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"Aw, I'm sure it won't be THAT bad staying back, Joe." A girl with bleach blonde hair next to him said. She was wearing expensive perfectly white skimpy shorts, and an Abercrombie shirt. She looked the perfect description of "prep".

"Yeah, but none the less, HAVE FUN STAYING BACK!" A boy beside him let out a burst of mean laughter.

"Oh yes, ha ha ha, John." Joseph looked at his friends with amusement, but inside he was SO not happy. They were going on a trip with the school, and he didn't have enough money to go. Of course, he didn't tell THEM this. It took him long enough to get away from being picked on and teased and into the IN crowd. He told them he had an affair to deal with, a big family thing. He didn't.

"Yeah, the only people staying behind are those freaks." John's right-hand-man, Matt sneered, jabbing a finger in the general direction of a group of teens. Dyed hair. Spikes. Dog collars. Fishnet. The "goths".

"Oh yes, joy joy. I'll stick to myself, guys. Thanks for the concern." Joey grimaced. He was afraid of them. He was afraid of everyone. Not that he let on. He used to be friends with a couple of "gothic" people. He used to wear that sort of stuff. That was before he moved. To a smaller school, with more stereotypes, more problems. Smaller schools are better, his mother said, you'll get a better education.

Oh yeah, he got the education. He got to learn how to run and duck and dodge the mean bigger kids. He wasn't a wimp. Not by a long shot. But he was smaller than a lot of the jocks and stuff here. He was lithe, lean. He used to be a swimmer, soccer player, track star at his old school. Here? Football and basketball dominated. He couldn't play those sorts of sports, he wasn't built for it.

He missed his friends from the old school, and he never really made friends with anyone at this one, until he met John, who took pity on him, and they ended up hanging out together. Joe had ditched his usual clothes for some preppy stuff his mother bought him in hopes of making him happier. He supposed it had worked. He was happier, but he preferred his old school. This school was like the schools in movies, where everyone was the rperfect stereotype. Blondes were dumb, Jocks were jerks, etc. He missed his friends, and how close they had been.

"Yeah, like before. Eh, it's only for 11 days. That's not much. " Murmured a quite girl with brown hair beside the bleach blonde.

"I know. I'm not worried. I'll live." He muttered, but John and Matt made faces at him and continued the jokes. He had no idea how he could stand them. He wished he'd made friends with other people, but this was how it was. If these people were the IN crowd, they were the only thing standing between him and being an outcast again. He'd take them any day.

"Well, we leave tonight. Have fun with the freaks and fags." Matt said, and guffawed.

Stereotypical jock.

And so it began.


Joe went to the school at 7pm that night, riding with the quiet brown haired girl from the IN crowd, and her sister.

"Look, Joe. Don't worry about the others, they were just teasing. And...I KNOW some of the people staying behind. They're nice. If anyone gives you any trouble. Find Jacyn, k? He's got red hair, literally red. He'll be hard to miss." She murmured softly.

"Thanks, Lyssa. How do you know him, anyhow?" Joe asked, head resting against the window. He was riding with Alyssa so that he could see her off. And he'd promised that he would make sure her dogs were fed. Alyssa lived with her older sister, who worked a lot, and didn't have time to feed the animals.

Him and Alyssa were better friends than the other people. She was quiet, true, but she was intelligent. And she knew how to communicate without sending bursts of rude, crude, or prejudiced remarks every which way.

And she knew what it was like.

She knew what it was like to be picked on, teased, and outcasted. She'd been there, as well. At a different school, a different time. But she was there. And he knew it, and it made him feel a bit better. Because he knew she felt the same way as he did, sometimes.

" He's a friend, you could say. We go way back. He'll help you. He knows who you are. And by the way, please don't mention this to any of the others, k?" She asked, looked at him with pleading eyes.

He was a sucker for that puppy-dog look.

"I won't tell. Thanks, Lyssa."


The next day was a Tuesday, and Joe's friends wouldn't be back until the Friday after next.

He looked at the schedule that had been given to him, and all the other people who had to stay back. It told him to go to the art room for his first period class. He shouldered his black backpack, and ran to the appointed room. He was almost late.

He ran in and sat at a seat just as the bell rang. He sighed with relief, and plopped the bag next to him. He looked around at the people in the class and winced, slinking lower in his seat.

He was seated next to a girl with pinkish hair and a lot of jewelry, she glanced over at him, then away.

Not all the kids were the "goth" kids, but some were, and all the others he didn't know. Except two big guys in the corner. He slouched lower at the sight of them. The two dimwits who had made his life a living hell when he'd first moved here.

Hearing clicking sounds, he looked up and saw the teacher enter the room. She smiled a bit, and looked around.

"Alright, now. I'm going to hand out some things that you will be working on this week. Now, most of you are here on your own accord...and SOME of you have gotten into to much trouble to go anywhere-" At this Joe heard a stifled burst of laughter from a few people in the back of the classroom.

He looked back and saw two boys and a girl sitting in the back. One was a boy with dark brown hair curling around his ears, he was wearing a blue t-shirt and a pair of blue jeans, the girl was grinning at the boy, who looked mildly ashamed of himself. Her black hair was pulled back in a ponytail, and between the two people was a boy with crimson hair, about a dozen ear piercings, a lip piercing, and an eyebrow stud. A thin chain was connecting the lip ring to his ear, and he was smirking at the boy, who was obviously one of the ones who had gotten into to much trouble to go.

