When Tristan turned seven he decided that he had nothing to say to his family anymore. His family couldn't figure out where this turn of Tristan's demeanor came from. Before the summer of Tristan's 7th birthday he'd been hyper and talkative. He was always a slightly shy child, but he was always ready and willing to talk to his family, or friends from his elementary school.

About a month after Tris's birthday, he just stopped talking. His mom asked him if he wanted to go to the playground, one of Tristan's favorite places to go in the world, and all Tristan did was shake his head, and continue flipping through the picture book in front of him. His mom had shrugged and decided maybe he just wasn't feeling well, because this question would usually trigger a frantic search for shoes, socks, and any other item he need to have to go.

Later that day, his father had gotten home and had been reading the paper, when he realized that he hadn't seen Tristan since that morning. But he's had such a busy day at his work, that he really hadn't given a spare thought to it, even though Tristan usually would meet him at the door to welcome him home. So, Tris's father got up and went into Tris's room. He was there, as usual, flipping through a Dr. Seuss book. He loved those things, he had many of them, and usually one or another was ever-present, even though he was getting older, and other kids his age were beginning to read more advanced books.

"Hey, are you feeling alright? I haven't seen you since this morning." He sat down on Tris's bed, beside him, and ruffled his hair.

Tris looked up and grinned at his dad, and nodded.

"How was your day? I heard you didn't want to go to the park?"

Tris shrugged and smiled, looking back at his book.

His father frowned, "Aren't you going to talk to me?"

Tristan looked up, bright blue eyes, from his father's side, looking slightly perplexed, and he shook his head.

"Well. why not?"

He merely shrugged.

His father mimicked him, and tickled him, sending Tris into a fit of soft giggles. His dad smiled and left the room," Dinner will be ready in ten, go wash up."

The next day, Tris said not a word, either. His mom and dad figured it was probably just a phase he was going through, like the temper-tantrum phase he had gone through when he was four.

But the days he went without talking multiplied, and tripled, and his parents became increasingly confused. They took him to his pediatrician. But he said nothing was wrong with him physically, and also suggested it may just be a phase.

So after another few weeks with a completely silent son, they took him to a specialist, who could diagnose him no better than they, or the doctor, could.

They figured he would grow out of it, and left him alone about it. He was still the same happy-go-lucky kid, so why ruin that?


Tristan's eighth birthday rolled around, and he had been pulled out of school by that time. He was extremely bright, but since he wouldn't participate the teacher thought it best he be home schooled, and so he was. Nobody understood just why he was doing this.

At his eighth birthday party there was family and one friend he had kept from school.

His friend's name was Warren, and he was a loyal friend to Tristan. Tristan's parents were increasingly glad of Warren, since he was mostly the only socialization with kids his age that Tris got.

For a birthday present from Warren, was a young colt. A gorgeous black and white paint with blue eyes. He was only three years old, and ridable already, . Warren had, of course, approved this with Tristan's parents before buying such a gift.

Tristan's family weren't wealthy, but they were well enough, and they had many acres of land, that was fenced in, and once used for cattle, which were long gone by this point in time.

Once Tristan got a look at the beautiful creature, he jumped up and down and hugged Warren fiercely. Warren just smiled. Where Tristan's emotions were always apparent, and always strong, even at such a young age, Warren was always calm, and almost always masking his emotions. His parents were extremely wealthy , and disapproved of a lot of things, so Warren was always careful.

Tristan leaned close, as if hugging him still," Thanks, Warr, I owe you." Tristan whispered softly in the boy's ear.

Warren just grinned, not acknowledging that Tristan had talked to him.

Tristan's parents didn't ask where Warren had gotten the money for such a pricey creature, it would have been rude. Warren's family had a habit of buying close friends, or Warren's close friends, expensive presents, but they would take offense if asked why they did so.

"Hey, Tris, Wanna go riding at my house today? " Warren asked a little while after the birthday party was over.

Tristan had nodded, and saddled his new horse with tack from their barn, the tack had been left by his grandfather on the off-chance that they would decide to get some horses.

After Tristan had climbed on, Warren climbed on behind him and they had ridden to Warren's house down the road, it was an unused road, and it didn't take long to get there. Once there, Warren got his horse out. A gorgeous straw-berry colored mare with a white mane and tail. The mare's name was Tea ((Tea, like the drink.))

"So Tristan, what're you going to name him?" Warren asked as they were riding through some well used trails in the woods by Warren's home.

"Well...Since yours is named Tea, I think I'll name him Coffee." He grinned.

"S' a good name, I think." Warren nodded. They often had little conversations like this, when they were by themselves. He was the only person Tristan would talk to, even though nobody knew it.

And so, the days went on, like this.




...Click..."Hello? Hamilton residence, Jessica speaking." Tristan's mother picked up the phone.

"Mrs. Hamilton! Tea's about to have her baby, tell Tris to hurry!" Warren's voice came over the line, then disappeared...click.

