Glittering purity

Releasing putrid scent of youth

White strawberry blossom

Floating nighttime

It's escort

Through the acid rain

Of lovers' promises.

Fallen statues of cupid

Who's unsteady hand

Doth shoot amiss




In the snow

Where your footsteps have followed


As if in your heart.

The petal's boat

Beckons, beaming black

As daylight, long fled

Ceases to exist


Your footsteps mirror


Up and down

Uneven, unsure, unaware

But still treading

Light, but harsh

Through more than memory

Petty transient emotion

Here with me

Beyond myself

Even eternity.

They place the first marks

Marks of evil

Against once chaste Acheron's shore.

The valley it flows through

Pristine and quiet

Feels no filth from your pollution

No noise echoes

From your unworthy feet

Through the valley above

The upside-down mountain

Known as the bottom of my heart.

Eternal empress grant

Not again but for once

Your favor.

You too stray

From known truth

And rescue me

The petal

From the icy depths

Of Hell's tributary

Before it reaches worse

And the Sirens' song

Has done its duty.