Spontaneous Homicide

"Fuck, I'm messed up," Tangent said to himself as he dislodged his kitchen knife from someone's eye. The helpless victim lay still on the cold wet cement, except for the momentary twitches and the occasional moan followed by the coughing up of both blood and vomit intertwined into a revolting concoction that only Tangent couldn't grow sick from. The victim moaned once more, the words were only just legible

"Fuck you dickhead" Tangent looked at the bleeding man dying on the sidewalk with disgust and then put the heel of his boot into his face. A clean and crisp break was heard, and the body didn't move again.

Who was this guy Tangent had just cut up? Fucked if he knew. He met him on the bus home, and the current situation arose from Tangents strange sense of spontaneity.

Tangent sat at the end of the bus as always, legs casually placed on the seats in front. He looked like one of those gangster types under the jumper that was three or four sizes to big. Other people were on the bus, families, old ladies, people coming from work and school, but they all sat at the front end of the bus.

The bus came to a grinding halt at the next bus stop and only one boy walked on the bus. He was about 12, 6 years younger than Tangent. The boy paid his money and walked to the back of the bus, right up to where Tangent was sitting, being king of the back seat.

"Can I sit at the back? The kid asked, Tangent grunted at him and moved over. Who does this kid think he is? He's a kid, he doesn't scare me one bit, and here is here thinkin' he can sit with me! Tangent thought, as he glared at the kid that was not afraid to glare right back at him. This earned him some respect at least.

As they stood locked in a stare, for the purpose of making one looked bigger than the other, thoughts that were far from the usual crept into Tangents mind. What would his liver looked like in my dog's bowl after I fed it to him for dinner? Would his leg make a better meal for my dog? If so, for how long? Would he scream if I stabbed him? I should slit his throat so he can't breath or scream.

Tangent was hit with a spark of inspiration. Tangent wished this idea popped a fully working light bulb above his head like they do in the cartoons so he could stab it through his face.

"You're alright kid," Tangent said all of a sudden. He offered his hand to shake. The kid turned his stern 'I'm not a fucking kid' look to one of skepticism. "Come on kid, don't hang me out to dry," Finally the kid took his hand. Bad move.

Tangent yanked him over to him and held a pocketknife to his throat.

"Now we're gonna get off this bus next stop," Tangent pressed the button, "and if you don't I'll cut ya fingers off and feed 'em to me dog." The kid nodded. The bus came to a stop and the two casually walked off the bus.

The bus drove off, and they were in the middle of no-where. No one could see Tangent slicing this kid open so all his inner organs could collapse out of his stomach.

"Sit down kid" Tangent ordered like this happened everyday. It was no big deal he had killed people before. "I hung my mother you know, with an electrical cord, I took the rubber outing off so the electricity could burn her skin. She screamed for mercy until it had burnt right through her throat." The kid sat wide eyes in horror as Tangent told this, "after that she lay paralyzed on the kitchen floor until she died of blood loss."

The kid sat down, a looked of both fear and incomprehension was nailed to his face. This look was tattooed further into the kid's face when Tangent opened his backpack. He pulled out a tea towel it was wrapping something up. Tangent opened the tea towed to reveal a large kitchen knife.

"I killed my father with this" Tangent waved the knife in his face menacingly. The kid looked in a permanent state of shock, before his frightened stare was broken by his urge to lean over and empty his stomach.

Tangent grabbed his head and held it against the back of the bus shelter. He lifted up his shirt to display the kid's white belly. The knife traced a line across it, and then Tangent drew the knife across again to open up his body to the violating cold. Bit and pieces collapsed out his stomach like he had imagined onto the cold concrete ground.

Tangent seized at the chance he pinned him to the ground so the kid couldn't move. He grabbed the kids right eyelids and opened them wide, the flickered in a futile attempt to block out the knife that was narrowing in. Tangent watched in fascination as he slowly drove the knife down the middle of his bloodshot eye, that was now flooded with blood. Tangent stood up, the kid squirmed and screamed on the ground.

"Fuck I'm messed up" Tangent said to himself as he dislodged his kitchen knife from someone's eye.