"TRISTAN!" Jessica yelled up the stairs. "Tea's in labor! Saddle Coffee and hurry on over!"

Tristan jumped out of his desk chair like he had the devil on his heels, and tore out of the house at top speed, grabbing his riding boots, and pulling them on as he darted out the door, and to the stables.

At the age of thirteen, he was short. Petite really. His hair had been dyed a deep black, with blood red tips. He wore it long in the front and spiked in the back. He wore a pair of black jean type pants with chains and zippers everywhere, his shirt was black fishnet, and his boots black leather. He saddled Coffee, and galloped down the road to Warren's, murmuring to Coffee along the way.

"Your gonna be a daddy today, Coffee. I'll bet it'll be a pair of beautiful boys. You watch and see."

Tristan jumped off of Coffee as soon as they made it to the barn, even though Coffee had only slowed to a trot. He tied him to a hitching post and ran inside, where Warren, the vet, and a ranch-hand, who's name was Rich, were.

Tristan stood beside Warren and looked into the stall filled with sweet smelling hay. There lay Tea, breathing heavily, her side streaked with sweat, and he thought he could see the baby's nose from under her tail.

"Are there any complications or anything?" Tris asked, as he watched transfixed.

"We're not sure, yet. The first baby is fine, it's going as planned. But the doc isn't sure if the twin is breathing..." Warren was shifting from foot to foot nervously.

Tristan discreetly put an arm around him. Warren and Tris had gotten very close over the years. They were like brothers, but nothing more, and Tristan had figured out that Warren was very sensitive about the things he loved, and sometimes he just needed to be comforted. But usually people looked at them funny if he put his arm around Warren or anything, so they learned to keep it down.

A loud whinny filled the air and they watched as Tea gave a mighty push, the head appeared, and the tips of it's hooves.

"Alright, here's where it gets harder. Boys, you can come in here by her head and pet her if you want. It might help a little bit. She has to push it's shoulders out now, then everything will be much easier." The vet said.

Tristan nodded, and him and Warren moved into the stall to sit next to each other beside Tea's head. Tristan held her head, and Warren stroked her neck, muttering softly to her.

She whinnied again and breathed a hard breath, her whole body tensed as the shoulders came out, as well as the rest of the baby.

"it's a pretty little filly." The vet declared.

The ranch-hand knelt beside her and cleaned her up with some towels, while Tea continued in her labor.

-=-=-=-Small time change, the second foal is being born-=-=-=-

"Is it breathing..?" Warren asked fearfully, Tristan could feel him trembling slightly against his side.

"Hm...Yes. It's a lot smaller than the first one." Rich murmured as Tea washed her babies with her huge pink tongue.

"Yeah, it's like half her size. A boy AND a girl, how perfect" Tristan said softly, keeping his voice down so as not to bother Tea, or her babies, and whispering in Warren's ear while the vet and Rich were busy, so they couldn't hear him. Even though he occasionally talked to Rich. Him and Rich had a promise that Rich would tell nobody he talked to him.

"What'll we name them, Tris?" Warren asked, softly petting the filly's cream colored flank, her mane and tail were a soft grey.

"Let's name that one, the filly, Cream. Because you put creamer in coffee, it's fitting." Tris grinned.

Warren grinned back, and nodded," We'll name the filly Cream and the colt OJ, because he's the color of Orange Juice." He motioned to the orangish-yellow horse.

Tristan nodded, and murmured to Warren, "I can't wait to see them grow up, it will be so cool..."

Warren agreed and they went to the house to get some food, and come out to watch their new horses.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Time change, two years~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

" Tristan, honey, open the door. You know it's for the best." A gentle knock resounded of the hard wood of Tristan's bedroom.

Tristan let out a soft hiss at the door, and refused to cry.

"It's not THAT far away. You'll be able to come visit the horses and Warren over Spring Break ,and summer, and any other holidays. I promise." His mother said bribingly through the door.

Tristan shook his head slightly. He looked much the same as he had at thirteen. He'd not gained much height, and was still rather petite. But he had filled out slightly, trading his younger awkwardness for a certain gracefulness not yet matched by anyone in their town.

His mother wanted him to move. Away from Warren. Away from OJ, Cream, Coffee, and Tea? How could she expect him to do such a thing. Cream and OJ weren't even broken, yet. He wanted to be there to help when they first began to be ridable. He wanted to be with Warren, his best friend. His only friend. How could she want him to move away? Then say it was "for the best?" His ass! He wasn't going anywhere.

He glanced at the double bolted door, he liked his privacy, then at his window. Two stories? That wasn't nothing compared to last summer when him and Warren had decided to jump out of the hayloft and land on their horses. He'd barely suffered bruises from that ((And a broken arm, but it hadn't hurt much))

Sighing, he walked quietly to the window. He rolled up the legs to his pants, because they were extremely baggy black silky material, and way to easy to trip over, revealing ever present leather riding boots. He grabbed a light jacket and threw it over his skin-tight black tank top shirt. He opened his window and crawled onto the roof, then closed it. Walking to the edge of the roof, he looked down and grinned. Then jumped, landing lightly on his feet and hands in a crouching position.

