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Sammy and Tye dropped Tristan off at his house. He smiled his thanks and they waved good-bye. He went into the house where his mom was watching television, she looked up when he walked in.

"Hello honey...Did you have a good day?" She asked tentatively, almost afraid of the answer, but Tristan grinned broadly at her and nodded.

:::My frendz droped me off::: He texted to his mother, and she looked at the message and smiled, looking relieved.

"That's great! I'm happy for you. Warren called a little while ago...It sounded like something was wrong. He asked me to have you get online, when you got home." She said.

Tristan blinked, and tore off to his room. He was mostly unpacked, but there were still some boxes lying around. He actually liked his new room. It was big and he had already painted it a deep blue color. His bed was decorated in cream and blue, and the carpet was also blue. One entire wall was filled with bookshelves, all were filled with various books. There were some beanbags and boxes of clothes scattered everywhere else. His desk was covered in papers, as was his dresser. His computer desk was the only thing not covered, the only thing actually organized.

Tristan had always been an internet junkie, but he'd became more dependant on it when his dad had started drinking heavily, and even more so when he knew he was moving. Him and Warren would spend HOURS at a time talking to each other. Tristan's mother had even bought him a laptop to make him a bit happier.

He sat at the desk and logged onto AOL. As soon as it was completely signed on, an Instant Message popped up.

UntimelyDemise: TRISTAN!

ReaperofSilence: Heh. Hiya,War.

UntimelyDemise: How was your first day of school? Was everyone nice? Make any friends? Do I have to bust some heads? Was anyone mean? Can I kick their ass?

ReaperofSilence: Great, mostly, yes, no, yes, no.

UntimelyDemise: Who was mean and why can't I kick their ass?

ReaperofSilence: It was some football player, and you don't have to worry about it. Really.

UntimelyDemise: Alright...but tell me if you need the help, k?

ReaperofSilence: ^.^ Will do.

UntimelyDemise: So, tell me about your friends?

ReaperofSilence: They're really cool...

Tristan quickly told Warren about Sammy, Tye, Jasmine, and Leon.

UntimelyDemise: They sound awesome. I'll have to meet them. Meanwhile, I have something tell you...

ReaperofSilence: Oh? What is it?

UntimelyDemise: You remember that one boy?

ReaperofSilence: -_-" Lmao, War. That's giving me a lot to go on...

UntimelyDemise: Ok…well...He's that really cute boy that lives down the street from me. Chestnut hair, gorgeous brown eyes. Has that big black stallion?

ReaperofSilence: Um...I think so. His name's James or something, right?

UntimelyDemise: Yup, well...He asked me out on a date.

ReaperofSilence: No way!?

UntimelyDemise: Way!

ReaperofSilence: Wow...James...Who woulda thought.

UntimelyDemise: I know! I wanted to ask you what you thought before I accept.

ReaperofSilence: Hun, you KNOW what I'm going to say. Go for it! =^.^=

UntimelyDemise: I know...but I wanted you to say it first...

ReaperofSilence: Haha, well then. I wish you very much luck. How're the horses?

UntimelyDemise: They're great. Coffee misses you. We're going to wait until summer to have them trained. That way you can stay for awhile and help.

ReaperofSilence: Yay!

UntimelyDemise: Lol, I knew that would make you happy.

ReaperofSilence: It does! it does!

UntimelyDemise: Good, good.

ReaperofSilence: You have to come visit me soon. I hate this city, though.

UntimelyDemise: Well THAT makes me want to come visit.

ReaperofSilence: Ha ha ha.

UntimelyDemise: Aw, you know I'm only joking.

ReaperofSilence: I know.

UntimelyDemise: Crap, I forgot, I have one of those retarded party things to attend tonight.

ReaperofSilence: XD Lemme guess. Tie and Jacket affair?

UntimelyDemise: Yup.

ReaperofSilence: Have fun, dude. I always hated those.

UntimelyDemise: Tell me about it. Well, I gotta go get dressed.

ReaperofSilence: XD Don't get angry and rip your tie like last time.

UntimelyDemise: ...I was having a bad day.

ReaperofSilence: I know...but it was still funny. XP

UntimelyDemise: Oh yes, funny for you...not for me.

ReaperofSilence: Heehee. You thought it was funny afterwards ,too.

UntimelyDemise: But not while it was happening.

ReaperofSilence: Yeah, yeah. You'd better scoot. Your mom'll get angry.

