. Chapter two.

Warnings: Nothing, as of yet. I do write scenes that are worthy of warning, just don't have enough nerve to post them. x.x


The next day, Joe's group was scheduled to go to the zoo. Joe figured it was because the higher year teachers didn't want the freshman to hang around the school all the time. Because that's about all they did all day.

"Alright, act like kids for a day...We don't care what you do, or where you go. As long as it's INSIDE the zoo, and it's not illegal... And what not. Now scram." The teachers said, once everyone had gotten off the bus, and safely into the zoo.

Joe glanced around, watching as everyone paired off, or left in groups to one exhibit or another. He went into the gift shop and bought some candy first, then shouldered his back pack, heading to an exhibit with a large leopard in it, a sucker stick protruding from his mouth.

He sat on a bench, leaning against the fake stone wall behind him, pulling out his sketch book from his bag, and a pencil, before settling into the old routine of drawing, in his own little world.

He snapped a few photos, to compare to his drawing when he got home, and repeated the process at a few more enclosures.

A sign caught his eyes, as he was walking around aimlessly. It the was wolves habitat, and he headed straight there. He'd always had a liking for wolves, and the like. He sat on another bench, and began drawing.

He was at this for a few minutes, before feeling the hair on the beck of his neck stand up. He jumped away from the bench like it was on fire, hitting the stone wall, and glaring at the person who was calmly watching him.

"Whoa...I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to startle you..." Jaclyn's green eyes held concern in them.

Joe willed his breathing to slow, before managing something like a scowl at the boy. His grey eyes were to wide, and his posture to tense to pull it off, though.

"I really DIDN'T mean to scare you. Are you alright...?" Jacyn took a step towards him, but stopped.

"M'fine...didn't see you there..." Joe stuck his sketch pad back in his bag, and turned around to take a few pictures of the wolves, ignoring Jacyn for the time being, figuring he may go away.

"Hey. I'm not leaving, yet." Jacyn said, smirking at Joe once he'd turned around.

"By god, you're not, are you? Like a virus. " He smiled slightly, "Did you need something?"

"Well...since you asked so nicely...there's a few bushes over there that might serve as cover while you-"

"Wait. I get it. Wrong question to ask. If you want THAT, go ask the wolves, they might give you a good roll."

"Hm...shagging a wolf. Intriguing. Maybe another time. I wanted to see what you were drawing."

"Oh...Just whatever."

"I saw. You're good. "

"Oh...um...thank you." Joe, mildly flustered, scanned the area, so he wouldn't have to look at Jacyn.

"Do you want to hang around with us? I notice you're all alone...?"

"I'd...like to sketch some more. Actually." Joe couldn't go with him...He was nervous enough just standing here talking to him, let alone with him AND his friends.

"Aw, come on. You can take pictures, plus...if you come. I'll bring you back here sometime, and you can sketch whatever you want."

Joe smiled shyly, "That's probably won't happen, but I'll come with you..." It wouldn't do to be a loner forever. The world was a social place. At least, that's what he told himself.

"Very good. And don't mind my friends. They don't bite to hard." Jacyn grabbed his hand, dragging him over to where his friends were standing, and goofing around.

They mildly stopped goofing as Jacyn dragged Joe over.

"This is Joseph. Joseph, my...um...MY FOLLOWERS!" Jacyn said, grinning at the people, who didn't look to amused.

"Not his followers. We pretend we don't know him most of the time." Crystal muttered, smirking.

"Heh..." Joe smiled slightly. He felt so nervous around people. Especially these people. He couldn't say that Jacyn wasn't attractive...

"Hey. Don't be so tense. All's good." Jacyn whispered to him softly, giving his hand, which was still in Jacyn's from being dragged over, a small squeeze, and releasing him.

"Anyways. Nice to meet you, Joseph. That's Mandy, Justin, Mason, and I'm Crystal. I think you're in my art class..." Crystal said, giving him a smile.

"Yeah! You're the kid that the richies took in!" Justin said.

Joe scowled, but didn't reply.

"Hey, watch your mouth, you weenie-less wonder!" Jacyn said, making a face at Justin.

Justin laughed, "Do NOT make me prove that I have one...again."

"Oh! Please do, Mr. Man." Jacyn turned around, wiggling his butt at Justin. Justin growled, and pounced on him.

"Oi! Get off of me! I don't want any from you! You have girl cooties!" Jacyn squealed and wriggled away, running to Joe and hiding behind him.

"Girl cooties...?" Joe raised his eyebrow at Jacyn, stepping away from him with a grin.

"Yes. Icky nasty girly cooties!" Jacyn said, pouting.

"Hey... I don't have cooties." Crystal said, picking up a pebble from the ground, and throwing it at Jacyn.

"Me neither," Mandy said, picking up a large rock and acting like she was going to throw it at Jacyn.

"Eee!" Jacyn ducked behind Joe again, who laughed.

"Hey...I'M not getting between you and two angry females..."Joe said, inching away.

"Smart man!" Came from Crystal.

Mandy grinned broadly, " At least there's ONE smart one around here."

This brought a chorus of "hey"'s from all the boys.

