~Around 7-30
A bit more simple than some of my other pieces.
It was wrote the edges of depression.~

I'm sorry
I really am
Please believe me.
I try so hard...
I really do.
I try to be perfect.
I try to make things work.
I try so hard.
I really do try...
But you reach points where trying does no good.
Where you just give up.
I've tried my whole life.
I promise I've tried.
And I love you all so much.
But no matter how hard I try,
Nothing will ever turn out alright.
I am cursed to screw everything up.

I am sorry,
I really am.
Please believe me.
I'm trying to be perfect.
Please believe me...
I am so sorry.

I love you all so much,
I just want the pain to stop.
I just want things to be alright.
I just want to stop screwing up.
I just want to be perfect.
I'm so sorry. I swear I try.