UntimelyDemise: I know, I know. I'll see you later, hun. Love you.

ReaperofSilence: (Man, you make me sound so gay...) See you, too. Love ya.

UntimelyDemise: (You ARE so gay!) Bye.

ReaperofSilence: NOT FUNNY!

Auto Response from UntimelyDemise: I'm currently attending a black-tie affair. If you wanna crash a party, PLEASE make it this one. ((And Tristan, YES, it is funny))

Tristan rolled his eyes and signed off quickly. He flopped onto the bed, and yawned.

'Eh...must sleep...' He fell asleep without even slipping under the covers.



'To tired...sleepy sleepy...WAH! Time to get up?' Tristan grimaced, and kicked his alarm off his night stand.

'Take THAT, evil-doer'


'Oh my God, it's possessed!' He jerked the plug out of the wall and darted into his bathroom, almost tripping on the rug.

He grabbed the first things his hands touched, which was a pair of baggy blue jeans and a black hoody, and threw them on. He squinted at the clock and saw that he had plenty of time to get to school.

Looking at his hair in the mirror, he grimaced. The only comparable thing to his hair was on cartoons, when they put a cat in the dryer and it turns into an uber fluff ball. THAT's what his hair was at the moment.

He grabbed his comb, hairbrush, and hair spray and fixed it, like it normally was, slicked down at the sides, and spiked in the back. He brushed his teeth, applied deodorant, and a dab of his favorite cologne, all the usual morning junk, then ran to the kitchen.

His mom looked in when he entered and sat a plate with eggs and sausage on it. Followed by a plate of toast.

"Walking,riding the bus, or do you need a ride to school?" She asked, handing him a glass of orange juice.

::: Walking:::

"Alright, be careful, don't get run over, etc. You got your cell, call me if you need anything." She murmured, she seemed happier since they'd left their old house, left his drunken father and all the gossip.

Tristan just nodded, and quickly ate his breakfast, and grabbed his back-pack. He slid a pair of black sneakers on, and left the house.


He was happy that nobody bothered him on his way to school, and when he was finished gathering things from his locker, Leon strode up to him.

"G'morning, Tristan."

Tristan smiled at Leon, still looking slightly tired, then grinned when he saw Leon's hair. He had it a different color today. It was still black streaked, but instead of the honey colored hair, it was white now. Tristan motioned to his hair.

"Eh, it's a type of hair-spray stuff. The normal color is the brownish that you saw yesterday." Leon explained.

Tristan nodded his understanding.

"Hey, I brought Julien and Eli to school today," He motioned towards his back, where the "babies" were resting in their sling.

Tristan grinned, and examined them.

:::Aw,Im a daddy:::

Leon laughed and nodded, "I'd have brought them yesterday, but I had Jasmine's girlfriend watch them, because she was bored. I dunno why...but I let her. Anywayz. Off to art."

Tristan nodded, yawning, and followed Leon to art class, which was pretty uneventful, except for when Julien decided to scream his head off, which set of little Kirsty, whom was with Jasmine. And THAT set of Eli, and another little baby from the same class. It was actually rather funny. A good example of a domino effect.

After art, they went to science. This day they had to dissect a cat. Leon looked like he was going to be extremely ill.

"Eh…I am SO not chopping up a defenseless kitty." Leon murmured softly.

"To bad! You have to, or else you take an F." Mr. Martin, walking by, replied. He looked positively tickled to threaten a student.

"Aw, Mr. M. It's kin to Leon, I mean, take a look at him!" Said Jasmine loudly, pointing to Leon's attire (He was still wearing the cat-eye contacts, only they were a very light blue today. His baggy shirt had a white tiger jumping at waist-level. He wore baggy blue-jeans with a similar picture on them. Not to mention his hair)

"I don't CARE what he is. Begin your dissection." Mr. Martin moved off, criticizing a group of girls in the corner.

::Reminds me of Prof. Snape.:::

Leon blinked, then laughed," Harry Potter. I love the books. He is a Professor Snape...'cept Alan Rickman was sort of, mildly attractive in the movies."

Tristan smiled, :::Yeah:::

Sammy was poking the cat, with a scalpel object. Tye was looking positively ill, like Leon. Tristan wasn't to thrilled, either. Warren had a lot of barn cats, he was sort of an animal rights activist. Frogs, he could do. Cats? Not happening.

::I cant do it::::

"Me neither. I think Tye, Sammy, and Jasmine echo the sentiments, love." Leon murmured, then looked at his friends.

