Any resemblance to actual events or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental...naaah. Till now there is no reason to rate in R my story, lets hope soon there´ll be *crossed fingers*.

Don´t you feel sometimes that you think too much about yourself? I do, not that I´m egocentric, it´s just my problems seem so much more horrible than the problems of others. Maybe because they are. Oh no, here I go again. The first reason I´m writing this is because if I´m going to be talking about me and my own life, I should do it properly. Properly here means without secrets.

The point of all this words, which most surely will bore people to the bones, is that I´ll write about myself from now on. Maybe I´ll spill the soup about some unpleasent stuff I shouldn´t but Hey! I´m sixteen! Does anyone care anyway? At some point it´s even hilarious how we make such a big deal of little things. That´s the second reason I´m writing it all down (of course, in a very organized and edited way) `cause I want to be twenty and laugh at myself and my stupidity (and others´, why not).

"Why are you so moody today darlin´"

"Fuck off" Of course you don´t use that exact words, but your mother will get the message, be sure of that, and here´s where you get killed. You´ll desappear from the face of the Earth + no one will know it was your mother. Mwahahaha.

You´re a unique teenager with problems anyone else has...till you read a book made specially for teenagers, gossip girl or who knows, and even if you´ve know the horrible truth all along (that we all go through the same , and that´s why they sell so much) we are amazed they potrait us in a way or other.

So enjoy, or don´t. This is something like " Celebrities uncensored" in E (which I´ve never seen but sounds like it) but on myself. Yay.

Note from the author: Name´s have indeed been changed, just for the fun of it, but if you feel somehow conected to the story or some character, then it´s likely I´m writing about you. Yes , you. (So Second Helpings, I know, but I couldn´t resist. )