"Easy as a hot knife through butter." he murmured, walked to the barn and saddling Coffee. After that was done, he galloped at full speed to Warren's house, all the while pondering his fate.



"Hold on. I'm coming! This better be a damn good excuse for banging on my door like-" Warren opened the door, and there stood Tristan, looking windblown with tear tracks down his cheeks.

"Shit. Tris, what's wrong?" Warren pulled Tristan inside and Tristan all but collapsed into Warren's arms, sobbing quietly. Warren just patted his back softly, whispering that everything would be all right.

"She wants to move me away...away from you..away from the horses...I won't stand for it. I can't. I won't!" Tristan's watery eyes looked into Warren's confused, but warm brown ones.

"Move away? Your mom? W-why?" Warren murmured, petting Tristan's hair softly.

"She thinks your a bad influence. She thinks this place is a bad influence. With to many memories..." He sniffled softly, looking at his feet.

"Me? Here? But you've lived here forever...and I've not done anything wrong..." Warren looked extremely confused now, and more than a little hurt.

"She found those magazines...and that website...and the magazines are registered in your name...I should have known better...I shoulda..." He whimpered softly, and Warren gently picked him up, and carried him to his room, laying him on the bed and sitting with him.

"Damn..I'm so sorry Tris...I'm so sorry. It's not your fault. It's mine. The magazines were mine." Warren said, nuzzling Tristan's neck gently, as Tristan tried not to cry again.

"I know..but I accidentally left one on my floor...by my bed...and she found it...She said that this town was bad for me, that it made me not talk. She said that your turning me into an abomination...She said I could visit you when we move...but she only said it because she knew I'd never leave you..." Tristan sighed, and buried his face in Warren's shirt, remembering how angry his mother was when she found the gay porn magazine beside his bed. It wouldn't have been so bad had it been a Playboy...but it wasn't.

"It's alright...Don't worry about it. I won't let her take you away. I won't. " Warren murmured into Tris's hair.

The boys weren't necessarily boyfriends, but they needed one another, badly. Warren's parents were never around anymore, and they were verbally abusive when they were. Tristan's mom tried to help out, but she didn't know what was good for Tristan, and his father had become abusive in the last year. He'd been fired from his job and taken up alcohol as a past time. Each other was all the boys had anymore, and they weren't willing to give that up.


"Tris...?" Warren muttered a few hours later, the boys had fallen asleep together, and Warren had just woke up.

"Yeah, War. I'm awake." He muttered back, face still pressed tight to Warren's smooth, clothed belly.

"Where does she want to move you?" Warren asked, looking at the ceiling, and massaging some of the knots out of Tristan's shoulders.

"Dunno...About four hours away from here, though. I couldn't take Tea with me, either. It's a city place...It's a smaller city...but it's a city...no farms." Tristan hated the idea.

"I'm sorry, hun..." Warren sighed.

"I know...So'm I." Tristan replied, knowing he would have to leave soon.


Tristan glared distantly out of the window in the front seat of his mom's car. Hating her, hating the city. Hating himself for being to weak to stop her.

"Look, sweetie. It won't be so bad. You can make new friends. I'm sure you'll like starting school again." His mom said.

Tristan glared, trying to put all his hate, all his anger into the one glare. Another thing he hated. She was sending him to a public school. A public school! Was she crazy? Was she completely out of her MIND?! Them kids would eat him alive. They'd tear him up limb for limb, a homosexual country kid like himself.

He turned back to the window..and waited for the city to come into view.


"Alright. This is your locker number..." Tristan was at his new school. The guidance counselor didn't seem to bad. He seemed civil, actually. And he was a cutie, he couldn't have been much more than 20 himself.

Tristan nodded slightly, staring at his schedule. The counselor looked at him, " You've done looked around the school before, right?" Tristan nodded.

"Alright, do you need any help finding your classes? I could have someone help you?" The counselor asked, looking mildly concerned.

Tristan shook his head, and the counselor shrugged, giving him a small smile, "Alright. Your mother told me you don't talk. If any of the kids give you any trouble. Beat the shit out of them, or tell me. Either way works." The counselor smiled, winked, and walked away.

Tristan sighed, looking around, and wishing, not for the first time, that Warren were here to help him. They were the only thing that kept each other alive, besides for the horses. Warren had almost committed suicide, but Tristan had talked him out of it. Tristan had wanted to run away, but only Warren kept him there...but where were they without each other? Tristan supposed they shouldn't be so dependant upon one another...but what else could they do? They were all alone.

Tristan, immersed in his thoughts, didn't see the huge football jock walking towards him, surrounded by his equally huge buddies. And SLAM! Into the huge jock's chest he went, well more like his belly, considering he was so short. Tristan looked up slowly, and winced. A stereotypical jock this was, name- brand clothes, perfect hair, clefted chin? What world had Tristan stepped into?

