Stolen Innocence By Cat Foster


Lord Devlon, or the devil as you may call him, fed off of

innocence, not in

the way that comes to mind when you here the word "devil"

but in a

completely different way. The demon would have to touch the

being and suck

the innocence out of it, often leaving the creature and empty

shadow of what

it once was. Most demons could feed off of a baby animal, like

a rabbit or a

kitten once every week, but The "Devil" only had to feed every

ten years, but

he craved something stronger then a baby animal, something

more innocent and


He craved the innocence of an angel. Yes, an Angel, and no, not

the kind

imagined by Christian fools, but the true kind. Yes there was a

"God" but there

were also the gods and goddesses of ancient myths. When god came he created the


to be his sacred priestesses. He believed that they should be

pure and

innocent, for he believed that would make him better then the


gods who simply used worthless humans as he saw it. I

suppose that it's

kind of ironic that he was the god who hated humans the most

the one with

the least sympathy and mercy, and he just happened to be the

one most

worshiped and well known.

Now what does that tell you about us pitiful humans?

But back to the angels, when it was time for a new angel, God

would give an

angel to a demon and once she had borne the babe he would

take the babe and

send the mother down to earth as a "fallen" angel. For, she

had done an act of

great "evil" and now could be corrupted by evil, just as when

Lord Devlon needed to feed, god would choose and angel for him to feed off of.

The angel was too strong to be turned into a shadow, but they

lost their

angelic powers and were sent down to earth another fallen

angel to grace

humankind's presence. It was a cruel and ugly vicious cycle,

one that kept


round and round, one that would probably never end. So, as

you can easily


being an angel isn't all that it's cut out to be.