A/N: OK so this may be a little odd and it might suck a

bit but I still hope that you're not too mean with the

reviews. This story is kinda a mix of my life, some of my

friends life's and with just a little fiction thrown in there.

Don't get mad if I don't update that often I am going to

Washington for a funeral and I have school so I might

not always be able to get on. Ok so anyways enjoy. (

Lost In the Darkness

I stared at my face in the mirror. I wouldn't call myself

stunning but I was at least and 8. I had hair that you couldn't

really label it wasn't brown, blonde, or red. It was sort of all of

them at the same time. It was cut at my shoulders in flattering

Layers. My eyes, again another thing about me you couldn't

Label their sort of a mix between blue and green. Some of my

friends call me a chameleon. My body was fit. I was 14. I

thought of myself chubby. I couldn't really get over the fact

that I had an adults body while all my friends were still stuck in

the little girl stage. Yes I suppose deep down I knew I wasn't

fat but depression killed those truths they didn't heal them.

The boys well they just loved my body. More reason for

depression. Why should I be sad about that you ask? While it

simply makes all the boys care about is my boobs, hips, and

butt. It sucked to say the least. There wasn't a single guy I

could trust. But right now those were the least of my worries.

They were fighting again I hated it when they fought. I don't even know what it was about this time. I just couldn't take it and with Aleera crying will they stood above her screaming names at each other I couldn't fight my anger. I screamed at them ~ "Just shut up shut the hell up! Stop it just stop. Can't you two think of anyone but your own fucking selves? How do you think your 4 year old daughter feels right now?" I wanted to ask about how did they think I felt too but I didn't, I already knew they didn't give a shit about me. Then he glared at me. Fear built up inside me. It wasn't the first time he had looked at me this way. And it wouldn't be the last, not as long as she was married to him. "Shut up." He took a step towards me. I stepped backwards. He raised his fist and backhanded me. I stumbled backwards. My mother screamed at him. "Mark you go away go outside and have a smoke." He glared at her and stomped outside. She looked at me with all honesty and said. "Why did you have to do that?" I couldn't stop the tears then they simply spilled down my cheeks like a rain in the summer burning hot on my cool skin. A painful fire. Softly I whispered "Fuck you." So low that Aleera couldn't hear me. Then I stood and pulled Aleera into my arms and ran to my room slamming the door and locking it. ~

"Alex?" I turned to Aleera. "Ya?" "You ok?" I nodded softly and held my arms out to her. She slipped into my arms hugging me softly. I sliped to the floor and pulled her into my lap. "I love you leera. Never forget that." I kissed they top of her head. And started gently twirling one of her pale golden curls in my fingers. She curled in my lap pressing against my stomach. I watched as her soft blue jeweled her closed. And felt my heart break when I noticed the dried tears on her checks. I hugged her tightly. My baby, my poor baby. I loved her so much. My mother may have given birth to her but it was I who her true mother. Her mother of the heart.