Jacyn smiled at the girls, "Come on, ladies. Let's go looky at some animals."

"I thought we already were," Mandy looked pointedly at Jacyn, then grinned broadly, "Just watch him, Joe. He gets into mischief easily."

"I do not." Jacyn pouted.

Joe smiled at Mandy, still looking extremely uncertain about being there.

Jacyn glanced over at him, giving him a warm smile that made him melt. It made Jacyn look so sexy, he didn't look like the teen that goofed off with his friends a few minutes ago.

"Come on, we're lagging." Jacyn said, jogging to catch up with his friends, and Joe followed, as they went from one enclosure to another.

"...That monkey REALLY resembles Justin." Crystal said, pointing at a gorilla that was scratching it's balls.

Jacyn laughed, while Justin attempted to glare a hole in Crystal.

"Let's go to the petting zoo!" Jacyn said, seeing the sign and running to it.

"We have no choice but to follow..." Mason said, with a small smile, and following Jacyn.

The looked around, laughing when a cow mooed at Jacyn after he'd poked it, effectively making him jump into the air.

"...I'm eating an extra large cheeseburger when we leave here for that, you cow!" Jacyn said to the cow, stalking away.

Joe laughed, following Jacyn to an enclosure that held bunnies. Since it was a school day, in the middle of the afternoon, there weren't many people at the zoo, and no kids were in the petting zoo.

"Thank god no little kids are here. We have fornicating bunnies!" Jacyn exclaimed, pointing to a pair of bunnies happily shagging away in a corner.

"...That's pleasant," Joe muttered, but laughing, as well.

"Yeah, looks like fun...I'm sure we can still find some bushes around here..." Jacyn said, wiggling his eyebrows at Joe. Joe poked him in the stomach.

"Oof... Fine, be that way." Jacyn said, leaning over and planting a kiss on his cheek.

"Jacyn, leave him alone." Justin said, kicking Jacyn's booted foot.

"Nu! Hug me." Jacyn said, holding his arms out to Justin, who rolled his eyes and hugged him.

Mandy strolled up beside Joe, who was watching Jacyn, a smile on his lips.

"He's cute, ain't he?" Mandy said, startling Joe.

"Ah...I don't like men..." He muttered, looking at his feet.

"Then stop staring at his ass." Mandy said, laughing.

Joe blushed, " I wasn't..." He pulled a sucker out of his pocket, unwrapping it and popping it into his mouth, looking crossly at Mandy.

Mandy grinned, " He's single, you know."

"Stop that." Joe threw the empty sucker wrapper at her.

She faked a gasp, " Don't litter! Pick that up."


"No, you."

"You. It's your fault it's there."

"Joseph! I am so offended."

"Pick it up anyways." He laughed.

She flipped him off, smirking, and picked the wrapper up, tossing it into the trash.

Joe laughed, " We should probably go get them now..." Joe pointed at Jacyn, who was trying to ride the cow.

Mandy rolled her eyes, "Maybe we should just let him do it, if he gets bruised, it's his fault?"

"Nah, we might get in trouble for that." Joe grinned, leading the way to Jacyn, who had actually managed to get up on the cow, and was clinging to it's neck.

"That cow is going to go Cujo on your ass." Mason murmured, watching from a safe distance away.

"At least it's not the cow he threatened earlier." Justin said.

"Uh... Jacyn, will you get off that poor cow already?" Joe asked.

"Hey... I heard someone say that before.." Jacyn pretended to ponder it for a moment, then laughed, sliding off the cow.

"You're going to break your neck one of these days." Mandy said.

"I know." Jacyn said, looking properly ashamed, then seeing a peacock walk by, he let out a gleeful shout and began chasing it.

Crystal watched him run, " It's not a good idea to let him out of our sight." She said, running after him, the others following.

They eventually caught him, and Joe felt at ease with them by that time. The rest of the day went mostly like that, until it was time to leave, which by that time they were all exhausted.

As they all piled onto the bus, Joe sat down and Jacyn sat beside him, Mandy and Crystal sat in the seat across from them, and Justin and Mason sat in front of them.

" Hey, you know they're getting tickets to The Lion King, the Broadway musical. It's going to be exactly like it, except not on Broadway, obviously." Crystal said, once they were all seated.

"Where at?" Joe asked, leaning against the window, another sucker in his mouth.

"Some big theater downtown. It's going to cost sixty-dollars, but we're going out to eat before it. We won't get back until, like, one in the morning. The play lasts about three hours, and it takes and hour and a half, or more, to get there." Crystal replied.

"Hm. Who's all going?" Mandy asked everyone.

"Count me in." Mason and Justin agreed.

"I'm going." Mandy said, and Crystal nodded.

"Pay for me, and I'll go." Jacyn said, looking mildly glum.

"We can do it, if we all throw in an extra ten or fifteen bucks." Joe said, looking at Jacyn.

"You gonna go, Joe?" Mandy asked.


"Good, Jacyn knows we'll pay for him, but at least if you pitch in, we don't have to waist to much on his sorry-butt." This came from Mason, who was grinning.

Jacyn threw a pencil at him, pouting.

Joe grinned, "Works for me."


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