Sammy nodded to Leon, "Let's get outta here, Leo. I'm not going to do this. We should go check on Aries, too, if we're just gonna skip out."

: ::Aries?::::

"Eh, to my house we go. I'll show you when we get there." Leon said, standing up, and hoisting his book bag to his shoulder. He walked out of the class, Sammy, Tye, and Jasmine in line behind him. Tristan grabbed his books and went after them, he looked back at Mr. Martin, who looked angry but unsurprised.

They stopped once in the guidance office to talk to Jake. Leon quickly explained to him the problem, and Jake nodded.

"I should tell you to stay, but I know how Mr. Martin is. I'll explain to Mary, you know she'll understand." Jake said, and then they left. Jasmine decided that she didn't want to go to Leon's house, and asked Jake to take her to his house, to visit her girlfriend, who was sick. Jake agreed.

::Who's Mary?:::

"The parenting class instructor. She's a family friend, you could say. I don't want her worrying if we aren't in class. She knows we came to school today. Me and Tye rode to school with her." Sammy explained to Tristan as they got into the car, and Leon started it up.

There was a little chit-chat as they drove to Leon's house, but mostly everyone was still half-asleep. It wasn't even 8:30, and they were all pretty tired. They pulled into Leon's house, and everyone piled out. Tristan mostly followed them as they went through the house to the pool. They went around the pool and into a shed, about the size of a two-car garage. Once inside Tristan got a strong whiff of cedar chips, clean kitty litter, and fish.

Leon flipped a light on, and Tristan blinked. There was a counter running along three sides of the room, but the side with the door was all bookshelves. There was a couch in one corner, with two chairs a decent amount of space in front of it, some bean bags lay around. and a TV sat on one of the counters, with a Gamecube and games around it. Along one entire counter there were tanks with animals in them.

Tristan moved closer and peered in one cage and another. There were some mice, rats, a few tarantulas, and a small snake curled into a coil. A soft mew came from near Tristan's feet and he backed up, looking under the counter. A large fluffy grey cat with black stripes was sitting there on a large pillow. Around it's feet were little balls of fur.

Tristan made a soft "aww" sound, and ducked down, petting the kitty.


Leon laughed, "I know. That would be Aries. The kittens are Gemini, Pisces, Leo, after myself, and Capricorn. Gemini is the little yellow tabby, Pisces is the smooth-furred grey one, Leo is the orange one with black stripes, and Capricorn is that calico one with the orange mohawk."

::Can i tuch the kitns?:::

"Of course." Leon said, grabbing some food and putting it into the rat and mouse cages. He dropped a few crickets into the tarantula tank, and then tossed some into the snakes cage, along with a big caterpillar.

Sammy and Tye got out a big tan rat from a cage and let it loose on the floor, watching it closely. Tristan watched, but then began gently stroking the kittens with a finger. They were tiny and so soft. Their eyes must have just opened, because they were still glazed, and unfocused. But they were so cute.

::Wish I had a kitty:::

"Would your mom LET you have one?" Leon asked, watching Sammy and Tye play with the rat.

::yes,I know it.:::

"Hmm...Wait here ,k? I'll be back, and I have to drop the kids off with my sister. She's home-schooled,so she can watch them." Leon motioned to the babies strapped to his back then bounded out the door, and Tristan shrugged. He got down on his knees beside Sammy and Tye. Tye was giggling as they rat ran over his legs.

"Eh ,it used to be ours, but we gave it to Leon. We didn't have the time, what with our...erm...dogs. I'll have to show you to them sometime. Would you like that?" Sammy explained to Tristan.

"But they're not really "dogs" They're actually wolves." Tye said, petting the rat's head.

Tristan looked kind of surprised, then bounced.

"I'll take THAT as a yes. That's good. This weekend we're having a little get together at our place. Besides us, Leon, and Jasmine. Jake will be there, Jake's girlfriend will be there. Jasmine's girlfriend will be there, and another couple will be there. Thomas and John. I think you'll like them, too. It'll be fun. You can come and see the dogs, and hang out, k?" Sammy said, and Tye nodded furiously in agreement.

Tristan nodded his delight, and reached over to the rat, lightly petting it's tail, which was actually rather soft.

Leon walked in at that moment, a small black mass in his arms. Tristan looked at him curiously. He sat down beside Tristan, and opened his arms a bit, A small cat sat there, staring at Tristan with luminously BRIGHT orange eyes. Pumpkin orange eyes. It was all black, and smooth-furred, and it still had a kitten-ish look to it. But it looked sort of dignified, too. He calmly stepped away from Leon, looked at Tristan, and jumped into his lap, laying there.