The jock sneered, and looked down at Tristan, who was dressed in a clinging black shirt with various rips and safety pins, covered by a long-sleeved fishnet shirt, and leather pants that clung to him in all the right places, and flared at the ankles, covering his black leather boots. His hair was styled much like it had been since he was thirteen. Black with red tips, long at the sides, and spiked in the back. He arched an elegant eyebrow at the jock in front of him.

"You, goth-boy. Watch where your going? Or did you MEAN to run into me, faggot? I don't swing that way, cock sucker." The jock shoved Tristan to the side while his meat headed friends snickered. Tristan sprawled on his ass, hard, and some kids around him snickered.

One boy looked at Tristan sadly, sympathy and understanding in his sorrowful gaze. He shrugged at Tristan to say, "What can you do?" and walked to Tristan, picking up his book-bag and Grabbing his arm and pulling him to his feet, and handing him the pack.

Tristan sighed softly, and looked at the boy, giving him a thorough look. He was adorable, but he looked sad. His hair was a deep honey colored, with black streaks. He wore cat-eye contacts. Making his eyes amber colored with a black slitted pupil. He wore baggy blue jeans with a black dragon across the back pockets. He wore a loose black jacket, and you couldn't tell his physique because the clothes were so baggy.

"Sorry, kid... They're like that to anyone who isn't on a sports team, or isn't a hot chick." His gaze followed the football team, lingering on one player, a tall muscled guy with a slightly more graceful walk than the others.

Tristan shrugged, looking at the boy curiously, wanting to talk to him, but to nervous, to shy, and almost afraid to. He wasn't used to other people besides Warren. I mean, what if he said the wrong thing? What if he offended the boy? Besides, he didn't talk.

The cat-boy raised an orange eyebrow," Your Tristan aren't you?" Tristan looked puzzled and nodded.

He smiled softly at Tristan," The counselor told me...He said you didn't talk, and maybe I should make friends with you..."

Tristan looked vaguely angry at someone butting in, and the cat-boy noticed," No no no, he doesn't pity you, love. He just wants me to make friends, too...I'm not so good at it, you see. I usually don't talk to anyone...but since you don't talk back...I thought maybe it would be safe." He smiled again, his voice was lovely. Soft and melodic.

Tristan nodded, and offered his hand to the cat-boy, who shook it, and looked slightly relieved. And happy for a moment. Tristan liked it when he looked happy, and not sorrowful. He was truly a beauty.

Tristan tilted his head to the side, and raised an eyebrow at the cat-boy.

"..What?" He looked confusedly at Tristan, who grimaced.

Tristan shook his head slightly, blushing at being caught staring so openly.

"Alright..oh, my name is Leon. By the way. " The cat-boy, Leon, murmured.

Tristan grinned at him, it was a nice name.

"What class do you have next?" Leon asked.

Tristan handed him the schedule, and Leon looked positively tickled to death.

"He put you with me, Jasmine, Tye, and Sammy." He looked at the schedule again, double- checking, "Yes, he's gone and put you in every single of our class periods."

Tristan gave him a questioning look.

"Oh...well... We're virtually the only un-normal, "He said this with a slight sneer, and a sad look," people around here...Jake, the counselor, put you with us. We have all the same classes together, and now you do, too."

Tristan fished his cell phone out of his pocket, and quickly make a text message on it.

::::::::::::U have txt msnger?::::::::::::::

Leon glanced at it, and nodded, grinning, and pulled a cell out from his jacket pocket. They exchanged numbers, or whatever.

:::::::There, much better.:::::::: Tristan sent to Leon.

::::::U no the cnslr persnly?:::::::::::: Tristan text messenged to Leon.

Leon glanced at the message and nodded, "Yeah. He's Jasmine's girlfriend's older brother. I've known him forever. He's like a brother to me, too."

This sent a wave of longing so strong through Tristan that his knees almost buckled. Leon noticed this, and gave him a worried look, "You alright, hun?"

Tristan nodded.


"Oh, I'm sorry. Hey we should probably get to our first class. I'll lead you." Leon said, taking Tristan by the hand and leading him through the halls to a huge room filled with paintings, clay pots, sculptures, paper mache models, and other various art stuff. Tristan had a feeling he would like this class.

"Oh Leon, dear. Who's this new boy, hm?" The teacher appeared from behind a big clay sculpture of...something...Tristan had no idea what it was.

"This is Tristan, Ms. P. He doesn't talk." Leon said, leading Tristan to an empty seat, and plopping next to him.

"Alright..well...draw..or paint...or sculpt...Do whatever you want. Whatever you feel like doing." She said, going back to her sculpture.

" Well, well, well. What have we here?" A girl with bright pink, spiky hair glanced over at Tristan, and he sort of shrank a bit, nervously.