'That must be Jacyn. He's sort of intimidating...' But of course, Joe thought EVERYONE was intimidating.

While watching the trio, he'd slipped into a sort of daze, which he tended to do quite a lot while he was thinking. During that lapse, Jacyn had turned his eyes to Joe, inspecting him closely. He took in Joe's clothes, but mostly he watched his face. The effeminate face that had been slammed into one to many lockers. Joe's dark grey eyes were constantly flitting over his shoulder, looking for anybody that might give him trouble.

A jagged white scar ran delicately from just below his cheekbone, close to his ear, up to just at his temple, by the corner of his left eye. Mostly he kept his shaggy, dirty blonde bangs over the scar. Today was no exception, but somewhere in the jog to class, he'd tucked his bangs behind his ears, showing the scar.

Joe snapped out of his daze, to find himself staring at Jacyn, who smirked wickedly at him, and waggled his tongue.

Narrowing his eyes, he tried to scowl at the other boy, but was about to laugh, and turned away to pay attention to the teacher, who was explaining what they were to do for the next two weeks.


The next class was gym class. Seeing as there were only twelve people in his particular class, they did practically nothing.

The ninth grade kids who stayed behind were split into three different classes. Altogether about forty people stayed back. His class had twelve people, and the other two classes both had fourteen.

He sat on the stage in the gym, watching the other people. Five people, including the trio from class, along with two others, were just standing, goofing off, and talking, a little ways down the stage. The rest were three guys and three girls who had set up a volley ball game in the center of the court. The teacher was sitting in his office doing who knows what.

Stretching, Joseph sat back, pulling his legs underneath him and sitting cross-legged, watching Jacyn and his friends.

Jacyn stretched, then backed up a few steps, leaping onto the back of a tall black haired boy.

"Jace, your fat..." The boy muttered, staggering around in an exaggerated manner.

Jacyn whined, "I am NOT...Justin, you're a big fat meanie with a tiny weanie..." Jacyn had a little more than a touch of British accent.

The girl with a black ponytail laughed, tugging on a lock of the tall boy's hair, "He's got you there!"

Justin sniffled, then twirled around in circles quickly, stopping suddenly, and swaggering all over the place. Jacyn made some form of a mewing sound and let go, falling backwards, legs still locked around the tall boy's waist.

The other girl, the one who Joe had sat next to in art, sat on Jacyn's chest, poking at him sharply.

"Ooooowwww...Get off me...I'm still dizzzzy...Maaandy..." Jacyn whined, making wheezing noises.

"Aw...You know I love ya..." She said, before tugging at a necklace around Jacyn's slender neck, "Now gimme this necklace."

"Get it yourself, you hag." Jacyn said, glancing up at the boy with brown hair," Um...Get your girlfriend offa me, you worthless git!"

"Well...if THAT's what you think of me. You weren't saying that last night..." He muttered, looking mildly offended, and turning away.

Jacyn tried to bite the girl's fingers when she pulled the necklace away from his neck.

"Hey! Keep your teeth to yourself. Hey Crystal, smack him for me." The girl called Mandy said, standing up and putting the necklace on.

"Um...ok." Crystal helped Jacyn to his feet, then slapped him on the ass, laughing and running away, before jumping on the brown haired boy's back, like Jacyn had done to Justin before.

"Um...What am I? A horse?" The boy with brown hair muttered, pushing her off.

"Ha! More like a whore! Man-whore! Haha! Mason's a man-whore, for sure." Justin said, laughing.

"Hey, I ain't the meanie with a tiny weanie." The boy muttered.

"You KNOW I don't have a tiny weanie..." Justin said, winking at the brown haired boy.

Jacyn stood up, and shrieked "Man-whore!" before running and hiding behind Crystal. Crystal stepped away from him.

"Oh no, I ain't hiding your sorry butt..." She said, grinning.

"Speaking of my sorry butt...Man, was it sorry the other night. You know that guy from Alyssa's old school...?" Jacyn said, grinning.

"Oh geez. I don't EVEN want to hear about it. " Mandy said, jumping onto her boyfriend's back, and tugging at one of his earrings.

"PLEASE not another sex tale from Jace..." Justin said, acting scared.

"Ha ha ha. I outta kick your ass for that." Jacyn said, running at Justin and pouncing on him, making them both fall down.

"You big oaf..." Justin said.

Jacyn laid on top of Justin, and closed his eyes.

"If you go to sleep on me. I WILL kill you." Justin said, still lying on the floor.

"You lie. You love me to much to kill me." Jacyn said, opening his eyes, sitting up, and bouncing on Justin's stomach.

"I will hurl on you, then...NOW GET OFF" Justin said, tossing him off, and standing up.

Jacyn sat on the floor, giving them all the puppy-dog look. Sighing, Crystal helped him up, then almost fell as Mandy jumped on HER back.

Joseph watched all this, laughing silently. They were actually very entertaining, and whether he talked to them or not, he could tell it would be an amusing couple of weeks.

Jacyn looked over at him, grinning, and winked.

Definitely amusing.


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