"That's Grim. He needs a home, bad. He's real nice. Litter box trained. And he'll willingly submit to a leash walking." Leon said. Tristan blinked. Leon was giving him a cat? He promptly huggled the kitty, who didn't protest, but purred loudly.

:::THANK YOU::::

"Your very welcome. I have a litter box, litter, and food for him. And a few toys. I'll put them in the car before you leave, if you'd like" Leon said, and Tris nodded," Alright. What do you guys want to do?"

Sammy and Tye put the rat up, and Tye shrugged. Sammy looked like he was thinking about it.

"I dunno, what does Tye want to do?" Sammy asked.

"I can't decide. Sammy, what do you want to do?" Tye said.

"Well...I'm not quite sure...Tye, what do YOU want to do?" Sammy replied.


"OK!" Leon cut Tye off that time," Sheesh. I should learn not to ask that. They do that all the time. They think it's funny. Eh, okies...We could...erm...go visit the horses?" Leon asked, shrugging.

Tristan gently removed the cat from his lap then jumped up and nodded furiously.


Leon laughed," Alright, I get it, I get it. We'll go visit the horses. They're just a little walk away. They're actually mine ,one is ridable, one is to young to ride, and one is just plain mean." Leon explained, leading them out, Tristan picking up his new kitty, and cradling it in his arms. But the cat didn't want to be there and crawled up to his shoulders, and draped itself across them. Tristan just went along with it, and carefully walked outside.

Leon lead them behind the shed, and into a pasture. They walked the length of the pasture, until they came to a fence. Opening the gate, Leon bowed them all inside, smiling. Sammy and Tye were holding hands as they walked to the barn in the center of the fenced area. Leon had his hands stuffed in his pockets, and Tristan was busy maintaining his balance, so that he didn't knock the cat off of his shoulders. There were a few other animals grazing around the place. Tristan could make out a few goats, a couple sheep, and a big black and white milk cow in the field.

Leon opened the barn doors, and motioned to one stall, and put his finger to his lips in a hushing gesture.

They all peeked into the stall, and a black, white and tan horse was standing in the stall, under it, nuzzled against it's legs, was a smaller brown horse,with a white nose.

"The big one is Jessibelle, and the baby is Tenchi. I didn't name the baby, a friend's little brother did. I think he's minorly obsessed with the cartoon Tenchi Muyo." Leon explained softly.

Tristan grinned, looking at the little horse, just a little bit of sadness showing on his face.

Leon looked at him, laying a hand on his shoulder," Is something wrong...?" He asked quietly, as Sammy and Tye went to peek into a few other stalls.

:::Reminds me very much of home:::

"Oh...I understand. I'm sorry...We can leave if you want."

Tristan shook his head vigorously, :::No no no no no:::

Leon laughed, and leaned over to lightly press his lips against his cheek, "Very well, love. Whatever you want."

Tristan, blushing, leaned on the stall's fence, smiling when the mother leaned over and sniffed at his face. He petted her nose gently, pressing his cheek to her velvety nose comfortably.

"Your very comfortable around animals. Did you have many at your old home?"

"A horse, and a friend had a horse, cats, baby horses:::

"Oh...I see."

"Yeah, my horse was the papa horse:::

"Ah, I'm very sorry that you had to leave them..."

::I'll have to intro you to them sumtime:::

"I hope you will. I'd like that."

Tristan smiled happily.

They stayed in the barn for a little while longer, before Sammy and Tye magically reappeared.

"We're hungry." Tye said from his perch on Sammy's shoulders.

"Yes, are you guys awake enough to get food?" Sammy asked, looking at Tristan and Leon inquisitively.

"I am. What about you, Tristan?"

:::Im all for it:::

"Good. What do you guys want to get?" Sammy asked, stretching as much as he could with Tye on his back.

"Chinese food." Tye said, laying his head on Sammy's.

"We are not getting Chinese food at 9:30 in the morning, Tye." Sammy muttered,leaning against the horse's stall.

::Chinese food actually sounds good:::

"I'll agree with Tye and Tristan on that one, Sam." Leon said, grinning.

"Ugh! Outnumbered. Wait til we get home, Tye." Sammy said, grinning wickedly, and running out of the barn towards the car, Tye squealing happily.