"Heh...Tristan. This is Jasmine. She's kind of mental. Just ignore her." Leon grinned at her, and Jasmine huffed, and tossed a ball of wet clay at Leon, who ducked without blinking.

"She is that.." A touch-looking boy with short blond hair shook his head in mock sadness, then looked at Tristan curiously. Blood red eyes looked curious from behind a canvas with a gorgeous picture of a nude man, posing on a beach blanket during sunset. The shadows made it so you could see no specific body parts, but it was light enough that you could tell he was nude.

Tristan sort of hid behind Leon, who laughed slightly. He looked happier around his friends.

"My name is Sammy" The boy with red contacts smiled devilishly at Tristan, who smiled tentatively.

Another boy glanced out from behind Sammy. He was an adorable boy, with extremely long eyelashes, and very effeminate features. He wore some make-up, Tristan could tell. He had pouty pink lips, and he wore those contact that made your eyes completely white, except for the pupil. His hair was wavy and loose, flowing gently over his shoulder in natural black waves. He was almost to pretty to be a boy.

"This is Tye." Sammy pointed to the pretty boy, who grinned and peeked further out from behind Sammy. Tristan could see that he wore a thin black leather collar around his neck, and he peered closer, because a little heart shaped tag dangled from it. It proclaimed:


Property of Sammy

Tristan looked vaguely puzzled, then blinked. 'Oh...heh...I get it. Man, I'm getting slow.'

Tye waggled his fingers at Tristan, who blushed lightly, and smiled at the boy shyly. Jasmine saw this, "Oooh...Sammy, Tye be being a flirty little uke." Jasmine murmured slightly loud and slightly not.

Tristan's eyes grew wide, and he shook his head slightly at Sammy, then glanced at Leon and texted a message quickly.

::::::He wznt flirty::::

Leon looked at the text, and grinned, then showed it to Sammy.

"If you say so, Tristan." Sammy glanced at Tye, who grinned adorably, eyes round and innocent. Sammy laughed and kissed his lips lightly, then turned to Jasmine. Tye licked his lips, as if savoring the kiss, then disappeared behind a canvas.

"Eh...I was just joking, Sam." She murmured, and went back to an odd assortment of odds and ends in front of her.

Tristan watched them all, wondering if his first day of school was like this, what the rest would be like.

"Well, Tristan. You can draw..or paint...or sculpt..." Leon mimicked his teacher, and Tristan shrugged, and reached into his book bag, grabbing a sketchbook and a pack of colored pencils that he had brought from his new "home" , because he had been planning on finding a park, and staying there until he could no longer draw. Maybe his mom would get worried enough and would take them back to their old home.

Leon smiled, and produced a sketchbook from HIS backpack and a set of *water color crayons.

Tristan quickly began a sketch, while glancing at Leon, Sammy, Jasmine, and Tye every once in awhile. His pencils flew over the paper with practiced precision, and the shapes began to take place.

Leon never once glanced up from his pad of paper, except a few minutes before the bell rang. He gently blew on his paper to dry the damp spots, then closed the pad of paper and put it away, along with his crayons. He looked at Tristan, and prodded him with the tip of his finger in the shoulder, and smiled when he looked up.

"Bell's about to ring. You may want to put your things away..." Leon looked at the picture that Tristan had almost finished and he grinned, "That's REALLY good."

The picture was of Leon, diligently working on his own sketch, and Jasmine across from him, piecing some wires together. Beside Leon was Sammy, half-way hidden behind his canvas, on the other side of said canvas was Tye, watching Sammy work, and pretending to do his own work. All of them had looks of concentration on their faces, and Tristan had caught it all perfectly.

Tristan blushed lightly, and put the things away, before texting a message to Leon.

::::wut class is nxt?::::

"Science. It's always amusing." Leon murmured, as the bell rang, and Tristan follow Leon and his odd friends out the door.

They walked down some stairs to another classroom filled with equipment and such. A short man with frizzy hair stood behind the desk, he had thick glasses, and was watching the students file in, looking smug about something.

"Alright class!" He said when everyone was seated. Tristan was seated in the very back of the room, partially hidden in a shadowy corner, next Leon, who was next to Tye, who was next to Sammy, with Jasmine at the end.

Leon looked mildly terrified, Tristan raised an eyebrow, and Leon glanced pointedly at the teacher," He ain't usually nice unless he has something unpleasant for us to do. Last time it was a ten pages packets of questions. There was about 1 thousand of them ,and we had to do them in two days, with no books or notes. It was terrible."

Tristan made a face, "Just great..."

"Now! I know you've all probably done something like this before. So here we go. You will be doing some dissecting stuff this week. It will be a big part of your grade. Today you will be cutting up a frog." He pointed at the sink, where huge frogs lay in some solution.

Tristan texted Leon quickly.

:::: Ew.:::

Leon grinned and walked up to grab a frog, as did everyone else. Then sat at the table, and poked it with the scalpel thingy.

