Still Wingless

I wake up again, throw my shirt on the floor
check in the mirror behind the closed doors
look at my back, half-hope that I'm right
and see once again, no wings to take flight

when will I wake to finally see
pearly white wings where I don't see any?
when will I wake and actually be
in the warm clouds with God Almighty?

but I suppose I'll just need to wait
'til things in my life turn out okay
the wounds in my heart may never mend
but as long as He's there, my gloom won't descend

I'll keep on this path and I'll be alright
things could get rough, but I'll try to hold tight
as long as He's with me, I won't need to fear
as long as He's with me, as long as He's near

maybe one day, I'll throw my shirt on the floor
and wake up to find my God at my door
He'll strap on my wings and when they're just right
He'll show me the way and let me take flight