lose interest in her.
"Jackie?" She sighed.
"Yes, Jesse?"
"I want you to know that I really like you." This is great, she thought. He ducks away from my kiss and he likes me! "I, um.I'm really scared." Jackie hadn't thought about that. What was there to be afraid of?
"Are you afraid of me?" He vehemently shook his head.
"No! I'm hurt." Jackie pulled the thin man onto her lap.
"You're been burned, huh?" He nodded. "I want you to know I would never ever do anything to hurt you." She kissed Jesse's neck and stroked his face as he started to form tears.
"I want you to feel safe when I'm around, not afraid." She let her left hand support his back so he could lie in spoon position. Warning bells sounded as Jesse felt himself ease into such a vulnerable position, but he liked it anyway.
"Jesse, I don't want to do." She cut him off.
"Its ok. I just want to hold you while you sleep." She meant it, too.
"That's so beautiful."
"No, you're beautiful." At this final comment, Jesse raised himself up and sobbed into her shoulder. Jackie kissed his forehead as he cried. The tenderness of the moment connected her soul to his. Jackie had never thought she'd meet a man who would have these kinds of feelings, and Jesse never thought he'd meet a girl who would accept them.
When he was done crying, he nuzzled his head against hers, then lay down. Jackie laid down next to him, wrapping his arms around him.

The next morning, Jesse was busy making breakfast. It was Monday, the day the gym was closed. Jackie could stay at Jesse's place as long as she wanted.
"What do you like? Eggs? Toast?" Ignoring his question, she rushed towards the kitchen. She paused for a moment to admire how he looked in an apron, and then hugged him tight.
"Jesse, I can't believe how amazing you are." He blushed. "This might sound sudden, but.I love you."
"I love you, too."

Jesse and Jackie stayed home the whole day. They talked, they laughed, they cried. After the day was out, Jesse leaned towards Jackie's ear and whispered.
"Really?" He nodded. "Ok." Jesse and Jackie walked towards the bedroom area, eyeing each other up and down along the way. Jesse was nervous, but ready. Jackie had been ready for a while, but was glad that now they were both on the same mindset.
Jackie moved Jesse close to the wall, re-creating their near kiss at the gym. She wasn't going to let it be only that this time. She leaned in and moved her tongue to his lips. She didn't want this to be too much for him.
Jesse opened his mouth to her more out of instinct than anything else. He was rewarded with her tongue entering his mouth, lovingly caressing the inside of his mouth.
"Mmmm." Jesse moaned from inside the kiss. He wrapped his arms around Jackie's head, pulling her closer. After a few more passionate seconds, she broke the kiss.
"Is this ok with you?" He nodded. His face was flushed, and his breaths were quick and shallow.
Jackie surrendered herself to instinct, desire and passion. There was no more making sure, no more preliminaries. There was just making love to the man she loved.
His shirt was the first to go. Before Jesse knew what Jackie was doing, his shirt was gone, and Jackie's hands were on his chest.
She kissed his neck as her fingers pinched his nipples. Jesse cried out as feeling washed through his whole body. Jackie felt her body tingle as well, simply from touching him in this way. She pushed her body up against his, and felt his erection pressing back.
" is so amazing." The idea of having sex with a virgin was hot enough by itself, but a virgin that was so delicate and precious? Almost too much for Jackie. Almost.
They rolled onto the bed, Jesse quickly ending up under her. They both reveled in her dominant position.
Jackie become so occupied with tearing off Jesse's tight fitting clothing that she forgot that she herself was fully clad. Jesse, in the nude, stared up at her as she removed her garments.
Her top revealed an extremely well toned chest and stomach. As her muscular arms she raised her shirt over her head, he could see that she had some armpit hair as well.
Shorts were the next to go, followed by her boxers. Jackie felt her arousal skyrocket when she saw Jesse's manhood grow for her naked form.
Jesse reached up and caressed her arm. "You're so strong." Jackie felt her body shiver with lust at the comment. Jesse moved his hand and gently squeezed her small, muscular breast. She lay back, enjoying his amateur touch. He didn't know what he was doing, but that didn't mean it didn't feel wonderful. He brought his mouth to her chest, kissing a line down to her bulging abs and down to her womanhood.
"Tell me what feels good," he said right before his tongue pushed against her pubic hair. No guy Jackie had ever been with ever had the humility to admit he didn't know everything about sex. And he had done this willingly
"A little bit more up." He moved his tongue and licked, like a cat would drink milk. "More up. That' 's good." Jackie arched her back, allowing the torturously slow pleasure to take control. After what seemed like hours, she pressed his head against her. She regretted the humiliating action, but she wanted him more. Needed him more.
It wasn't in vain; his mouth was now on top of her clitoris. After a few moments of innocent but hideously cruel hesitation, he suckled it. It didn't take long for her to climax, yelling and clenching her fist. When Jesse got up, her juices were on his face.
"God, I'm sorry, Jesse." He laughed.
"About what? Letting me have the best experience of my life?" He cuddled up close to her, licking his lips as she enjoyed her afterglow.
"You're really sweet," Jackie said as she slowly pushed herself into a sitting position.
"So are you." He grinned ear to ear from his silly pun. Jackie didn't care about jokes at this point, she had received something from Jesse and it was time to give it back. She moved her mouth toward Jesse's nipple, kissing and sucking on it as he moaned in pleasure. Without warning, her hand snaked down and squeezed his manhood hard. Jackie's reward was a girly squeal.
Jackie's mouth moved down, towards Jesse's genitals. Her lips closed over the tip of him as her fist slowly pumped him. He moaned and gasped, much to Jackie's enjoyment.
"Jackie, I'm gonna." She stopped for a moment, and then slowly dragged her tongue across the tip of his manhood over and over. He shook as the near unbearable pleasure jolted through him. Finally, he came, his vision turning white. Jackie wrapped her mouth around him, her tongue swirling around him.
Jesse was past words. He could only stare up at Jackie as she brought him up into her arms. Then, the wonderful warmness overcame him, and he fell asleep.

Jesse and Jackie were close as close could be the next day. They knew that they would one day have fights and disagreements. They knew that they weren't the norm for how men and women usually acted. But they knew that love conquered all. Nothing could ever permanently destroy their happiness as long as they believed in themselves.