Jasmine grinned wickedly, then poked her frog before exclaiming, "OH MY GOD! Mr. Martin...YOU KILLED KERMIT!"

Leon looked amused, then looked at Tristan, "She's going to make a scene.. It's usually extremely stupid, but it always makes him angry...which is always funny."

Mr. Martin looked, indeed, extremely annoyed," Jasmine, I do NOT want to hear any of it from you. Get your frog and do your work."

Jasmine looked at the frog, then burst into fake sobs"Oh Kermit! Why, oh why?! You were my bestest friend! WAH!"

Leon shook his head and began to make an incision in the frog's belly, ignoring Jasmine's random outbursts. She was a character.

Tristan shrugged and went on with his work, as Jasmine and Mr. Martin started to fight.

~~~~~~~~~~Class change~~~~~~~

After their science class, Leon led Tristan to History, which was taught by a little lady with huge glasses and a pointy stick. She pointed the stick at everyone and everything, because she was so short.

Then they had German, which was uneventful, as well. Tristan already knew some German anyhow. After that they had Algebra II, where Tristan got a load of homework.

Tristan looked at Leon as they walked down the hallway towards the cafeteria.

:::Lunch now?:::

Leon looked and nodded," Yup. Tye and Sammy are already there. And Jasmine...er...She's probably still in the office from that escapade in Mr. Martin's class. Probably talking to Jake for the hell of it. She'll be around."

::Lnch on campus?:::

"Well...Not if you don't want to. We can go get food somewhere else. What do you want? We'll just have to go tell the others."

::Up to you.:::

"Well, I have a feeling you want to eat somewhere else. We can do that..." Leon trailed off, because the huge football player that had messed with Tristan earlier was standing in front of them.

"Well, look. It's the two fairies..." The jock looked down at them, and curled his lip in a sneer.

Tristan looked at him, and mimicked the look. Then he glanced at Leon, then back at the football player Leon was looking slightly irritated, and slightly ready to kick some ass. Tristan noticed that the jock's buddies lingered behind him, looking mean. But one guy, the guy Leon had been looking at earlier, he looked almost guilty, but he still looked positively mean.

Tristan shook his head in disgust at the boys, then spat onto one of the jock's huge shoes, and walked away, into the cafeteria, Leon following quickly, before the jock could react.

They were safe in the cafeteria with all the other kids.

"Tristan, that was slightly dumb...Let's go get Tye and Sammy and get out of here." Leon murmured, and they did. Leaving the school, they went to a small restaurant for lunch.

Leon filled Sammy and Tye in on what the jocks were doing, and such. Sammy grimaced and looked like he was ready to go find the jocks and knock their heads together.

"They just won't leave any of us be...And it seems Tristan's their newest target. It was Tye last time..." Sammy looked scared for a moment, then the look disappeared. Tye looked sad, and resigned.

"They almost killed me, Tristan...Be careful." Tye spoke for the first time. He had a beautiful voice. Soft and flowing. Tristan grimaced.

::Ill be careful::: Tristan laid his head down on the table they were sitting at and sighed. Leon frowned and rubbed his shoulders lightly.

"Don't worry. We won't let them do anything to you..What happened with Tye...it's complicated. It won't happen to you." Leon murmured and Sammy nodded agreement.

Tristan was increasingly glad that he'd made friends with these people.


After lunch they went to a parenting class, and the teacher was pretty friendly. A woman who looked slightly manish, she welcomed Tristan and explained what they were doing.

"Well...What we're doing here is, you get a partner, and you have a fake marriage. You plan the ceremony and everything else. You pick how many kids you want, and your living situation is given to you. Basically you have to work out everything like you would in a real situation. It's actually a lot of fun. Your graded on how well you work with your living situation and such. If you get divorced you lose some points, but not much, because it happens..now if you neglect your kid...you get bigger points off, and you can do extra credit to raise your grade, but you don't need that right now. The children you get are micro chipped doll things. They have all real needs. You feed them, change their diapers, etc. They cry, and get sick. When they get sick, and they will. Bring them to me, I give them "medicine" they get better."

Tristan listened to all this and nodded, then wrote a message in hi notebook quickly"Do I have to get married?"

She nodded, then looked around," Do you have any friends in here?" She asked, and Tristan nodded, and Sammy, Tye, Leon, and Jasmine who were watching from the other side of the room came over. Jasmine with a dark haired man beside her.

"Ah..I understand...Alright. I'll explain this situation. Sammy and Tye are "married" They represent the homosexual population," She grinned slightly," It was their idea, not mine. Jasmine is paired with Jacob," She motioned to the dark-haired man, who grinned at Tristan, and gave a wave, Tristan smiled.

"Leon is alone. He's a single father. Talk to them, and we'll see what we can do for you." She went to her desk, leaving Tristan with the others.

