Murder in the bookstore

A short story by

It all started one sunday afternoon in a bookstore jim was checking out some books about pets when someone went in we did not know who this was but we did know that this person was strange we could see the person was a man but we could know why he dressed as he did he wore a black coat down to his knees he had on black shades and did not remove them he looked at all of us like we where not ment to be alive this mans face was covered in a black paint and he seemed angery so jim talked to the girl next to him and he was about to ask her on date when the black coated fiend removed a large weapon from his coat everyone tried to run and only a few got out jim ran for the mans weapon but he could not get the weapon from the mans cold hands the man seemed dead no color on his hands we all wonder if this man is undead it may seem not possable but it may be we cannot tell what weapon he has but we know it's dark and like nothing anyone has seen then he fires it shoots out green bullets im thinking the bullets are poisoned! but no one thinks that as he fired into the air the celling falls into his head the peices of drywall fill the air and then i run for the weapon now it's knocked to the ground i grab the weapon after he fired later at night six where dead and 12 scared the weapon was not a gun it was a poisoned harpoon painted black and bullets where not fired it was many harpoon daggers fired that day and so ends the terror this day the end.