This story is a work of fiction. Names, characters, and incidents are products of the author´s imagination. Any resemblance to actual events or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental (JA!)


" Ok then, talk to you later..." I said a little bit oppressed

"Hey Lou, don't worry, ok?"

Priam hang up so I had to hang up too, even if I didn't want to. He is having THE exam in less than an hour and I am definitely feeling more nervous than him. If he passes this exam we´ll be in our way to New Zealand, if he doesn't... well, we won´t.

I don´t understand how he can be so calmed and everything, but the only thing I can do now is wait.

I open the fridge and took a whole plate of cheese (I looove cheese), I was finished with it before I got to my room. Sorry, I was nervous, food is a good ally. If I were religious, I know I would start praying any second.

Priam Lee and I have been best friends for the last ten years, and the slight problem is, that of those ten years I've been in love with him for seven. Pathetic. There is a point where it is even hilarious, but knowing about all his affairs with every girl (and currently his girlfriend) is helping a little. Better yet, my parents freak out if they hear about a boyfriend, but they let me live in a New York apartment with Priam, alone.

What's their problem?!

We are a totally regular family, mother , father, brother, me, nothing spectacular, no bad habits, no scandals... Like they say: the problem with normal people is that they are normal.

At least Priam´s family is kind of... interesting. I wouldn't like to call it weird. His father, Dargaard (I know, I thought his name was kind of weird too when I met him), made a little bit obvious his addiction for Homero´s books. Priam´s brother is called Paris, and his sister...*wait for surprise here*...Briseis. His mother left with an Italian when Priam was five so there are few memories, he hates to talk about it.

Just as a cultural note: Paris is totally cute and totally gay. Maybe I didn't make myself clear, he is totally gorgeous. He is very open about his gay-ness , I mean, we live in NY, who wouldn't be.

Briseis, like his older brothers, is a bitchy sarcastic girl, she is always reminding me I laugh too hard and has an enormous Harry Potter trauma, she is even trying to sound British. Like her father, her book trauma will take her to name her offspring after Remus, Sirius, and Hermione. Well , I don´t have issues about that, I would call my son Aragorn against my husband's will. Priam and I have been LotR fans since... I don't know... ages ago. We used to play he was Aragorn and I was Eowyn (even if they didn´t end up together *tear*).

When the Lee´s bought a house in Manhattan and Dargaard got a great job with the NBA , I convinced my own parents to let me go with them, I needed to get out of Florida, Orlando is not the super-best place if you want to make something of your life you know? Well, the point is, New York was the option.

The first day we got there, Dargaard had a surprise for Priam: a great apartment with big windows, big bedrooms, big kitchen, big bathrooms... in conclusion: it was big.

The best of the surprise was that it was all for himself. Ok, and me.

I still remember we had some problems the first week: parties, alcohol, and worst of all, girls (lots of them).

"Lou! I´m hooome!" He yelled, obviously drunk.

"You fuckin´ bastard! It´s so fuckin´ late, and I´m so fuckin´ worried about you in here!" If there was any doubt , I was pissed off. Very , very , very pissed off.

"Get over it" He replied with an easy smile and unfocused eyes.

"Where have you-" I interrupted myself when I saw him with his arm grapped around a girl's waist "Who's these?"

" What did you say your name was darlin´?" He asked her "I get all tongue-tied when I try to pronounce her name" He said glancing at me, then he started to giggle like an idiot.

" Jamie" She had to be kidding me... Jamie! A difficult name to pronounce?! Where, in China? That really was more than enough for me. I left them alone so they could do whatever they had to do, and locked inside my room. I turned on the radio...

"No one's ever listening / the lines are crossed somewhere between/ My head's spinning like a top I don't know when this shit is gonna stop!" I sang as if I were in a concert, I refused to listed to all the weird noises from the room next door.

The next morning I emerged after breakfast time from my room , and Priam wasn't there anymore. That night the scene repeated...

" God, you´re so wasted! Again..." I was disappointed

"Oh Louise, come on, you're not my mother..."

"Thank God!" I snapped back, and as I said it, I knew it was wrong, very very wrong. He opened his big black eyes and looked at me. He said nothing, just grabbed his keys and left.

It was hard to find him, harder to talk to him and I don't even have to mention the trouble I had to make him come back home. From that night on, he never did it again, so we're living in relative peace. Life with Priam is so easy, so different , so new every day. We talk and laugh of a different thing every second , that's why I've developed such a trauma for him.

His idea of a "serious talk" is, well, not very serious.

"You wanna know something Lou?" he asked

"Hmm I do? Oh, now, what is it?" I wanted to appear as serious as he was.

" I think the world is going gay" It was hard not laughing at his face.