Leon shrugged, " You can be part of the gay population with me." He laughed softly.

::: Im gay that works::: Leon read it and lifted an eyebrow.

"Ok...let's tell the teacher." Leon and Tristan went to their teacher and said Tristan would just get married with Leon. She nodded and told them to explain any questions he has, and to get to their seats as she took attendance.

"Alright..every day we talk about any marriage problems we have, children problems, and she does what she can to help. " Leon explained.

"Alright! everyone is here. We have a new student. He'll be in a union with Leon. Now, ask your questions."

Jasmine's hand shot into the air.


"Well...Our little Kirsty just won't stop crying." She explained.

The teacher raised an eyebrow,"Well..where IS Kirsty?"

Jasmine grinned slightly," I left her in my locker, cause she just wouldn't shut up."

Everyone laughed, and the teacher bit back a laugh, as well," Jasmine...your child is being neglected. That's points. Why don't you play with her more, and stop leaving her LYING AROUND!" The teacher rolled her eyes and it went a little like this for the rest of the period.

Leon and Tristan were given and assignment. They were to plan their union. And Tristan was to be introduced to Leon's kids. Twins, Julien and Eli. It was going to be fun.


There next class was gym class. They were roller blading today. Tristan looked mildly terrified.

"Aw, Tristan. It's fun." Leon murmured when he saw the look on Tristan's face.

::Never dun it bfore:::

Leon shrugged," S'easy. Jake said you were from the country? Horses, right?"

Tristan nodded slightly, and thought that he'd have to take Leon to Warren's sometime to meet Coffee. He didn't think that Warren would mind.

Jasmine tossed him a pair of roller blades, and he tried them on. They fit perfectly, but when he stood...gravity took over, and...plop!

Leon giggled, a soft sound that made Tristan shiver slightly. Leon glided over smoothly, and offered a hand. Which Tristan gladly took, and blushed lightly.

"Heh, you'll get the hang of it." Leon said, as he watched Sammy and Tye race past. Tye made it to the other side first, and Sammy was close second. Tye grinned and glomped Sammy, who rolled his eyes slightly.

:::They're cute.:::

Leon smiled, "They are too cute. Tye's such a sweetie. And Sammy's good for him. They've both gone through a hell of a lot together..." Leon murmured, and shook his head, "But that's for another time."

Tristan nodded, and tried to roller blade a few steps before he went down again. This time he slammed into a tall boy, who blinked confusedly, and helped him up. It was the boy who was Jasmine's "husband" , maybe his name was Jacob?

Tristan sort of shrank away from him, afraid he'd start bothering him like the jocks had, but Jacob just smiled slightly, and skated away.

Tristan waddles/skated back to Leon and sighed.

"That's Jacob. He's really nice." Leon said, grabbing Tristan's arm and beginning to lead him around the gym on the skate's. Tristan watched Sammy and Tye skate together, they did all sorts of tricks, and nobody even gave them odd glances when they kissed, Tris noticed.

::Y does no1 bother Tye and Sam:::

Leon looked at them, then at Tris"Well...1?) Sammy's beat the shit out of them. 2) Tye went through a lot not long ago, and people feel guilty. They aren't going to bother him...3) Jake threatened to expel anyone who so much as laid a mean hand on the kid."

Tristan raised an eyebrow, :::Can Jake DO that:::

"He can, and he did. It's a hate crime. It's not tolerated. Plus, me and Jasmine would kill anyone who so much as slapped one of them. It's no joke"

::Sounds like its hapned:::

"It has, but nobody was killed, trust me." Leon chuckled darkly.

Tristan looked perplexed, but the fact that a wall was coming up took his attention away, and he made a soft mew sound, and closed his eyes. Leon stopped short and jerked over to look at Tristan, he raised an eyebrow, "Did you just make a noise?"

Tristan attempted to look innocent and grinned. Leon laughed softly, and hugged him, "It was cute. But we aren't going to skate into a wall."

Tristan smiled. and they kept skating. Laughing when Jasmine got going WAY to fast and really DID slam into the wall. She screamed and kicked the wall with her skate, which threw her off balance and she fell flat on her butt.

::No balance:::

"No common sense."


Their study hall was pretty boring, they just threw things at each other, and got yelled at, but by the time the teacher took any real notice, it was time to leave.

" You want to come over to my house?" Leon asked as they all walked out of the school building, dodging people as they went.


Jasmine raised an eyebrow," Gonna get your funk on, eh?" She made a few hip pumping gestures before Sammy tripped her and she fell on her butt again.

Tye giggled softly, then got an evil look from Jasmine, and burred his face in Sammy's shoulder, and laughed.

Leon rolled his eyes," You can ALL come over. I don't care. We can go swimming!"

They all cheered and started running, Tristan following them to Leon's van. It was a one of those hippy vans, Like the Mystery Machine from Scooby Doo. When they climbed in, Tristan raised an eyebrow. The inside was painted in a bunch of different colors, and throw pillows were everywhere. It was even CARPETED, then seats were actually like benches pressed against the side of the van. It was awesome.

