Go on, leave me, and cry on,
I won't stand for this,
I'm not changing for you.
I wish that I could,
Make you see the truth,
I know that I can.
But you're stubborn and lonely,
Confused, lost, and scared.
I just want to,
Let you know,
I'll be waiting for you.

I think about the day,
The day I lost you to them.
How they swayed your opinion,
And how they made me mad.
No, I'm not sorry,
About the things I said.
Because you know now it's all true.
You're mad because,
I knew.
And you wish that you had,

So I want to tell you,
I'm not mad at you,
I just want you back,
Back again.
If my opinion means anything,
I think that you will.
I think that you can.

So remember from now on,
All that glitters is not gold.
Nothing is,
Perfect and glad.
I hope you can hear me,
I hope you will listen,
I hope you will understand,
I know that you can.

Because I know that you can.