"you sure? Starting with you and your brother?" I said

"hmm no, I´m the only straight guy- oh and for your relief, Orlando Bloom and Johnny Depp are in my VIP group"

"Oooh that´s, like, so cute of youuu" I said faking my voice

"Yeah! My Very Idiot People group...!" He said laughing loudly

I´m used to this type of discussions about life by now.

I waited all day moving around the apartment, there were things to do, they just are not enough when you´re so nervous. I couldn´t sleep either. When he opened the door I stood there, just waiting for what he had to say.

" We are going to New Zealand!"

My mouth went dry. I couldn't believe and I guess my tongue couldn´t believe it either because it didn't move. We hugged, without talking, seconds, minutes, maybe hours, who knows. The noisy streets outside didn't bother us. Wow. We are going to New Zealand.


It´s not my birthday, there's no anniversary, and it's definitely not Christmas, but Priam gave me yesterday a notebook. It's just a notebook, but he called it a dairy *weird guy*. In fact, he wrote "DIARY" in the first page so I didn't write math stuff in there, huh.

"Oh, it´s nothing" he said really convinced of what he was saying " I just saw you are a girl [great discovery of his, he's brilliant] and I don't see a diary. Every girl has a diary, so I assumed you needed one"

"I don´t need a diary! I don´t want a diary!" I replied a little too fast.

"Oh ok, then... I´ll just...hum...ok, it´s fine" He had this I'm-sending-you-to-a-great-guilt-trip face, so I just took the god damned "diary" and pulled a face.

Today I opened my underwear drawer and...THE diary...*mwahahaha* It was definitely screaming at me, so I took it out, locked in my room (with a lot, a lot of shame, believe me) and starting to write.

April 21, 2004

Oh god, I feel so Anna Frank in here. I'll leave the habit in a day or two. I hope. I have nothing against diaries you know, I'm just afraid I get to like this , and write everything about… everything. You see? I almost did it. And you see? I'm asking my diary if it saw. To protect the innocent (namely me, like in Gossip Girl) I'll never write names, never. No, I have to write names, but I'll make sure this is the first thing burning if there's a fire in the building.

Well, in a diary I'm supposed to write about what happened to me during the day… and today, I'm exited about the trip thing. Wow! It's amazing, I'm still processing the fact that I´m leaving. Wait, we are leaving. Priam and me. Me and Priam. We. Us. Together. He. I.

Ouc, I´m really burning this



I was so relieved when I passed that exam. I was nervous, but I couldn't let Louise see how nervous I was, I mean, please, she was literally having a convulsion. She was not the one to worry, she was the girl who had great notes, I was the dumb guy. But today, and only for today I can call myself bright.

In the morning I came to the apartment , she was sitting in the living room's floor , trying to meditate. lol. Louise meditating, a sight worth seeing. It was that moment I realized she needed something to do on vacation until we go to New Zealand. A diary. See? Today I´m bright.

Louise April 25, 2004

Four months for the big day. The B Day as Priam and I call it. Till then , I have nothing to do, well, I do, I have to work but just certain hours and certain days. Easy job. So I'm writing again.

I didn't know meditating was so damn hard, I tried some classes at uni. It was even harden to concentrate with that cute instructor .

"And now" he said before breathing deeply " your minds in white"

"Sorry, hmm ey, we have to think about nothing but the color white right?" Everyone looked at me with a shut-up-and-pay-attention face "What are you looking at?" This guys were annoying.

"Breathe…peace…Earth…" He was so into it " You're becoming one with nature…"

Torture. Gollum. Gollum.

"Focus, breathe…"

"yay buddy, get over it " That was it, enough breathing for me, I left and called Priam.


I was having this wonderful McBreakfast and my cell phone rang. God, don´t let this be my father, pleeease. I was lucky, just Lou.

"Hi! What a looovely surprise little grasshopper of peace!" Maybe I was a little too enthusiastic .

"Huh? Don´t explain that, thank you very much" Ok, she was upset.

"What happened with our wannabe Dalai Lama friend?" I asked

"Ey! Be respectful! But yeah, it sucked, and I´m hungry, and I´m in the middle of the city dressed in white, getting weird glances, and with a drunk guy seducing me" I tried not to laugh at her description.

"Ok, ok, calm down, what can I do for you?"

" Save me!"

"Mmm , let me think about it…I have to go meditate and then I´ll tell you ok?"

"Priam! I´m not joking, please you know where the park is, oh, the only thing missing is the credit of my phone running-"

*beep beep beep beep*

"Out? Oh fuck. Lou? Damn!"

Yes, I knew where the fucking park was, but I felt so guilty for joking when I knew she was worried and a little freaked out.


I know he´s not coming. I know it, I have to face it, he has better things to do. I went by the options...I can get a cab...too expensive...I can walk...nah...I can wait for Priam... useless. I can sleep in a bench ...yay one good option.

So, according to my most recent idea, I started daydreaming until I really fell asleep. *sigh*

I was awaken by someone poking me.