Tristan giggled softly, :::Cute, they are:::

"I know...Heh...Come on, or Tye'll want to drive, and THAT is something scary. We'll get takeout and head over to Jake's place to feed Jasmine and Emily. They're probably hungry." Leon said, as they began walking to the car," You can bring Grim. Emily has a dog, so she won't mind the cat."


They all went into the chinese food restaurant and ordered food to-go. Tye stayed in the car with Grim, because Sammy knew what he wanted.

After ordering, and carrying the food out to the car, they drove back through the city to a large apartment complex. Slightly dingy and in a not-so-nice part of the city, Tristan kept watching over his shoulder.

Leon pointed this out to him and he made a face at him, as they walked up a flight of stairs.

Without bothering to knock, Sammy went into the house, calling, "You'd better be dressed, because we brought breakfast!"

Tristan shook with laughter, as Jasmine darted out into the living room area, hands held high, "Do NOT go back there, yet." She said hopping from foot to foot.

"Sheesh, and we thought Emily was sick..." Tye said, grinning, and trying to get around Jasmine.

"Well...she WAS..." Jasmine muttered, then grinned, tackling Tye onto a couch.

Leon raised an eyebrow, as a girl with long blonde hair walked out of a back bedroom. Wearing an oversized grey t-shirt and blue shorts, she scowled at them.

"I would have gotten dressed if I'dve known you were coming...I mean...geez..." She held a hand out to Tye, who was still sprawled out on the couch,.Grinning, he took it and she pulled him to his feet.

"Pleasant this morning, aren't we?" Leon asked with a smirk.

"Very. Did you bring me food?" She bounded back over to Jasmine, who hugged her lightly.

"No...We just came to eat in front of you." Sammy said, rolling his eyes.

The blonde girl grinned at him. She was actually very pretty, with deep brown eyes, and a witty air about her.

Piling food out of the bags, they put it all on the table in the middle of the living room. A dark blue poodle came out of a room and walked to Jasmine, sitting at her feet. Tye pointed at the dog and broke up laughing.

"Are you laughing at my dog, Tyler? Because I WILL hurt you." Emily said with a wicked look.

Tye continue laughing, "It's BLUE!"

"Duh. I told you I was gonna get him dyed."

Tye reached down, and picked up the toy poodle, petting it's head. It had the typical poodle cut, and looked kind of cute, actually.

"'s blue..." Tye said, still smiling.

Emily threw a piece of sushi at Tye with her chopsticks. He ducked, and the sushi fell to the floor. Looking haughtily at everyone, Grim jumped from Tristan's shoulder and grabbed the bit of food, jumping onto the back of the couch and eating it daintily.

This brought Emily's attention to Tristan,"Hello. Your name is?" She asked politely, interest evident in her eyes.

"His name is Tristan. He doesn't talk." Leon said, and Tristan gave him a greatful smile, because he had no idea what to say.

"Oh, I see. He's a friend of yours then? Is he taking Grim?" Emily asked, prodding a piece of rice with a chopstick.

"Yes and yes." Leon replied.

"Have any of the usual jerks given him trouble? I did talk to Ben yesterday. Come to think of it...He did say Matt found a new person to mess with." Emily said, and Tristan noticed that Leon flinched at the name Ben.

"Oh? Great that your still speaking to the dickwad. And for your information, yes they have given him some trouble. And BEN didn't do shit about it." Leon said, looking at Emily with angry eyes. But Tris noticed there was some sadness there, as well.

"Oh Leo...I'm sorry. We're still friends, though. You know he would never have hurt you intentionally...And you won't LET him talk to you. So you can't blame HIM..." Emily said, and Tye,Sammy, and even Jasmine were looking as if they'd rather be talking about anything else.

"...Em,I think we should drop the subject,please. " Tye said quietly.

"I agree." Sammy said, Jasmine just watched, silent for a change.

Emily nodded,"Alright. Hey Tye, what color do you think I should get him dyed next?" She asked, pointing at her dog.

"Neon green with orange feet, blue ears, a purple tail, and black polka dots." Tye replied, grinning.

"Do you have any idea how much that would cost? Plus, I would get weird looks." Emily said with a grimace.

Tye pouted and sniffled.

"Ok ok...Maybe next time I'll think about it." Emily muttered.

Tye grinned.

Leon laughed along with Sammy and Jasmine, and Tristan grinned. But he was curious about the boy they called Ben. What had he done to hurt Leon so?