"Heh...it was my little sister's idea." Leon explained to Tristan.


Leon's house was HUGE. It was a mansion, and it actually sat on a lot of land. It was just outside of the city limits, where there were some farms and BIG houses. The richy houses.

They went in and Tristan about fainted, it was so big. It was a beautiful house, as well. They went through the kitchen and got some pops, Tristan just followed them. They went into a huge room with a deck. There was a big pool there. It had to be Olympic sized, with a huge deck, and chairs everywhere.

"Alright, go get your swimsuits. I already have mine on under my clothes." Leon said and everyone darted back into the house. Tristan raised an eyebrow at him.

"Eh, they all keep swimsuits at my house, we're always here. In the summer the air conditioning is on..and in the winter it's heated. We're big swimmers. Hey, I have some extra suits. go find everyone and they'll get you a pair." Leon said as he began to strip.

Tristan nodded an walked into the house, following Sammy who was lagging. Tristan made a motion to his hips, then at the pair of swimming Sammy in Tye's hand.

"Oh..ok...Follow me..." Sammy went into a room to Tristan's right. He nodded and went in. Sammy started changing, and he threw Tristan a pair of trunks, then told him to go into the bathroom.

The bathroom was at the end of the room, and Tristan changed quickly and went back outside. Sammy was already swimming laps around the pool, in a baggy pair of black swimming trunks. Tristan could see why people didn't want to mess with him. He was very muscled, and looked strong.

Leon was wearing a pair of red trunks, and he was very lithe, and lean. He looked strong ,nonetheless. Jasmine was wearing a bikini that matched her hair color, and she was laying on a lawn chair watching Sammy swim.

Tristan walked out, wearing the sky blue swimming trunks. It showed his figure. He was very skinny, and lean, but he was short, and it made him look small. He stared at Leon, and almost drooled, but Leon caught him looking, and he blushed and looked at his feet. If he would have kept looking, he would have seen Leon smile, and check him out, as well.

Tristan kept his cell phone in his hand and texted a quick message to Leon.

:::Where's Tye?:::

"Uh...I dunno..."

At that moment Tye walked out of the house, looking irritated...and...completely naked. Sammy looked up and burst out laughing.

"No skinny dipping in my pool, Tye" Leon said, biting back a smile. Jasmine rolled her eyes.

"Damn Tye, I don't wanna see that! Sheesh." Jasmine yelled loudly, and threw a towel at him.

Tye pouted, " I can't find my swimming trunks!" He said indignantly

Leon rolled his eyes," So get a pair of mine."

"NU! Come here, Tye. There's enough room for you in mine!" Sammy yelled.

Leon groaned," No sex in the pool. We've discussed that."

"We'll just swim..." Sammy looked innocent and Tye giggled and ran into the pool, making a huge splash and glomping Sammy, who dunked him under the water.

Tristan's eyes boggled at all of this, and Leon laughed," Tye has a dislike for clothes. I think HE hid his swimming trunks."

Tristan blinked, and just shook his head, watching Leon jump into the pool, then followed him in. Gasping at the cold water, he swam a little bit to warm up. Leon came up behind him and dunked him under the water, and he mewed again. Leon grinned at the sound.

"That's so cute, Tristan!" Leon said and kissed his cheek quickly before diving underwater and swam away.

Tristan stopped, blushing hotly, and looked at him, then smiled softly, And swam to where Sammy and Tye were throwing those rubber pool sticks that float to the bottom of the pool at Leon, who was swimming around them, underwater.

"Ee! It's a shark. Save me!" Tye crawled up Sammy's back, and sat on his shoulders. Sammy glanced back, and laughed, before diving underwater and making Tye fall off his shoulders. He grinned once Tye came back up, and grabbed him around the waist and kissed him.

Leon popped up, and rolled his eyes,"Seriously guys...I think your freaking Tristan out." He pointed to Tristan, who was gawking at them, his face scarlet.

"Nah, Leon. I think he LIKES this." Sammy murmured, deepening thier kiss.

"Sheesh..I swear." Jasmine threw a bottle of suntan lotion at them. And Sammy pulled away and laughed.

" That ain't gonna do anything but help us, Jaz." Sammy yelled and grinned, he dragged Tye out of the pool and into the house, Tristan watched, and blinked.

"NO SEX IN MY ROOM! Find an empty guest room, you hornballs!" Leon yelled, and groaned, looking at Tristan, "you'll have to excuse those two. They have some major issues. You'll get used to them. While they are busy, let's play in the pool. We have it to ourselves, because Jasmine will most likely go tan."

Tristan agreed with a nod of his head, and they began to toss the pool sticks into the middle of the pool, seeing who could get them the fastest.

It went like this for alot of the day, until Tristan decided he was getting VERY pruny, and needed to go home.

"Alrighty, I'll have Tye and Sammy drive you home. They live in that area, and after thier little show...They owe us. I'll see you at school tomorrow." Leon hugged him, and went into the house to fetch Sammy and Tye.