The Fairy Wedding
Hear the tinkling sound of silver bells
Faiery music ringing softly in shady dells
Playing magic songs so happy, so gay
For it is the long awaited Fairy wedding day
Of the Fairy Mayanne & her true love shy Blue
For their love is so strong, warm and true
The fairy lover's hearts will soon beat as one
As they wed under the warm winter sun
The old gnome priest making them man & wife
Two gold rings binding their love forever, for life
Choir of song birds will then warble loudly
With their chests puffed out so proudly
Two green froggie bands croaking in tune
This is the wedding all planned for June
Silvery spider web gowns on the Fairy girls
Their gossamer wings glowing like pearls
Elves dressed in red breeches and gold shirts
With big round eyes flashing, real little flirts
Plump Fairy cooks and waiters rushing around
Loading tables with food, weighing them down
With meat pies, jam tarts and jellies so sweet
All kinds of wonderful goodies to drink and eat
With heady perfume from bright flowers so rare
The sweet scent flowing on the warm gentle air
Quick! look down the green path just to the right
Here comes the radiant bride a beautiful sight
Making all the fairy maids murmur heartfelt sighs
Proud Blue over there, has so much love in his eyes
Waiting to lovingly whisper his heartfelt "I do"
Then Mayanne with a glad tear, saying "I do" to!
Silver and gold bells ringing through the dell
This a most wonderful magical story to tell.
Written by
Graham Johnson